AST 1664 - White Jade Dragon for Muyun Qingge

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1664 - White Jade Dragon for Muyun Qingge

So it’s settled. The Sunset Sea King Palace had taken over the Dragon King Palace. Qing Shui was looking at the White Jade Dragon after settling the old men.

Though it was much more powerful than the Dragon Slaying Beast, the White Jade Dragon did not let its guard down. The Dragon Slaying Beast was still its natural enemy. Furthermore, this was a special Dragon Slaying Beast.

Using a perfect combination of the Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines and the Demon Binding Ropes, Qing Shui immediately trapped the White Jade Dragon.

The loud roar of the dragon shook the earth. Qing Shui took a liking to this White Jade Dragon but he already possessed the Dragon Slaying Beast and the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. He turned and looked at Yiye Jiange.

Knowing Qing Shui’s intention, Yiye Jiange laughed, “Elder sis Qingcheng and I already have our own beasts. They are quite good. If you can, give it to Sis Qingge.”

Qing Shui smiled and nodded. He had the superb Sacred Beast Pill that he had improved on by adding precious herbs such as the Spring of Life and the Flower of Life.

But these were still not enough. More were needed. It might be suitable for the three Mistresses since they belonged to the Aqua Race. But it should be most appropriate for Muyun Qingge as she was a Drakaina.

Muyun Qingge wanted to reject it initially. But she saw the White Jade Dragon, which was trapped by the Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines, looking at her. She walked over and thanked Qing Shui for the Sacred Beast Pill.

Qing Shui frowned. After all, the White Jade Dragon’s ability was comparable or even better than Ao Xuri’s. Even when teamed up, the three Mistresses could only save their own skins.

Seeing the frown on Qing Shui’s face, Muyun Qingge laughed, “Don’t worry, it’s going to be alright. One of my inheritances include the art of taming dragons. Moreover, I think it wants to be with me.”

Qing Shui turned to look at the White Jade Dragon and realized what Muyun Qingge’s words had meant. There was not a bit of ferocity left in the White Jade Dragon’s eyes. It was looking at Muyun Qingge like a child who had just found a loved one.

After the Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines were removed, the White Jade Dragon circled around Muyun Qingge, who then got up and stood on the enormous head of the beast. She gently patted its head.

A tiny but glistening halo seeped into the White Jade Dragon’s head. It did not react. Although it seemed like nothing had happened, everyone could tell that the beast had been tamed.

Muyun Qingge’s possession of the White Jade Dragon would increase the strength of the Sunset Sea King Palace massively. Qing Shui was really happy with how the situation had been progressing.

The people of the Dragon King Palace would move to the Sunset Sea King Palace and the Dragon King Palace would cease to exist. The Sunset Sea King Palace would neither use the reputation of the Dragon King Palace nor go to the North Sea Dragon King Palace in the meantime so that the real objective would not be exposed.

The old men who had surrendered agreed with the three Mistresses. As a matter of fact, they would not voice any opinion even if they had because they wanted to be accepted.

The people of the North Sea Dragon King Palace had just started to move towards the Ice Ocean Domain. Fortunately, the distance was not too far and the news of Ao Xuri’s death had not spread. The old men still had absolute power in the Dragon King Palace.

There should be almost nothing left of the Ao family. Ao Xuri did not have many immediate family or relatives. Furthermore, the fifty people that Qingshui killed were from the Ao family. Any remaining had disappeared during the move.

Though one might say it would be good to wipe out the entire clan, the Ao family was no longer capable of rising again. The situation now was better than what Qing Shui had expected. Compared to before, the strength of the Sunset Sea King Palace was increased by several times.

The breakthrough by the few women had boosted the confidence of the Sunset Sea King Palace. Even though the subsequent addition of new members would give the Sunset Sea King Palace the ability to go to the North Sea, the palace still needed some time to consolidate orders and adjust to the recent changes.

Schools have rules, sects have rules, and families have rules. Nothing could be accomplished without rules or standards; everyone had to abide by rules. The stronger ones could break some rules and even establish their own rules.



One month had passed by quickly. The situation of the Sunset Sea King Palace had stabilized. The few women were also not intending to go to the North Sea in the meantime. Now, the palace was clearly the strongest in the Ice Ocean Domain.

The few divine elderly had become the senior guardians of the Sunset Sea King Palace and were reporting to the three Mistresses. Also the guardian of the palace, Qing Shui had the most free time and was idling. He decided to leave for a while to visit Linhai City.

Neither the relationship between Qing Shui and the Sunset Palace Mistress, nor the relationship between Qing Shui and Muyun Qingge had any progression. The three of them were entangled in a web of ambiguous relationship. All three were intelligent people who knew their places and what they should be doing.

One cannot escape from love so let nature takes its course. If the right one came along one day, then one should face it.

