AST 1666 - Demonic Beast Undergo Form Transformation, Powerful Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1666 - Demonic Beast Undergo Form Transformation, Powerful Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider

The metallic glow on the Eight-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider was getting increasingly brighter. It seemed to be releasing a halo and the powerful aura it was exuding rose rapidly.

Suddenly, Qing Shui noticed the thunderbolts that were gathering in the air. He was stunned. This was because these were the signs of impending False God Tribulations. Right now, the Eight-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider was welcoming its last False God Tribulation. If it could pass through this, it would become a Divine Grade demonic beast.

Qing Shui could not believe this. It was because he had the feeling that the Eight-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider still needed some more time before it could become a Divine Grade demonic beast. Although the Eight-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider was a Mutated Beast of Heaven and Earth, it might not become a Divine Grade existence. Even if Qing Shui had the abilities, time was still needed.

The Diamond Fruit Tree was a Spiritual Root and the Diamond Fruit was an item of extreme yang and spirituality. To some people, who were born with unique physiques, the Diamond Fruit had an especially great effect. Qing Shui now felt that the Diamond Fruit should be the greatest spiritual item for the Eight-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider.

More and more thunder clouds started to amass in the sky and very soon, thunderbolts struck, signaling the start of the False God Tribulation. Right now, Qing Shui was sure that this demonic beast, which he had always believed would become a Divine Grade later than the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, was going to attain a breakthrough to the Divine Grade.

However, after a while, Qing Shui frowned. The thunderbolts in the sky seemed to be a little harsh. Even more so than what the Hellfire Phoenix had been through previously. Qing Shui now thought that it seemed to be very difficult for the Eight-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider to tide through this.

The Eight-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider kept on changing the positions of its eight heads to dodge the thunderbolts and its huge body also kept on changing shape as well.

During this period of time, the Eight-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider's body kept on getting stronger. Similarly, the thunderbolts coming down from the sky also continued to increase and get more powerful.


As time passed, a huge mountain crest fell on top of one of the Eight-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider's head, smashing it in the process.

The remaining seven heads of the Eight-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider released agonizing cries. Qing Shui felt very torn and took a step forward. However, at that moment, the Eight-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider let out a soft cry, indicating Qing Shui to not get close.

Although the Eight-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider's voice wasn't as child-like as it was at the very beginning, it was still the voice of a young girl. It sounded just like the voice of a young girl who wasn't even 10 years old.

Due to its voice, this demonic beast became the one which Qing Shui had doted on the most. The others either had a metallic-like voice or n adult-like voice. When they communicated through their consciousness, only the Eight-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider sounded like a child. Voices could affect the impressions other people get. Thus, when it got too dangerous, Qing Shui would tend not to call out the Eight-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider.

Hearing that the Eight-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider wanted to stop him, Qing Shui couldn’t continue on forward. At this point, the Eight-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider was already bathing in fresh blood, but she was still firmly holding on.


Yet another one of its head was smashed and Qing Shui felt a tugging at his heart, feeling a great ache for her. However, the Eight-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider refused to let him help her. After all, the moment Qing Shui took action, it would become very dangerous. It would be very hard even for Qing Shui to get away unscathed.

Next, another three of its heads were smashed. By now, It totaled five heads. All that was left was the one in the middle and the two at the bottom. These three were the most important heads for the Eight-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider.

At this moment, the Eight-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider was already very weak and its body was a little shriveled. Even so, it continued to hang on tight, to bear with it. Qing Shui felt very conflicted.

A beast Tamer's beasts were like their kin. To Qing Shui, his demonic beasts had the same relationship to him. After going through so many years together and with them being able to communicate through their consciousness, Qing Shui no longer treated them merely as demonic beasts.

Suddenly a bolt of even greater lightning came crashing down. Even Qing Shui hadn't been able to react in time. It landed on the greatest head in the middle, destroying it entirely until there was nothing left.

That was the Eight-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider's main head. Without it, there was a high chance of it dying. It was a golden dragon head. Qing Shui clenched his fists tightly, feeling very worried. Right now, his heart was aching as he watched the Eight-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider still struggle with its remaining two heads. He planned on saving it, regardless of the cost, even if it would only become an ordinary demonic beast in the future.


At that moment, the Eight-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider suddenly unleashed an explosive and brilliant glow. Two golden dragon head grew out from their original position, appearing majestic but not hideous; polished, but with a hint of sharpness.

Then, things changed drastically as it grew out five more heads. However, these were not the same dragon heads. It now had nine heads!

Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider!

To think that it had become a Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider?!

Qing Shui had never expected for this to happen. To be honest, he had thought that if the Eight-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider were to become a Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider, it might have entered the Divine Grade. However, it was merely a thought. He hadn't actually expected for this day to come so soon. Moreover, it had been a very dangerous episode.

It seemed that the saying ‘Fortune comes after tiding over a great disaster’ was true.

The False God Tribulation was already starting to weaken. Next, something even more unbelievable happened. The Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider had shifted into the form of a little girl. A pretty little girl who was about eight or nine years of age. She was wearing a battle armor.

Form Transformation!

It even went through Form Transformation?!

Amongst demonic beasts that were Immortal Demons, there were some of them who could undergo Form Transformation. It was different from what Mermaids could do. Mermaids and Drakainas had close bloodlines with humans and no matter who got close, they would be in their human form. However, they were the creatures of the sea.

Form Transformation was something that any demonic beast could do but it required them to have terrifying powers. Moreover, they would also need to come into contact with some kind of Heavenly Dao. Therefore, many of the factors in the current situation had overthrown Qing Shui's earlier judgments.

