AST 1636 - The Blade Demon died. Martial Territories

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1636 - The Death of the Blade Demon. Martial Territories

Yin Tian seemed to be very confident. The opposing elder, on the other hand, seemed to be feeling nervous. For insurance, Qing Shui unleashed his Emperor’s Qi.

Emperor’s Qi…..

Originally, the Blade Demon had used his most powerful battle technique, causing Feng Xi to feel a bit exhausted. Suddenly, the power around her opponent felt as if it had dropped significantly. Added on to his speed reduction from before, he was no longer any threat to her.

Take note that both Feng Xi and the Blade Demon specialized in speed but in comparison, Feng Xi was slightly inferior to him. But now, she needn’t worry about the gap. She was able to completely suppress him. The change in circumstances gave him and the people who had followed him here a lot of pressure.

The people who were sent out of Blade Demon Immortal Sect this time had been very confident that they could kill Feng Xi and Yin Tian. They initially thought that there would be no need for Blade Demon to make his move. But now that he did, they never expected for such a situation to unfold.

Yin Tian took out a long blue sword. Suddenly, he made his move and was firm with every step he took. In a battle, one must have a sufficiently imposing manner. The most-feared thing in a battle was to be hesitant. Even if one was to lose physically, he must stay strong mentally. So long as he managed to suppress the enemies’ aura, even if their strength differed by a little, the weaker one would still be able to change the tide of the battle. At the very least, he could drag the duration of the battle.

Heart Shocking Slash!

A blue sword blow slashed past the air towards the old man. The might of Heavenly Dao, just as before, wasn’t something which the old man could block.

Yin Tian used the killer technique which he was the most skilled in. If he had been in her best state, he would have easily destroyed old men at this level of strength. But now, he only managed to push back the old man by a few meters.

The strike had managed to calm down the old man who was initially feeling nervous. The once mighty man of the Divine Moon Immortal Sect had long lost the might he used to have in the past. Even against him, he was only able to fight as his equal.

Actually, with Yin Tian’s current strength, he shouldn’t stand a chance against her opponent. And this was still after he had managed to recover so quickly in these past few days. The reason he was able to suppress her opponent was due to his Heavenly Dao realm. Also, the old man had too many things which he was worried about which was why he was unable to unleash his strength at his usual level. But provided he was given enough time, he would be able to regulate it back to normal.

But before this, Qing Shui’s Art of Pursuing and Emperor’s Qi had managed to reduce their strengths significantly. But now, with the opponent’s formation in effect, their strengths were basically considered to have recovered by a huge chunk.

The Thunderous Beast was in the middle, constantly unleashing Thunderbolts. Qing Shui and the Dragon Slaying Beast, on the other hand, constantly roamed around the area. Very quickly, another two people from Blade Demon’s side died. However, both Tantai Lingyan and Qin Qing suffered minor injuries. The good thing was the pressure they felt was getting smaller and smaller.

Qing Shui felt great pressure as he tried to drag on his fight with an elder person who was stronger than himself. In the midst of the battle, he was already hit by the elder a number of times. However, with his current formidable strength, added on with his abilities to weaken his opponent, he was able to take the hit. Though he might have gotten hit to the point where he previously would have spurted out blood and felt his qi and blood surge, he hadn’t really suffered any serious injuries across his body.

It was time. After communicating with Feng Xi, Qing Shui immediately let the Thunderous Beast land a continuous wave of Violet Lightning Strikes.

Feng Xi stood by the sideline and waited for a long time. The sleeve covering her right arm immediately turned into a sharp sword. It shone with cold light that made people felt uneasy and immediately cut its way through the throat of Blade Demon, who was terrified in meeting his own demise.

A huge amount of blood spurted out of his neck. The Blade Demon even had his eyes open when he died. He died with a lot of grievances in his heart, the reason being that he thought that this fight would be very one-sided. He couldn’t figure out the reason behind his death. He felt that bit by bit, his consciousness was fading.

The death of Blade Demon immediately caused the remaining people to be in disarray. By the time Feng Xi made her way here, the end for this war had been decided. There were two warriors who intended to run but having their back facing the Dragon Slaying Beast was equivalent to digging their own grave.

