AST 1665 - The Diamond Fruit has ripen. Qing Shui’s first Divine Grade Demonic Beast

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1665 - The Diamond Fruit has ripen. Qing Shui’s first Divine Grade Demonic Beast

Qing Shui temporarily stayed at Linhai City. He rejoiced when the two women returned on the third day he was here. This was quite unexpected as he was constantly on the move and didn’t have a fixed residence. While he was here, he liked that the two women were here as well. It wasn’t easy for them to spend time with each other.

The two women had left originally while Lan Lingfeng and Yin Tong weren’t supposed to seclude themselves during this period. But since the two women were back, Lingfeng and Yin Tong didn’t want to miss the opportunity. Furthermore, Qing Shui was returning soon. Hence, they chose to seclude themselves.

After being separated for more than a month, Qing Shui gave the two women a hug. Xue Nuo also went forward to give him a hug.

Qing Shui and Tantai Lingyan were husband and wife, at least this was how they were known verbally. Tantai Lingyan also agreed with it. Nevertheless, everyone knew that the two shared a very special relationship, the reason being that everyone was sure that they would eventually be together.

The two girls were very happy as they greeted everyone. Unknowingly, they have begun treating each other as family. She has spent all this time fighting and competing over others. But when she was here, she could manage to find peace. She knew that this was mainly due to Qing Shui. Because of him, the people here have all started to connect with each other. Now, they were all friends, great friends,

“How’s Demon Lord Palace been?” Qing Shui asked casually.

“Yes, it’s doing great. How about you? How are things with Sea King Palace?” Tantai Lingyan knew that there were something going on between Qing Shui and Seaking Palace.

“The Sea King Palace and the Sunset Palace have formed an alliance. The Golden Sand Palace and the Dragon King Palace are gone.” Qing Shui said with a smile.

Tantai Lingyan stunned. After that, she revealed a shallow smile, “Alright, this does sound great.”

“They are now Divine existences as well. I no longer have to worry about them.” Qing Shui was very happy.

At this moment, Qin Qing continued on and said, “Well then, that means in the future, you will have to start worrying more about Sister Yan!”

Tantai Lingyan blushed. She remained silent as she knew that speaking more at this moment would make things more unclear. She would be better off staying silent.

With that happening, Qing Shui had nothing to worry about, “I am concerned about every single one of my wives.”

Qing Shui were very free with the two girls at the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Since they didn’t have anything to do, the two girls would spend the majority of their time cultivating. Qing Shui on the other hand, was one of the most relaxed one among them. Occasionally, he would provide guidelines to the two girls as well as Xue Nuo on their method to cultivate. Sometimes, he would also head to the Imperial Cuisine Hall to treat some patients or play with some children.

Though Qing Shui might have settled down. His mind had never stopped working. Yiye Jiange was at the Ice Ocean Domain with the other girls. They were eventually bound to enter the Northern Sea. Di Chen, the Eldest Princess, Tantai Xuan and Yu He would definitely continue to make progress in their cultivation.

Initially, Qing Shui thought that the girls no longer wanted to rush on their journeys like how they did before. But later on, as he thought deeper into it, he realized that things might not be that simple. For example, Tantai Lingyan, she would never give up on the Five Tigers Immortal Sect.

Backthen, Five Tigers Immortal Sect might have done just an insignificant thing which might not even be worth remembering. However, the damage it caused to Tantai Lingyan was almost fatal. Hence, she would never give up on this chance to avenge herself.

One has to compromise in this world. This was something which Qing Shui always heard back in his previous incarnation. However, he only came to finally understand this theory when he came to this world. Hence, he wasn’t against the girls increasing their strength and developing their force. In fact, he would also provide them aids to do so.

To prevent being bullied, one must have enough strength to protect themselves. It’s impossible for them to live like normal humans. Since that’s the case, they could only choose to be a human that’s above all other. Otherwise, they would only share the fate of being stepped by other people.

Treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime. Looking at the two girls, Qing Shui felt really guilty. The main assets the two girls had were their beauty. Countless people were after them. If it wasn’t for his strength, he would long have been assassinated by other people.

After six days, something happened which made Qing Shui very happy. The Diamond Fruit in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal has ripened. Backthen, the fruits from the Diamond Fruit Tree which he came across with Qin Qing have been used up. But this time, he managed to get his hands on ten of them.

