AST 1649 - If you lose you aren’t a man, You have lost

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1649 - If You Lose You Aren’t a Man, You Have Lost

Also, it was Old Man Ziche’s demeanor, Qing Shui could tell that he had some misgivings towards the Qi Clan.

Ziche Clan was a major clan in the Imperial City and could be considered the top three, though the Qi Clan was considered the number one clan. Other than the Royal Clan, they were considered the strongest so naturally, the Qi Clan would have misgivings about them.

The people from Lan Clan didn’t look too good. Linhai City was far from the Imperial City. They were considered a top clan in Linhai City but coming to the Imperial City was a different thing altogether. They probably couldn’t compare to Ziche Clan, much less the Qi Clan.

“Today is Sha-er’s big day. It is good that Clan Master Qi could arrive. Come here and sit.” Old Man Ziche came forward and said warmly. 

Without moving at all, Clan Master Qi smiled at Old Man Ziche and said: “Old Man Ziche, I didn’t come here to congratulate you today. I came to propose a marriage.”

“Propose a marriage? Our Ziche Clan still has a few other girls but normally I wouldn’t interfere with their marriage matters. I’m not sure which Young Master of Qi Clan wants to propose a marriage and which lass of our clan has he set his eyes upon?” Old Man Ziche tried to say casually.

“Our Yunhe has set his eyes on Miss Ziche. He has always wanted me to propose a marriage but I was too busy to do so. Thankfully, I wasn’t today and managed to do so.” the Elder chuckled.

Upon hearing what he said, Qing Shui felt that Qi Clan was too crazy. What he said was really too crazy. How could it not be considered late? The wedding banquet was already underway and it was not considered late? Could it be that as long as the marriage was not consummated, it would not be considered as too late?

Old Man Ziche’s did not have a good expression while Lan Clan’s head and its people looked even worse. Lan Lingfeng still managed to keep his calm at this point while Ziche Sha was slightly morose. She was never going to compromise but looking at Old Man Ziche’s position, she felt really unpleasant in her heart.

Qing Shui looked at them and laughed: “Lingfeng. In a moment, go ahead and cause a ruckus. Don’t worry about anything else. I’ve got your back.”

Qing Shui did not say it too loud but Lan Lingfeng had complete faith in him and nodded his head happily: “I know that Yunhe’s not my match but some of his clan members can easily defeat me. My clan and the Ziche Clan are unable to withstand it since we’re of a different class.”

“Don’t worry, that old fogey is really out of control. When the time comes, you just need to scold Qi Yunhe. If he fights you, cripple him. As for the others, they won’t dare to make a move.” Qing Shui had a good grasp of the current situation.

Old Man Ziche gently shook his head: “Our clan’s Little Sha is already of someone else’s affection. I appreciate the good intentions of Clan Master Qi.”

Old Man Ziche has said all he can at this point and just as the master of Lan Clan stood up, Lan Lingfeng stood up and politely announced: “Today is the joyous occasion of Little Sha and I. If you’re here to congratulate us, we welcome you. If not, kindly leave.” 

Lan Lingfeng had Qing Shui’s backing, so he was comfortable saying that and didn’t mince his words.

At this moment, a young man who was really tall and handsome with a bright pair of eyes stepped out. He was obviously someone very arrogant.

Qi Yunhe!

He looked at Lan Lingfeng and slowly said: “You are not fit for Miss Ziche. I would like you to leave her.”

Qi Yunhe’s words were filled with self-confidence but also very condescending. Lan Lingfeng laughed upon hearing it: “Do you really think so highly of your abilities? Without the backing of the Qi Clan, you’re nothing.”

Qi Yunhe had always felt he was very capable and talented but he hated others saying that he relied on his family background. He was a very proud man and hated that the most.

“Do you dare to fight one round with me? Linhai’s number one Young Master isn’t much in my eyes. If you’re a man, fight me. Whoever loses has to leave Miss Ziche.” Qi Yunhe looked coldly at Lan Lingfeng and said.

“I say you’re really an idiot. Little Sha is my wife, don’t you feel that what you just said is really dumb? If someone told you to fight him and Ying Ying would belong to whoever won, how would you feel?”

“Outrageous!” Qi Yunhe bellowed.

Ying Ying was one of his women but they had not officially married yet. Her background wasn’t great because this woman was involved in many disputes between other men but now she was finally his. To speak of his woman this way, of course, he was furious.

Qi Yunhe’s anger made the people around think him think he was a moron, so his face became even gloomier.

Although Lan Lingfeng was lovesick, his bickering skills were good and not only did his strength increase due to his constant interaction with Qing Shui, his bickering skills improved as well. Additionally, Qi Yunhe did not position himself well at the beginning of the argument since he thought that someone from the Lan Clan would offer no resistance, thus resulting in the current state.

Qi Yunhe challenged Lan Lingfeng: “How about we fight one round and use our strength to speak instead?”

“You’re no match for me. Forget it!” Lan Lingfeng intentionally tried to provoke him.

“If you’re a man, then fight me!” Qi Yunhe was furious.

“Ok, how about this. We’ll fight one round. Whoever loses will tell everyone here that he’s not a man. What do you think?” Lan Lingfeng smiled.

From the beginning, Lan Lingfeng carried a smile on his face while he was calm and composed. Qi Yunhe didn’t even finish three sentences and felt like he couldn’t afford to lose, but all this came down to hubris and the thought that Lan Lingfeng wasn’t worthy to stand in front of him.