With Feng Xi joining in for the match, the war ended fairly quickly. Qing Shui quickly went on to see if Tantai Lingyan and Qing Qin had suffered serious injuries. Prior to this, when Feng Xi arrived, the first people she aided were the two girls. Though the movements might have been minor, they also played a great role in the battle.

Yin Tian had also suffered injuries. It’s just that she didn’t try to express it physically. Despite that, Qing Shui still managed to sense it as did Feng Xi. As for the two girls, they might have managed to sense a bit of it.

Qing Shui felt that this was how true men were supposed to be. They didn’t hesitate to come out at times of crisis. Not only were they responsible, they were also intelligent.

Qing Shui helped them treat their wounds. It’s just that this time, he rode on the Wind Scaled Beast summoned by Feng Xi. The Wind Scaled beast was a huge green colored demonic beast. It was about three hundred meters long. It wasn’t particularly strong, but it possessed incredible speed. Prior to this, if they managed to drag the battle for a while and let the Wind Scaled Beast run away, the opponents wouldn’t have any hope of catching up to them.

Actually, back then, Qing Shui still had confidence in them. Otherwise, he would have also fled with the Nine Continents Step Effect.

“Qing Shui, you are indeed a weird guy.” Feng Xi looked at Qing Shui with a smile. She wasn’t accusing him. Instead, she was complimenting him for being outstanding.

Qing Shui shook his head, “It’s thanks to the fact that Auntie Feng is powerful. Otherwise, even I would have run out of options on things to do.”

“Though I may not know your ability well, in a battle royale, your abilities are indeed heaven-defying. If other immortal sects were to find out about your abilities, they would definitely risk everything just to get you to join them. Even I myself am feeling a bit moved by your ability.” Feng Xi said in a joyful tone.

“Auntie Feng, you mustn’t feel that way. You are my wife’s step-mother. I will find it hard to reject you if you request me to join you.” Qing Shui said a joke to change the topic.

Qing Shui had already made it clear with his words. With the relationship they shared, it didn’t matter whether he joined or not. The thing that truly mattered was Tantai Lingyan. Treating her well would be the same as treating him well.

Naturally, Feng Xi was able to interpret the meaning behind his words. She understood his reason behind it as well. Though they might be strong, without Qing Shui, they wouldn’t have been able to stand tall like this. With Qing Shui’s strength, he was bound to soar up high into the sky one day. No matter how she looked at it, he wouldn’t benefit even the slightest from it. Furthermore, she also had only received huge benefits thanks to Qing Shui.

Tantai Lingyan was talking to Qin Qing. At the moment, though they might not have reached the stage where they could share everything with each other, they were considered to be really great friends, or even sisters. Tantai Lingyan didn’t have many friends. As for Qin Qing, she shared a few resemblances to Tantai Lingyan in terms of their personalities. When the two were together, they could find common topics to talk about easily. They knew what to say and what they should say.

The group cleaned up everything around here and didn’t leave even the slightest trace of their aura before setting off. It’s not that they feared Blade Demon Immortal Sect, it was just that they didn’t want to invite more troubles.

Along their journey, Qing Shui already began treating Feng Xi’s injury. He was treating only her Hidden Illness from the past, the one that reduced 30% of her strength. Treating this kind of injury was Qing Shui’s expertise. Though that might be the case, he still needed three days for it to work.

Feng Xi, who found out her secret illness could be treated, was herself immersed in joy. If her strength really did recover and she combined it with Qing Shui’s mysterious ability, she would definitely be able to walk up yet another huge staircase.

Feng Xi remembered Yin Tian. If Yin Tian’s strength were to recover, the Divine Moon Sect would once again become more stable. With how things were for now, Yin Tian’s strength was recovering at a fast pace. Despite that, Qing Shui still said it would take him half a year to fully recover unless something unexpected happened in between.

Feng Xi was worried about the Divine Moon Immortal Sect. To be more precise, she missed her child. Her son had been supporting the Divine Moon Immortal Sect alone, and it was a difficult task for him. Thinking up to this point, she felt a strong urge to immediately head back to the Divine Moon Immortal Sect.

