AST 1648 - Returning home, Lan Lingfeng’s Big Wedding, Imperial City’s Qi Clan comes

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1648 - Returning home, Lan Lingfeng’s Big Wedding, Imperial City’s Qi Clan comes

The departures of both Qing Feng and Ming Yue’s clans left Yin Tian feeling uneasy but since things have developed as such, he can only accept it. Originally the Yin Clan’s strength was a little weak but now it was even weaker.

However, the Old King suddenly appeared and with some changes too. Not only did he like cooking, he seemed to have the desire to start cultivating again. Qing Shui used the likes of Beauty Pellet and Golden Fragrance Jade to restore the looks of his prime and elevated his vitality to his peak.

The Old King felt a little unfamiliar after transforming to the looks of his youth. Yin Tian and Feng Xi privately looked for Qing Shui, with the hopes that the Old King can emerge from the shadows of his past and rebuild the family. If he kept to his old ways, he will forever be unhappy.

It seems that there was some hope now, with the preparation of a new lease of life, he will be able to embrace new relationships and emotions. Man’s seven emotions and six sensory pleasures came together. The Old King previously shut himself off temporarily and it was not possible to shut himself off forever.

Although the Divine Moon Immortal Sect lost the Hong Clan, as well as Qing Feng and Ming Yue’s clans, the remaining people were extremely loyal to the Yin Clan. This time, it was clear to every that the Yin Clan has emerged stronger from this; even if Yin Tian were unable to fully recover they were not afraid.

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The Divine Moon Immortal Sect did not deal with the Blade Demon Immortal Sect. Time also passed by unknowingly and the bulk of Qing Shui’s time was spent shuttling around the area with his two women, where they occasionally found some precious rare medicinal herbs.

It did not feel like the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal was going to progress to the next stage and there seemed to be no change regarding the Nine Animals Mimicry Technique’s last form. Both women gradually stabilised their strength and Yin Clan’s strength had also raised considerably due to Qing Shui’s selflessness towards his friends.

Yin Tian, Fengxi and the Old King’s strength had raised by about one fold and this was because it was Qing Shui’s first time helping them which made the results especially evident. Yin Tian’s strength was slowly recovering and now he was already an elementary Divine.

Qing Shui felt that Yin Tian would recover in about a month and when that time comes, Qing Shui can return home. He did not want to unduly enter the depths of Haohan Continent. The matters over there were not over yet and the younger generation back home were at a crucial juncture which Qing Shui felt he should lend a helping hand.

Their daily lives during this period were very peaceful and Qing Shui took this as a chance to relax with Qin Qing and Tantai Lingyan. Although both women did not express much, Qing Shui could feel their affection - after all, there’s nothing more that needs to be said with a woman who could shed a tear for him.

However, Qing Shui now faced another problem, which was that when he returned he could not utilize the Five Elements Divine Flag since it only allowed him to bring one person. Therefore, when they returned this time he could only use his Nine Continents Steps and his beasts.

Another month passed by in a flash and Yin Tian’s strength had fully recovered, seemingly stronger than before. Qing Shui also helped to his body to recuperate to his peak status.

Yin Tian’s strength was now 1500 Dao and differed from Qing Shui’s by only a little. However, such strength was sufficient to dominate over everyone else; the Old King’s strength was 1100 Dao, of course, all these did not include the augmentation from formations. That day, the increase in the battling Old King’s strength was actually derived from the formations.

That’s why the Old King was very happy since he did not need any augmentations to already feel very strong.

“Aunt Feng and Uncle, we’ve been away for so long, it’s time for us to return.” Qing Shui let Yin Tian and Feng Xi know of his impending departure on the third day of Yin Tian’s full recovery.

Yin Tian and Feng Xi knew this day would come and she said while feeling a little lost: “We can go back with you.”

Qing Shui shook his head: “Surely Aunt Feng can’t be still worried for me? There shouldn’t be people leaving here temporarily. You should remain here and if there’s time, we will come back.”

Feng Xi knew what Qing Shui said was the truth but even if Qing Shui did not say this, she would still send Qing Shui off with Yin Tian. Now, she had no choice and said: “Then you guys have to be careful. Once the matters here have been settled we will go and visit you.”

Farewells have also made people feel a sense of helplessness and loss, which was why Qing Shui had to leave decisively. Only with this would he feel better shortly after leaving, otherwise dragging it out would only make one more depressed.

Getting on the Hellfire Phoenix, Qing Shui and the two women headed towards Ice Ocean Domain. Coming here, Qing Shui being unconscious for two months as well as waiting for Yin Tian to recover resulted in more than half a year going by before they returned to Linhai City.

Linhai City did not see much change during this half a year or so, the place remained as icy skies and snowy grounds. It was still beautiful - an icy, snowy landscape - that Tantai Lingyan felt as an unspeakable and harmonious beauty.

Imperial Cuisine Hall became more prosperous than before even without Qing Shui, but it was because Tian Yi was considered strong. Moreover, they also found several famous physicians which eroded Qing Shui’s importance.

Qing Shui left some treatment methods and medicinal dish recipes behind which were of enormous help, but some of the more troublesome ailments were left till Qing Shui returned. Even then, whether he would treat them depended on the circumstances.