The ones who were the most apparent in their Form Transformations were the dragons. It was said that dragons, who were at the Divine Grade, could all undergo Form Transformations. It was a Divine Heavenly Technique that all dragons possessed. After all, their huge bodies tend to make things inconvenient for them.

Other than the dragons, there were also many powerful tribes who could undergo Form Transformations after attaining the Divine Grade. Most demonic beasts, after reaching the Divine Grade at the Immortal Demons level, would be able to change the size of their bodies.

Qing Shui thought of the Hellfire Phoenix and wondered why it didn't undergo any Form Transformation. He speculated if it was because it couldn't do it or just that it hadn't done it.

The little girl was very unfamiliar to Qing Shui. However, the moment she saw Qing Shui, she ran over happily, "Father!"

Qing Shui: "..."

Her voice sounded exactly the same as when they had exchanges through their consciousness. Usually, it would feel as if he was communicating with a child who didn't know a lot of things but was able to instinctively sense dangers.

Very long later, Qing Shui broke into a bitter smile and then looked at the Hellfire Phoenix, "You should also undergo Form Transformation for me to take a look."

The Hellfire Phoenix then changed its huge body and a handsome young man appeared. He had distinctive features and appeared cold.

He wore a set of pitch-black battle clothes and said to Qing Shui. "Master."

Qing Shui now understood. Unknowingly, the Hellfire Phoenix had stopped being as attached to Qing Shui as the Fire Bird did. It should have been able to undergo Form Transformation then. He was the one who had overlooked this.

"You can call me Qing Shui. It's the same for humans and demonic beasts." Qing Shui said with a smile.

Qing Shui wasn't saying it out of courtesy. It was the truth. If you think about it, Muyun Qingge and the Sunset Palace Mistress were both considered demonic beasts.

"Boss. Let me call you Boss." The Hellfire Phoenix gave it some thought and said.

Qing Shui was stunned. He hadn't expected the Hellfire Phoenix to know this form of address. To be honest, Qing Shui was quite satisfied after hearing that. He chuckled and said, "Alright. Then how should I address you?"

"Boss can just call me Dark Phoenix."

Qing Shui agreed. He then turned and noticed that the Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider was about to break down into tears. Qing Shui looked at this lass and recalled that he had neglected her earlier as well. He quickly went over to take her hand.

Dark Phoenix was a man who was of age. Qing Shui felt that he was more like a brother. Dark Phoenix was born in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, which was closely connected with Qing Ming's bloodline. Qing Ming felt that right now, he could be considered brothers with Dark Phoenix.

However, it was different for this lass. After she had undergone Form Transformation, she became a little girl. Both her intellect and her appearance were that of a little girl. Even though she had called him father earlier, he didn't feel unhappy.

"Lass, what are you called?" Qing Shui smiled and took her hand, asking.

"I'm called Long Zhu`er*."

* (TL Note: Long Zhu's name has the same name as the raws for the Demonic Dragon Spider, specifically the 'Dragon Spider'.)

Qing Shui felt that this name was also very simple. Only then did Qing Shui take a look at her abilities.

Her physical strength had reached 20,000 suns. Qing Shui was amazed. The Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider, or rather, Long Zhu`er had actually gotten so much stronger than before. Right now, she had nine heads. If Long Zhu`er were to a battle, would she continue to be in this small body or her huge body from before?

Five Qi Origin: Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider's innate battle technique. Permanently increases its physical strength by 100 folds with zero depletion.

Qing Shui didn't find it strange that there were no changes to the Five Qi Origin. None of the battle techniques of the Hellfire Phoenix had surpassed 100 folds. Therefore, it was perfectly normal for Long Zhu`er to not have attained any breakthrough in this area.

Corrosive Poison Web: The Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider's all-encompassing web attack which had a powerful corrosive poison and stickiness. This web is so strong that it would be hard to cut through it with blades. The damage caused by the poison web would be 80 times that of physical damage.

Poison Silk Entanglement: The Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider could fire a thread of poison silk. This attack has a range of 20,000 meters and could be used for attacking and entangling the target. Its speed is also very fast and also highly toxic and sticky. The attacking prowess is 100 times stronger than that of physical attacks.

The range had increased quite a bit and the increment to the attacking prowess was even greater and more terrifying than before.

Ultimate Spider Swarm: The unique ability of a king of demonic beasts. Its strong subjects would be able to attack together with it. The subjects could at most evolve into Eight-Headed Demonic Spiders with a certain chance of special mutated demonic spiders appearing.

The demonic spiders around it could now evolve into Eight-Headed Demonic Spiders. This was a huge improvement. Earlier, they could only evolve into Six-Headed Demonic Spiders.

Flying Spider Silk: Passive battle technique, zero depletion. Speed is permanently increased by 80 times.

Sharpness: The Seven-Headed Demonic Spider’s eight legs are incredibly sharp. They carried a high toxicity and penetrating ability.

Unyielding Shield: The Seven-Headed Demonic Spider’s defense is extremely strong.

Demonic Spider Dragon Head: Passive battle technique. Increases the toughness and sharpness of the Seven-Headed Demonic Spider, as well as the sturdiness, stickiness, and toxicity of its web by 100 times. In addition, it increases attacking prowess, endurance, and sustainability by 50 times. Zero depletion!

Divine Spider Thread: Increases all of the Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider's abilities by 10 folds. The Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider's toxicity and toughness, as well as the spider thread's stickiness and sharpness and control of the spider threads, increases by ten folds.

The one who came later caught up and surpassed the ones before. Right now, the Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider was in no way inferior to the Hellfire Phoenix.

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