Qing Shui spent the most time with Yiye Jiange. But that’s not surprising since they were married. They had stayed together for this whole month, and it was the longest period of time they had been with each other. There were times that were longer than this but they were not married then.

The bond between them was strong. For a long time, they had a teacher-student relationship, and were really close friends. Once, Qing Shui even set foot on the Lion King's Ridge for twenty years just for her.

Though Yiye Jiange could not bear to let Qing Shui leave, she did not make him stay. They had a long life ahead with ample of time. Moreover, Qing Shui was not one to be hindered by women and lust.

“Please be careful and don’t worry about us. We will take care of ourselves,” Yiye Jiange said while helping Qing Shui tidy his collar. Her eyes exuded elegance and warmth.

“I can’t bear to leave now,” Qing Shui hugged her.

“We’ll have time in the future. It’s good to part for a while. I’m afraid you might get sick of me or dislike me after spending such a long time together,” Yiye Jiange smiled and touched Qing Shui’s face.

Qing Shui grabbed his wife and kissed her cherry lips passionately until she doubted her ability to stand.

After some time, Qing Shui finally let go of Yiye Jiange. Her delicate lips were a little swollen but it looked sexier like this.

Yiye Jiange was blushing. She felt like a blank piece of paper that could be colored by Qing Shui in any way he wanted. She would sacrifice anything for this man.

“I will miss you hubby,” Yiye Jiange said softly.

In this world, ‘hubby’ was not commonly used. But Qing Shui was not used to the formal title of husband so he wanted his woman to call him ‘hubby’... He felt that this was more impactful to him.

“Me too. I’ll visit you often,” Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange hugged each other tightly.



After leaving, Qing Shui went back to the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Tantai Lingyan and Qin Qing were not there as they had gone to the Demon Lord Palace. Though he was not worried, Qing Shui had actually planned to stay here with the two women for a period of time.

Now, Linhai City seemed relatively peaceful to Qing Shui. Lan Lingfeng and Yin Tong were in isolation and had reached the critical moment of their trainings. Although Qing Shui was not by their sides, he had helped them greatly through previous constitution nurturing.

They would be a lot stronger after coming out of isolation!

Qing Shui felt quite satisfied with his current strength. Although Paragon Strike could only be used once a day, its power was formidable.

Shadowless Paragon was good too. When combined with Paragon Strike, the impact would be definitely terrifying. Even when used alone, the Shadowless Paragon would be a game changer if its speed was increased multiple times.

Xue Nuo, Ziche Sha and Ling Fei did not go into isolation. They were very happy when they saw Qing Shui return. The sexy Ling Fei had become a demure and dignified wife after marrying Yin Tong. Even so, she’s a seductive woman whose charms were irresistible to men. Qing Shui felt that even Ziche Sha was not as attractive as Ling Fei. Ling Fei, similar to Yiye Jiange, was better in terms of looks and temperaments.

Beauty had reached its limit if one was as pretty as Yiye Jiange. There was no one who could be more beautiful than women like Yiye Jiange. At least, Qing Shui could not imagine someone who looked prettier than Yiye Jiange and Ling Fei.

After chatting for half a day, Qing Shui, the girls, and Yu Niang went to the Imperial Cuisine Hall to attend to patients. It’s been a while since Qing Shui had done this so it felt rather novel to him.

Given his fame, Qing Shui attracted many people to visit the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Qing Shui felt really helpless by the crowd but could not do anything. At the end, he even waived the medical fees for his patients.

There were always gossips about Qing Shui in Linhai City. Qing Shui had the most support from the man in the street, and everyone knew he was a very powerful fighter. Yet, he was giving free medical treatments to patients here and addressing people in a very personal way - calling them uncle, auntie, brother etc.

Here, only the strong fighters could garner the support of the people. When there’s a strong fighter in the area, the people would receive certain benefits. For example, coming from a place where there was a strong fighter would give a person some form of prestige and opportunities to receive assistance from others.

Also, no one would kill anyone in the hometown of the strong fighter as this would be an insult to the fighter. Therefore, an area would be more secure and prosperous if there were more strong fighters.

This was what the strong fighters were capable of. They were respected by others.

Qing Shui was one such fighter who had such a capability. Now, he had become renowned in Linhai City. Everyone regarded him as the guardian of the city. They also regarded the Imperial Cuisine Hall as a sacred place.

News about the Imperial Cuisine Hall spread quickly among the people as more patients and their families were treated. No one was sure how and when did the Imperial Cuisine Hall became what it was today.

Compared to the Imperial Cuisine Hall, the Linhai City Clan was nothing but a joke. The former was akin to humility while the latter was akin to blowing one’s horn.

The Lan Clan on the other hand was fine. The relationship between the Imperial Cuisine Hall and Lan Clan was widely known. Lan Lingfeng was Qing Shui’s brother.

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