AST 1663 - Powerful Paragon Strike, take over the Dragon King Palace?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1663 - Powerful Paragon Strike, Taking Over the Dragon King Palace?

Both sides were not in a hurry to battle. With bated breaths and full concentration, they waited for the other to attack first. Looking at the calm opponent who had no intention of moving, Qing Shui decided to act first. 

Nine Palace Laws!

A five-element net sprawled across the whole area. Qing Shui was the king of this area; the area belonged to him. The opponent would be affected, no matter how strong he was.

Ao Xuri face did not show any fear. Although the Nine Palace Laws had some impacts, it was not particularly terrifying and it was within Ao Xuri’s expectation. However, since Qing Shui had used the Nine Palace Laws, Ao Xuri could not drag this on any longer as it would be disadvantageous to him.

Consume more and lose a little; many a little makes a mickle. The strong ones could see the finest details because they learned from many who had lost or even died, full of regret, for missing them. 

Legend said that Ao Xuri’s weapon, The White Dragon Halberd, had a white dragon sealed in it. The white dragon had fused with the weapon to become one, giving the halberd the power of the mighty dragon. 

With a flick of his silver halberd, Ao Xuri charged swiftly at Qing Shui like a Sea Deity Dragon.

For the same technique, experts would know immediately their abilities and limitations. The roar of the dragon could be heard coming from the halberd. The dragon’s mighty power had a great suppressing effect.

The upright and very righteous Qing Shui was not afraid of any intimidation. In a flash, his Golden Battle Halberd struck his opponent’s weapon hard. 

The clank of the metals pierced through the sky and a wave of energy diffused into the surroundings. Qing Shui did not move an inch while Ao Xuri was pushed back two steps backward. It was obvious who was the stronger one.

But this was only an appearance. Only Qing Shui and Ao Xuri knew what the exact situation was like.   

Not only being physically strong, Qing Shui also possessed the Nine Yang Golden Body, as well as the Phoenix Battle Intent and the Battle God Halo. He was, therefore, stronger than Ao Xuri and undoubtedly had the upper hand.

But it was obvious that Ao Xuri’s ability had been greatly amplified, or he would not have been able to battle Qing Shui at this level. Not only did Qing Shui felt slightly surprised, Ao Xuri was also really amazed himself. 

He had known the White Dragon Halberd’s ability in amplifying power. Although it had increased his strength of attack by manifold, he was still physically moved two steps back by the blow. 

While surprised, he was thinking of how to get rid of Qing Shui, his greatest opponent in time to come. If he were to succeed, he could possess someone else’s wives and at the same time, gain some assistance. 

As for whether the women liked him or not, it was not important. The key was to have strength and confidence. He felt that women only liked Qing Shui because he was powerful. 

A smile spread across Qing Shui’s face. He moved to execute the Nine Stances of Ancient Divine Battle Technique effortlessly. An immense and violent wave of power was emancipated. 


Qing Shui had some achievements in Five Elements. The Water of the Five Elements was the most advantageous. When cascaded from a high area, the water’s force was akin to rivers, seas, and oceans. Waves coming after waves.

His attainments in Heavenly Dao was also astonishing. They had completely fused with his martial styles, increasing the power of his moves greatly. The benefits were imponderable. 

‘This youngster is a freak. A monster’, an agonized Ao Xuri thought to himself. The Dragon clan was prominently known to be physically strong, but the fact that he could not win his opponent meant that this was nothing.  

Qing Shui did not stop his attack even once ever since he had started. All powerful combats required a little preparation time. Although short, Qing Shui’s attacks had already made Ao Xuri feel overwhelmed. 

Boom, boom boom…..

The sound of a loud explosion reverberated throughout the sky. Qing Shui and Ao Xuri moved and darted swiftly in the sky. Qing Shui’s attack made Ao Xuri drift in and out of the clouds like a cannonball.


An explosion-like sound came from the White Dragon Halberd as a white halo surrounded it. Qing Shui was stunned. He knew this must be due to the penetration effect of the Golden Battle Halberd. His opponent’s weapon, however, miraculously blocked the effect.

This oversight had allowed Ao Xuri to get away and summon a beast, a white colored jade dragon.

White Jade Dragon!

An authentic dragon breed. Its ability was comparable to or better than Ao Xuri’s. Qing Shui realized his opponent must have relied on this dragon greatly. 

To be safe, Qing Shui immediately summoned the Dragon Slaying Beast. 

The expression on Ao Xuri’s face changed upon seeing the Dragon Slaying Beast. He realized not only was his strength affected, his White Jade Dragon’s strength was also reduced by twenty percent. The drop in twenty percent was terrifying, especially since this was the total strength it had. Most importantly, the White Jade Dragon seemed to be very frightened by the beast that was much smaller in size.

The Dragon Slaying Beast. Although it was his first time seeing a real one, Ao Xuri knew this was a Dragon Slaying Beast as he had seen it on a drawing previously. 

Ao Xuri saw Qing Shui charging at him. He immediately waved his hand.

White Dragon Jade Cut!

A White Jade Dragon silhouette emerged from the halberd. It immediately turned into thin threads of filaments, charging at Qing Shui.