Qi Yunhe took to the skies once he said it.

Lan Lingfeng was not in a rush to go up. Qing Shui activated Phoenix Battle intent with Battle God Halo and added it to Lan Lingfeng. Although these statuses did not have a range limitation, when it was activated over a long distance, there would be a time limitation. For example, if the distance was too far, it would last at most half an hour.

In reality, this distance was not considered a separation. Qing Shui could add whatever he wanted at any time, even formations. But just in case, it was too early to be using it.

Lan Lingfeng knew Qing Shui’s capability and approached the skies brimming with confidence as he looked at Qi Yunhe not too far beyond.

Both sides were very decisive, taking out their weapons, both three feet long swords. In a moment, both of them made their moves.

Lan Lingfeng was a Battle God Inheritor and some inherited abilities from the Divine Wolf included speed, brute force, and decisiveness. The long sword in his hand was incomparably incisive and combined with Qing Shui’s augmentations, he completely dominated Qi Yunhe.

Perhaps if the previous Lan Lingfeng wanted to defeat Qi Yunhe, he would need some time. Even for the current Lan Lingfeng, the result wouldn’t be predictable. Although Qing Shui raised their abilities quite a bit upon his return this time, the opponent was still a genius from the Qi Clan so he should be very strong. That’s why the outcome was not certain.

Qing Shui did not sense any Demon King Inheritance from Qi Yunhe as the strength within his body was obscured. It should be some mysterious Bloodline Inheritor Clan but against the current Lan Lingfeng, he was being utterly dominated.

He naturally believed that the other party’s aura was weaker than his but when the other party battled, the opponent was clearly stronger than himself.

Three Flowers Crown Gathering!

A strong wave of spiritual qi converged around Qi Yunhe to form a vague figure and the aura around him was becoming stronger and stronger. At this rate, he would exceed Lan Lingfeng’s strength.

Psychotic Blade!

A bright piercing sword light flashed towards Lan Lingfeng. This attack was swift as a spark of lightning and the long sword he held had already found his way to Lan Lingfeng’s heart.

There was a flash of a silver halo and no more than the same, Lan Lingfeng’s long sword burst forward towards Qi Yunhe’s chest with a silhouette of a snow white wolf’s head.

Peng peng!

Two dull sounds rang out. Lan Lingfeng had a heavy look on his face and his figure suddenly turned illusory, like a slight shadow, before moving in a bizarre manner to attack Qi Yunhe.  

Qing Shui wasn’t concerned previously as Lan Lingfeng and Yin Tong’s inheritance possessed many death-defying skills. It wasn’t the strongest since they were mostly related to preserving life. This was his inheritance ability.

Lan Lingfeng was a little angry as Qi Yunhe’s strength exceeded Lan Lingfeng’s by a bit. Lan Lingfeng now truly understood why Qing Shui constantly harped on not treating a battle lightly no matter how confident you were since a moment of carelessness could lead one to capsize his boat in a drain*.

(*T/N: to fail miserably at an easy task)

Lan Lingfeng’s figure was a blur as he attacked and retreated as quick as the wind. Qi Yunhe could only afford to withstand his attacks. Suddenly, a faintly discernible spiritual force locked Lan Lingfeng up and the speed of his figure immediately dropped.

Lan Lingfeng held great fear in his heart as the spiritual force’s interference affected his strength tremendously.

Qing Shui’s eyes lit up and immediately looked towards Qi Clan’s clan master to see if there were any changes. Without a change in his countenance, he threw the Art of Pursuing and Emperor’s Qi onto Qi Yunhe.

Lan Lingfeng was worried deep inside as his speed drastically fell. He was mainly about speed and without the advantage of his speed, his prospects would drop sharply. However, he suddenly felt that Qi Yunhe’s strength declined greatly as well, especially his speed which fell by half.

Qing Shui now knew why Clan Master Qi was fine with letting Qi Yunhe and Lan Lingfeng duel. He was confident in Qi Yunhe emerging victorious. Little did he expect that Qing Shui would be present.

Clan Master Qi felt the changes in Qi Yunhe’s body. Both his strength and speed declined to a terrible state. Without knowing what was going on, Qi Yunhe - previously filled with great joy in his heart - wanted to continue his triumphant pursuit and cripple Lan Lingfeng with one blow. However, the sudden change in his body made him feel terrible to the bone, just like a normal person suddenly being able to only use one leg.

Lan Lingfeng felt the disturbance and was not going to pass up on this opportunity. Although his speed was greatly affected, it was not as bad as what Qi Yunhe was going through so he had a larger advantage than before.


Lan Lingfeng’s long sword immediately pierced Qi Yunhe’s vital points.

Qi Yunhe was then hit and fell with fresh blood spurting from his body. Although it was not fatal, he would not be able to recover in a short time.

Qi Yunhe couldn’t believe it as he was falling, staring dumbly at the pits of blood in his chest as fresh blood kept flowing. He was pale and aghast as he looked at Lan Lingfeng, unable to accept the outcome.

Lan Lingfeng slowly descended, stopping not too far from where Qi Yunhe was struggling to stand up and declared: “You’ve lost!”

“Hmph. Someone debilitated me with underhanded means. You know it.” Qi Yunhe wheezed as he brushed off the blood at the corners of his mouth.

“I don’t know. I only know that you’ve been defeated. Could it be there Young Master Qi is a sore loser?” Lan Lingfeng chuckled.

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