AST 1637 - Divine Moon Immortal Sect, the passionate Yin Cha

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1637 - Divine Moon Immortal Sect, the Passionate Yin Cha

The Spiritual Qi within the martial territories was significantly more abundant than those from the Haohan Continent. This was a kind of geographical advantage. Qing Shui had always had an assumption that the deeper into Haohan Continent, the more abundant the Spiritual Qi became. It’s very difficult for a Spiritual Location to appear in an area without Spiritual Qi, let alone a Spiritual Vein.

Not long after they entered the martial territories, about ten people appeared in a distant spot. After seeing the Wind Scaled Beast, a middle-aged handsome man who was supposed to be leading the group swiftly made his way over.

“Cha`Er!” Feng Xi shouted in joy when she saw the man.

“Mother, father, you guys are back!” The man sounded really agitated. He had a really deep voice. Meanwhile, he also nodded his head at Qing Shui and the others as a way of greeting them. He knew that the people who followed his parents back here would definitely be good guys.

After the man embraced Feng Xi, he moved his gaze to Yin Tian. After all, his father had been asleep for a long time. Now, he had awoken and he seemed a lot better than before. But his son didn’t ask anything about his current condition. He knew that his father was very weak at the moment, yet this didn’t help him in confirming anything. His eyes were wet. As their child, he was unable to help his parents at their most difficult time. No matter how one thought about it, he must have felt sad about it.

It seemed like Yin Tian was aware of how his son was feeling. He extended his hand and put it on his shoulder, “We have finally managed to make it through everything. The reason why we’re still able to meet each other were because they saved me. Otherwise, the only fate which awaited me would have been death. Even your mom would unlikely to have been able to escape from that fate.”

Feng Xi smiled and pulled the man’s hand, “Here, let me introduce you to them. This is the girl who I recognized as my daughter. No matter what happens to us in the future, you must treat her like your blood-related sister.”

“Mother, don’t worry about it. I have always wanted a sister. Now that my wish has been fulfilled, she is my blood-related sister.” The man passed a small token to Tantai Lingyan as he spoke.

Tantai Lingyan didn’t take it. She shook her head, “You needn’t be so formal.”

Following on, Feng Xi immediately squeezed it into Tantai Lingyan’s hand, “This is the Divine Moon Immortal Sect’s unique token. Anyone from Divine Moon Immortal Sect who sees this token will give their all to help you finish the things you want to do. This isn’t a token which commands people, but it is, in some aspects, similar to it.”

Tantai Lingyan stopped rejecting it and thanked them. Following on, Feng Xi continued to introduce Qin Qing and Qing Shui. She introduced Qing Shui as Tantai Lingyan’s husband and also a miraculous physician, the person who had treated Yin Tian.

Yin Cha gave Qin Qing a pair of True Dragon Protective Armband. It was definitely a legendary grade weapon. Initially, Qin Qing refused to take it, but once again, Feng Xi squeezed it into her hand. Feng Xi could tell that Qing Shui shared an unusual relationship with Qin Qing.

Yin Tian looked at Qing Shui and smiled, “Brother, I don’t know how I can express my gratitude to you. I can’t just thank you verbally, nor can I thank you by giving you stuff. You can take away my life whenever you want. No matter what happens in the future, so long as you need my help, I will help you without any condition.

Yin Cha was a smart person. His mother recognized a daughter, who was Qing Shui’s wife. Furthermore, his father was also saved by him. From here, he could already tell that this young man was unusual. He meant sincerely the things which he said before. He was a person who would never forget a generous act someone showed him and would take every opportunity to return the kindness which the person showed him.

Both Feng Xi and Yin Tian smiled when they heard Yin Cha’s words. They didn’t really say anything. Naturally, Qing Shui was able to understand everything. He found this quite a decent outcome. With a friend like this, or rather, a new close relative, it’s already considered to be a really good outcome.

“Since everyone is a family now, we don’t have to be so formal with each other anymore. Brother, since we are already brothers, we needn’t be so formal with each other.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“My wife in the future is the only exception which I cannot share. As for any other things, I can’t be more delighted to share with you.” The man said with a smile.

Qing Shui also laughed. Not everyone could say things like this. One would need to be bold to joke about something like this. After all, he was the Sect Lord of an Immortal sect. Qing Shui also felt that he had good observation skills. He hadn’t really expected anything from him.

The group made their way towards the Divine Moon Sect. Like usual, they rode Feng Xi’s Wind Scaled Beast. The group that was with Yin Cha stuck to the beasts which they took when they came, following the Wind Scaled Beast from the back.

Upon arriving at the Divine Moon Immortal Sect, Qing Shui was amazed. It was located at the peak of an enormous mountain. It’s just that a huge part of the mountain peak had been flattened. The grand hall stood tall on top of it. Staircases extended downwards. When looking down at it from the top, it felt unusually dominant and noble.

Divine Moon Immortal Sect!

This area was known as the Divine Moon Immortal Mountain. Mountains stood tall around it. The only part flattened around this area was the center of the mountain peaks. It was far away from the noisy cities. It was an area with verdant hills and limpid waters.

The group decided to settle down here. Though some unexpected things might have happened in the middle of their journey, they managed to make it back to Divine Moon Immortal Sect successfully. Feng Xi first led Qing Shui and the girls to a courtyard to accommodate them.

Qing Shui had his own pavilion whereas Qin Qing and Tantai Lingyan shared a pavilion together.

Yin Cha invited Qing Shui and the girls for dinner. He understood everything by now. He might seem young, but actually, he was already really old. He should be around the age of Qing Shui’s grandpa, but he hadn’t gotten married yet.