Not slowing down, Ao Xuri charged at Qing Shui too. A white dragon silhouette appeared on his halberd again. This was frightening enough to make Qing Shui’s hair stand on end. He looked pale. 

Nine Continents Mountain!

Quickly, Qing Shui used the Nine Continents Mountain to let his Dragon Slaying Beast block the White Jade Dragon. 

But the filaments were too powerful. They broke through the Nine Continents Mountain and continued aiming at Qing Shui. The threads of filament everywhere were terrifying Qing Shui and he did not know why.

Inescapable Net!

Immediately, a web of demonic vines appeared. This time, Qing Shui was using it to trap himself instead of others. The dense threads of filaments were thus entangled by the demonic vines. Or more appropriately, both were trapping each other. 

The Five Elements Divine Refining Technique was not an ordinary technique. Strengthened by Qing Shui’s various capabilities, the tenacity of the demonic vines was extraordinary. But even so, the layers of vines were being corroded by the filaments. The filaments were able to disintegrate one’s vitality but not absorb it, fortunately. They were extremely tough, firm, and had the ability to cut through soft and hard things alike. 

However, they could not remain outside for too long. 

As time passed by, the demonic vines and the white dragon filaments counteracted each other and their forces were neutralized. Peace was gradually restored. Qing Shui removed the Inescapable Net. He did not know that the net could be used in this way. 

Qingshui could not imagine the consequences of being caught in those filaments but he knew that it would be horrible and he would feel regretful for the rest of his life. Many martial arts techniques were unthinkable wonders. Any slight mistakes or carelessness would lead to total destruction. 

By using the Inescapable Net, Qing Shui had successfully stopped Ao Xuri’s and the White Jade Dragon’s attack. Ao Xuri and the White Jade Dragon were after the Dragon Slaying Beast now. Sadly, the Dragon Slaying Beast could only take a beating, but the pair soon realized that the beast was unkillable. 

By then, Qing Shui had been freed. The Nine Continents Mountain headed for the White Jade Dragon and pounded on it. Following closely behind was the Dragon Slaying Beast. Although it was quite powerful, it could not engage in direct combat but could only carry out some sneak attacks. 

Seeing that Qing Shui was not hurt at all, Ao Xuri was not very hopeful and felt like giving up.

However, Qing Shui would not let him back out so easily. He still wanted to use his Sure Kill Heavenly Technique on him. This was a technique that could only be used once but its impact was unimaginable. 

Paragon Strike!

Although it could only be used once, it was equivalent to a six-fold attack. A weakened ability was not the worst thing that could happen from this attack and Qing Shui was about to use this on Ao Xuri. 

It was a pity it could only be used once a day!

Qing Shui’s 3,200 Dao force and the explosive impact of the Paragon Strike were greatly amplified by the Phoenix Battle Intent and the Battle God Halo. 

Before he got swallowed up, Ao Xuri was already regretting his actions. But at that moment, he could not feel or think of anything because his mind was already blank. 

Defeated in seconds, Ao Xuri had no way to fight against the 20,000 Dao force. The Paragon Strike, which had not been used, had become Qing Shui’s trump card. 

The effect would be better if it was combined with the Shadowless Paragon.

Ao Xuri had disappeared. It seemed as if it was an illusion and no one was really sure what had happened. If Qing Shui said Ao Xuri had escaped, some would believe. But the general sentiments were that he was killed and vanished into ashes. 

The four old men who remained were left speechless, staring blankly into space. The revival of the Dragon King Palace all depended on Ao Xuri. He was the hope of the palace, but now...

The remaining old men were powerless. They could not even defeat the three Mistresses. Qing Shui felt relieved that the Sunset Sea King Palace would have peace for now. 

“Everyone, I’ve said before that swords have no eyes. I’ll honor the words of the Lord of the Dragon King Palace. Win or lose, I’ll write off everything. Please go back!”

Qing Shui waved and said.

“I would like to surrender to the Sunset Sea King Palace. Seeking your permission, Sir.”

“I would also like to surrender…..”

Qing Shui smiled. He knew that the Dragon King Palace could not survive in the Northern Sea without Ao Xuri. If people knew that Ao Xuri had died, the Dragon King Palace would be eliminated very quickly. 

These people had no choices because they wanted to protect their descendants. Only the Sunset Sea King Palace could save them now.

“You should understand that it would be hard for me to trust and take all of you in since I have killed your Lord,” Qing Shui shook his head.

“Sir, it is not that we are ungrateful but the Dragon King Palace no longer exists. We will not think of doing anything. We just hope you can take over the Dragon King Palace. We do not want to see our women and children massacred,” one of the old men said with a sincere attitude. 

Qing Shui decided he should not make things difficult since he had already expected this outcome. Furthermore, these people would be working together with Yiye Jiange next time. He said, “I can promise you. You are older and more senior, there are some things I don’t wish to say.”

Qing Shui could feel that these old men were different from the three old men that came earlier on. Otherwise, he would not have agreed. 

“Sir, what you are worrying about will not happen. You can rest assured. We are old and we have many women and children at the Dragon King Palace.”

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