The more Yin Tian looked at Qing Shui, the happier he got. This brat was like his lucky star. No matter what happened in the future, he knew what he would need to do. He was one who gave his everything. A human must know to repay his own debt. He was a person who would return the debt he owed a person with six times the reward. Feng Xi knew this and they were well aware that it wouldn’t take long for this young brat to surpass them.

“Uncle, don’t worry about it. Your injuries are fine. For now, the functions of your body have been fully awakened. I can add in some fierce medicines for you. Hence, under normal circumstances, you will be able to recover in four months but even if you do, you will need a period of time to get familiar with it. If you can practice your Taichi Fist to the Great Perfection Stage or higher, you will be able to recover your injuries completely in less than three months. It might even take a step forward and recover even earlier than what I thought.

Upon hearing Qing Shui’s words, Yin Tian was very happy. He knew that for now, the level of his Taichi Fists was considered decent. After all, he had all the three things needed: knowledge, strength and talent. Added on to that, Qing Shui had even mentioned the secret in cultivating it, so he was confident that he could manage Great Perfection Stage, but it would be very difficult for him to catch up to Qing Shui.

For the next few days, Feng Xi’s body managed to recover. Feng Xi, who recovered from her hidden illness, felt a significant and exquisite boost in her strength. This was just like how water slowly poured out of a small river. Now that the place where the water poured out was filled, the river water would naturally be even stronger than before.

As for Qing Shui and the two girls’ injuries, they were nothing. The two girls benefited a lot from the battle this time. An actual fight was the best way to increase and stabilize a warrior’s strength.

At the moment, they were already in an area deep within the Haohan Continent. This was what Feng Xi said. Though they might be deep within the continent, the Haohan Continent was so boundless that they could only say that they were deep within the continent near its corner.

They were not far away from the Divine Moon Immortal Sect. Neither Qing Shui nor Tantai Lingyan mentioned the Five Tigers Immortal Sect. By relying on their gut feeling, they could feel that the Five Tigers Immortal Sect wasn’t significantly more powerful than the Divine Moon Immortal Sect, though it’s undisputed that they were still the stronger one among the two.

As to how powerful Divine Grade was, Qing Shui himself was unclear about it. He once asked Feng Xi, but the answer Feng Xi gave him made him a bit puzzled. The reason being that Divine Grade also had to go through the Divine Tribulation. It was more than ten times riskier than the False God Tribulation. Hence, it’s extremely difficult to walk up the path towards Divine Grade. It had no pattern, nor was it easy to distinguish the strength of Divine Grade Warriors. Once a person broke through peak False God, they would emerge as a warrior of Divine Grade. The starting point of each Divine Grade Warriors was different. The differences between them were significant. Furthermore, it’s not surprising for First Divine Grade Warrior to defeat Second or Third Divine Grade Warriors. The reason was due to their different starting points.

After half a month, they arrived in the martial art territories. This was already the area controlled by the Divine Moon and Blade Demon Immortal Sect. The areas that were vast and wide around this territory all belonged to the two immortal sects.

Despite that, the battle was still really intense, the reason being that the Divine Moon Immortal Sect was located at a place sought after by many. This was how the development of a sect was. Those with lower authority must exercise forbearance for basically anything. Because the Divine Moon Immortal Sect was strong, the Blade Demon Immortal Sect found themselves being suppressed in many ways. Ultimately, the place that was well sought after fell into the hand of Divine Moon Immortal Sect. This was a normal phenomenon. It’s because they were strong that they had such authority.

The Blade Demon Immortal Sect had wanted to develop themselves. But other than making their move secretly, they also planned to control this entire area within their grasp. There were people who said that there was no point stepping on others when you were developing yourself. But there were times when this might not be the case. To develop would be to destroy the obstacle which stood in front of you. There was no way a sect could develop by doing nothing. Furthermore, those who developed too fast would find it really easy to be defeated. All in all, if a sect was weak, they would be suppressed no matter what they did or where they went.

This time, it was a very confident move made by Blade Demon Immortal Sect. Even the Blade Demon himself joined the mission. The Blade Demon was the next Sect Lord of Blade Demon Immortal Sect. It was an undisputed fact by the members. Unfortunately, he couldn’t live long enough to be the sect lord. For someone to reach this kind of strength and yet still have so much potential, it’s a waste for them to die. To top it all off, he died with grievances remaining in his heart.

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