As the Sect Lord of Divine Moon Immortal Sect, he possessed unmatched talent. He was the hope of his sect. He was very powerful. But in recent years, a lot of people had attempted to assassinate him. Luckily, he possessed decent strength. Added on that he was watched over by the seniors of Divine Moon Immortal Sect, he wasn’t in any danger.

“Qing Shui, come join us for our banquet today. We are a family now. I can’t express my gratitude to you verbally. Hence, I am not going to act formally around you, I hope you will do the same to me.” Yin Cha led Qing Shui and the girls to the banquet.

Feng Xi, Yin Tian and another two old men came as well. These two old men were the guests of Divine Moon Immortal Sect. They held very important status in the Divine Moon Immortal Sect. It was because of them that Yin Cha managed to be out of danger until now.

Qing Shui didn’t have much interest towards these kind of things. The reason he was here was to help treat Yin Tian’s injury. Once he recovered, he would leave immediately. He felt that this place was unsafe, as there was nothing which he could control.

Actually, Qing Shui was overthinking. For instance, the situation which he ran into in the battle this time. How many of these people could there possibly be? The reason why he ran into them was because of Feng Xi. Otherwise, it would have been hard for him to interact with people at this level ,even if his current strength was considered to be quite decent as well.

Qing Shui was unable to sense these people’s strength, nor did he have any mood to do so at the moment. After all, he was still quite a distance away from achieving this level. For now, the most important thing for him to do was to increase the strength of the people close to him, to increase the amount of False God Warriors.

The banquet lasted until nighttime. This was considered a celebration. The two guests didn’t stay there for a long time. After about an hour, they took their leave. With only six people left, the atmosphere became more relaxed. Yin Cha was a person who could blend in to a group very easily. He was also a person who never hid his feelings.

On their way back to their respective pavilions, the sky was already really dark. After making such a long journey, they were all feeling exhausted. The exhaustion mainly came from their mind. Qin Qing returned before Tantai Lingyan. Feng Xi and her family also didn’t forget about her. Though they might have given Tantai Lingyan some presents, they also gave Qin Qing almost the equal amount of presents. This wasn’t considered to be realistic but they could tell Qin Qing shared an unusual relationship with Qing Shui.

Both QIng Shui and Tantai Lingyan made their way to the courtyard. There was a white Light Stone here. With also the bright moon in the sky, a beautiful woman would look even more beautiful under the moon.

“Are you blaming me?” Tantai Lingyan said gently while walking.

“What shall I blame you for?” Qing Shui smiled and looked at her. Qing Shui felt that she was trying to ask if he blamed her for letting Feng Xi recognize her as her own daughter.

“Do you blame me for agreeing with Auntie Feng to be her daughter?” Tantai Lingyan asked gently.

“Why would I blame you for it? On the contrary, I am happy. Do you not feel the same way? If you don’t, I will tell Auntie Feng about it.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“I am happy. It’s just that I feel that I have made this decision without discussing with you……” Tantai Lingyan said gently.

“Foolish brat, I am happy as long as you are happy.” Qing Shui grabbed her hand and walked together with her to the courtyard.

They were getting closer and closer. Qin Qing could see Qing Shui and Tantai Lingyan holding hands together from her window. There was a trace of sorrow in her eyes that was hardly noticeable. She knew that she liked Qing Shui. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have reacted like this.

It’s always said that when a person truly loved someone, they could love and tolerate everything about them. But whenever she thought about a certain someone, she would feel very uncomfortable. Could it be that she didn’t love him enough?

Was love selfish? Or should it be selfless? Qin Qing was confused. She knew Qing Shui well. She was also aware that in this world, there was definitely no woman who could ever have Qing Shui for herself. Even she could never do that.

By the time Tantai Lingyan was right behind her, Qin Qing turned around and greeted her. The two girls sat down on the sofa and drank tea together. They shared a very friendly relationship with each other. This kind of atmosphere around them made them very happy.

“Sister Lingyan, how did come across Qing Shui? How long have you guys been together?” Actually, Qin Qing was always curious to know about this. Tantai Lingyan was a cold and beautiful woman so she was curious to know how she fell in love with Qing Shui. Furthermore, she didn’t care the slightest about the other women around him.

Tantai Lingyan seemed a bit unnatural. Despite that, she chose to smile and said, “I was poisoned. He helped me remove it. That’s how I came across him. I just didn’t expect him to come look for me again after a few weeks.

Talking up to this point, Tantai Lingyan seemed a bit reminiscent about the past. She missed everything from the past. Sorrow, pain, she wanted her life to go back to how it was before. But things changed with the passage of time. It’s impossible for her to do so. But for now, she was quite satisfied with her current life.

“Sister Qing, how do you know Qing Shui?” Tantai Lingyan didn’t really want to get herself tangled up with these questions. Hence, she kept trying to change the topic.

Qin Qing was still someone that was quite easy to talk to, but both of them still hid some of the details from each other. Actually, Qin Qing and Qing Shui shared a very dubious relationship. Hence, deep down, she felt a bit guilty.

“Sister Lingyan, have you been to Qing Shui’s home before?” Qin Qing smiled and said.

“No, but I heard that there are a lot of people in his house. He already has quite a few children as well. They are all adults now.” Tantai Lingyan said in a calm tone.

“Sister Lingyan, tell me, is it better for us to follow a capable man with a lot of women around him, or one that’s not capable but is loyal only to you?”

“It’s natural for us women to want to have love unique to our own. But this is the reality. Unless we find someone normal or someone who is close to that, it’s impossible for us to find the kind of lifestyle which we want. Hence, I have chosen to go with the flow. When it’s here, I won’t avoid it, nor will I intentionally keep it by my side.” It was rare for Tantai Lingyan to say something so long. If Qing Shui was here, he would definitely have felt really happy.

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