Without himself noticing, Qing Shui had known Qin QIng for quite a while now. Most importantly, it was an even longer time ago when he first came across her portrait. Hence, he felt that he had known her for longer than he should.

Diamond Fruit could only be fed once. This applied to every demonic beasts. Qing Shui and Qin Qing, Qin Qing’s Green Dragon and three of Qing Shui’s other demonic beasts had each eaten them before.

This time, though there were ten of them, Qing Shui still thought that there were not enough of them. Last time, Yiye Jiange also got a few Diamond Fruits. Qing Shui planned to let the Hellfire Phoenix and Eight-headed Demonic Dragon Spider ate the Diamond Fruit. Last time, the Dragon Slahying Beast, Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and Hell Nightmare Beast had eaten them before.

With eight of them remaining, Qing Shui planned to give Tantai Lingyan and her Dragon Turtle one each. As for the other six, Lan Lingfeng and Yin Tong would each be given one as well. Given that Xue Nuo and the others were still quite weak, they could be excluded from being given the Diamond Fruits for now as it would also require them to have powerful body physiques. For the remaining four fruits, Qing Shui has made up his mind to give them to Yehuang Guwu, Canghai Mingyue, Di Chen and Yu He.

With so many people around him now, he could only go through each of them slowly. It’s more sensible to first go for those that were the most suitable to take the fruit. Eventually, all of them were bound to be given one respectively. Besides, due to the presence of Earth Divine Stone, the Dragon Slaying Beast, the Spring of Life as well as Jade Emperor Bee, the time within the realm has been significantly reduced.

Since Qing Shui has already had his mind made up, he immediately fed the Hellfire Phoenix and Eight-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider a Diamond Fruit each. Last time, Qing Shui had actually planned to first feed one of the fruits to Eight-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider. He has often felt that it was a more suitable candidate to take on the fruit. Unfortunately, it came in very short quantity. The other demonic beasts were in more need for the fruit than the spider itself.

Very quickly black flame could be seen burning off the Hellfire Phoenix’s body. It was black but bright at the same time, similar to a shiny black sharp sabre. Fierce aura abruptly bursted from the phoenix’s body. Seeing that, Qing Shui smiled. Following on, huge black thunder could be seen striking down from the sky.

“It’s here.” Qing Shui was very excited. Could this be the final False God Divine Tribulation the Hellfire Phoenix would have to go through? He wasn’t sure about it, but it’s very likely that this was the case.

Time went on little by little. The Hellfire Phoenix was still incomparably powerful. Everything went on very smoothly from the beginning till the end. It was constantly giving out high pitched bird chirping noise as the color across its body got even darker and cooler.

Qing Shui only looked towards the Hellfire Phoenix when everything eventually settled down. This time, the Hellfire Phoenix didn’t undergo any drastic changes. Its body size was still the same and its jet-black ink-like body shone with chilling light. It was very intimidating like a ferocious ancient beast with its powerful aura. The fierce qi it gave out sent chill over people’s spine.

Hellfire Phoenix, strength of its blood veins: Extremely powerful.

Qing Shui was a bit agitated. Prior to this, the Hellfire Phoenix already had very powerful blood veins. Though he might not have a clear idea on how to distinguish them, it’s now stated to be extremely powerful. It’s relatively easy to tell which one was stronger, whether it’s powerful or extremely powerful was stronger.

Hellfire Phoenix’s raw strength has now reached a terrifying level that’s worth twenty thousand sun.Upon breaking through this time, its raw strength immediately got boosted by ten times. But this was still something which Qing Shui has expected.

Qing Shui immediately checked if any changes occured to its battle technique.

Dark Phoenix of Nine Heavens, passive battle technique, zero consumption, permanently boosted the user’s strength by a hundred times. Cut down the consumption of any battle techniques and attacks by half.

Nothing has changed. Qing Shui didn’t know if this was considered normal. As it seemed, the critical point to break through a hundred times strength boost wasn’t such a simple task.

Superior Flight: The formidable flying ability possessed by the Hellfire Phoenix. Its speed increased by a hundred times while flying while its energy consumed during flight got reduced by a hundred times.

This could already be considered very formidable. Qing Shui was sure that it wouldn’t take him long to travel around the entire nine continents by riding on the Hellfire Phoenix.