It was the same wherever Qing Shui opened an Imperial Cuisine Hall, there were some people he did not treat. If disaster rained from the gods, one could still escape, but if one were to do evil, there is nothing to say and nowhere to run. The people he did not treat were basically evil-doers.

Their return naturally made everyone really happy; Lan Lingfeng was the happiest because he was waiting for Qing Shui’s return to marry Ziche Sha and he finally returned.

Lan Lingfeng and Yin Tong gave Qing Shui a hug and so did Xue Nuo. After greeting everyone, they all headed to the hall.

“Did anything happen here recently?” Qing Shui smiled and said as he recalled especially going to the Sunset Palace before leaving here. If they came back with only two people, he could immediately head to the Divine Cave not far from the Sea King Palace and three of them could fly back.

“Nope. Oh that’s right, we were waiting for your return this time before I was going to marry Ziche Sha. How long would you be staying this time?” Lan Lingfeng worriedly asked Qing Shui.

“This time it would be longer. Don’t worry, even if there were to be anything I will only leave after you both have married.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

Lan Lingfeng patted Qing Shui and said: “That’s really my good Brother.”

Qing Shui looked at Tantai Lingyan and Qin Qing and he really felt like getting married to both of them now, but both of them held their tongue and he figured it was something for another time.

Their wedding day was slated for before the end of the year; the new year was coming soon. It was less than twenty days to the wedding and Lan Clan’s eldest son marrying the Ziche Clan’s eldest daughter was always going to be a boisterous affair.

They started preparing for it very early and the wedding will be held at the Imperial Cuisine Hall, which was why it was going to be closed for a few days.

Actually, the Old Master of the Ziche Clan had always wanted to marry Ziche Sha to Qing Shui, but it was a pity he had not much of an interest in this beautiful woman. Moreover, Lan Lingfeng really liked Ziche Sha, so it wasn’t that bad after all.

Feelings cannot be forced nor can it be yielded. It wasn’t Qing Shui yielding or giving way, if there was a woman he liked, no matter who it was he would not give in. The only way was for his woman to leave on her own accord.

Qing Shui always had a tacit understanding with Lan Lingfeng and Yin Tong - many things did not need to be said and everyone would understand. Birds of a feather flock together and Qing Shui felt that all three of their personalities were rather similar.

Although Lan Lingfeng was Lan Clan’s eldest son, he did not really have any vices and also possessed great vision. This was also the reason why Ziche Sha liked him.

Unknowingly, the new year was nearing and so was Lan Lingfeng and Ziche Sha’s wedding date. Although Qing Shui did not have many friends here, the Imperial Cuisine Hall’s influence was enormous and the number of people he treated were not little and their status was not low either. Thus, even if these people were not invited they would still go.

Qing Shui was not worried that no one would come, Lan Clan and Ziche Clan were eminent clans that would have brought a substantial number of guests.

Also, there was the fact that Lan Lingfeng’s strength was already considered top-notch within the Lan Clan; even the old Ancestor would not be his match. The Battle God Inheritance was not to be belittled, and with Qing Shui’s extended help, his strength increased by leaps and bounds.

As for them being unable to fathom Qing Shui’s current strength, the Lan Clan were happy that Lan Lingfeng could call Qing Shui his friend. The elders of the Lan Clan could tell that Qing Shui was the heart of the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

The Imperial Cuisine Hall occupied a large area and the banquet was held here. Special spices were added to the spread at the reception but they did not want to make it obvious so they only added a little. The wine was also put into Qing Shui’s Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal not long ago - it was vintage wine of at least hundreds of years old.

After all, one day in the real world was the same as more than one year in Qing Shui’s Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Based on custom, a battle arena was necessary. The Ziche Clan would be the ones defending the arena and only after the Lan Clan beat the Ziche clan could they allow the eldest daughter to be married off. This was just a formality though, since martial arts prevailed in the main continent. That’s why even though it might just be for show, it was a formality nonetheless.

Not long into the banquet, a large number of people were exclaiming how delicious the food was and this unadulterated praise. Those present that could have sampled wine brew that’s hundreds of years old were many, in fact, everyone could have, which was why the wine was not all that special. These wine were not brewed by Qing Shui himself, which were Nu Er Hong.

Also, the battle arena started not long after the wedding banquet started. The tos and fros of the arena made it a very convivial atmosphere. Although those who went up were not strong, they fought entertainingly and many in the audience were smiling kindly at the participants.

Approximately two hours later, suddenly a group of about 30 people walked into Imperial Cuisine Hall. The leader was a vigorous elder and upon seeing this man, Old Man Ziche stood up and welcomed him: “Qi Clan’s Master is here. Come, come, take a seat.”

Previously, the defenders of the arena were from the female’s side while the male’s side would receive the bridge.

“Old Man Ziche!” The Elder’s face bore a smile as Old Man Ziche came up to greet him. As for the rest of the Lan Clan, they didn’t catch his attention.

The Ice Domain Dynasty’s Imperial City’s top clan was the Qi Clan and it looked like things weren’t going too well. Qing Shui looked at Lan Lingfeng and Ziche Sha, whose faces held a hint of displeasure.

Qing Shui also knew that one of the Qi Clan’s Young Masters liked Ziche Sha. Coming forward this time didn’t seem to be to offer their congratulations because they certainly didn’t bring any wedding gifts.

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