Hell’s Inferno: The Fire Bird’s powerful fire attack. The black flame was capable of burning down everything. It possessed fearsome destructive power. It was also the black Phoenix’s powerful battle technique. It was an attack which boosted the fire offensive prowess of the Black Phoenix by fifty times.

Phoenix Dance of the Nine Heavens: A passive battle technique, the power fire attributed attack were permanently multiplied by a hundred times while the damage it received reduced by multiple times. Its overall resistance was increased by nine times. Zero consumption.

Underworld Fireball: Activate a Fireball attack. Its offensive prowess multiplied by a hundred times. The Fireball was stored with formidable explosive power. At the moment when it bursted, its strength would once again multiply by folds. It’s locked onto the target’s Spirit Energy.

Phoenix Paradise: Upon being injured, there was a 30% chance the phoenix could go through Firebath Rebirth. Once it succeeded in being reborned, it would be as if it went through metamorphosis and it would double in strength.

Phoenix HeartL The formidable Phoenix Heart enabled the overall power of the phoenix to once again multiply by two folds. The amount of damage it could withstand were halved once again. Overall consumption were reduced by two times. Zero consumption, a passive battle technique.

Phoenix Might: It held strong dominance over other kind of birds other than the phoenix. It was able to suppress up to 10% of the target’s strength. At most, it was capable of causing its target to lose its combat prowess. Zero consumption, a passive battle technique.

At the moment, the Fire Bird achieved as much as 800 Dao Force in its offensive prowess. It was a Divine Grade Demonic Beast. Qing Shui didn’t know whether this strength was considered powerful to the Hellfire Phoenix, but he was still already satisfied with it.

He has long known about the benefits which the Diamond Fruit brought upon. Unfortunately, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and the other beasts could no longer feed on it. The stronger a beast was and the more talent it had, the more effective the Diamond Fruit would be upon consumption.

Finally, Qing Shui got himself a Divine Grade Demonic Beast. He was able to tell that the Hellfire Phoenix possessed decent strength. But what’s more formidable about it was its ability to resist against attacks. Basically, for the time being, without his Paragon Strike, Qing Shui wouldn’t be able to hurt it.

The Phoenix Tribe was just like the heaven and earth’s spoilt child. It was blessed by mystical beings. Hence, now, Qing Shui could summon his Hellfire Phoenix without any fear in battles.

Qing Shui has yet to examine its Divine Heavenly Technique. Qing Shui quickly went on to take a look at them.

Nine Phantoms Slaughter!

It was still Nine Phantoms Slaughter!

Nine Phantoms Slaughter: raises the user’s damaging prowess as much as ten times for fifteen minutes. Under the state of Nine Phantom Slaughter, the energy the user had to consume increase by ten times. It can only be used once per day.

Qing Shui stunned. This was how fearsome the Hellfire Phoenix’s battle technique was supposed to be. In comparison to Nine Phantoms Slaughter, Qing Shui’s Paragon Strike was more powerful. Unfortunately, it could only be used once. The Nine Phantoms Slaughter on the other hand, only lasted for fifteen minutes. However, fifteen minutes would have been enough to make many things happened.

Eight thousand Dao force lasting for fifteen minutes……. Just what kind of fearsome destructive prowess would this lead to…...

Qing Shui was satisfied. The Hellfire Phoenix let out high-pitched chirp as it circled around Qing Shui from above. Its powerful presence caused even the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and Thunderous Beast to become really quiet. Their difference in strength was too significant.

Furthermore, an additional skill called Nine Phantoms Fire have also been added to its arsenal.

Nine Phantoms Fire, it was capable of burning everything, including those inflammable objects down to nothing. Burning itself was already the most powerful strength. It was capable of burning down everything.

Qing Shui never tested if he could burn the Dragon Slaying Beast. But now, from what he saw, it seemed the Dragon Slaying Beast feared the Hellfire Phoenix. The current Hellfire Phoenix contained 30% more vicious and fierce qi than before. Despite this, Qing Shui also hated parting with it. Somehow, he could feel some sort of connection between himself and the phoenix which words couldn’t describe.

The Hellfire Phoenix was born within the realm. Its habitat was none other than the huge Chinese Parasol Tree.

Right at this moment, the body of the Eight-headed Demonic Dragon Spider also started to change.

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