AST 1667 - Sacred Fruit of the Heaven and Earth, the Diamond Fruit, Old Turtle Undergoing Form Transformation

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1667 - Sacred Fruit of the Heaven and Earth, the Diamond Fruit, Old Turtle Undergoing Form Transformation

The Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider had now reached a strength of 1,000 Dao force. Her defense and resistance to attacks were even more terrifying. Furthermore, her own toxicity, as well as the toxicity and stickiness of her spider thread, were extremely terrifying! 

Qing Shui looked at the Dark Phoenix and Long Zhu`er who were both beside him, feeling very strange. Moreover, this lass was calling him father. He himself had quite a number of children and one more wouldn't matter. After all, to a Beast Tamer, their tamed beasts were like their own children.

The main thing was her control. Her spider threads would definitely be able to render cultivators of the same level helpless and extremely horrified.

Earlier on, Qing Shui hadn't had the chance to feel happy about the Demonic Dragon Spider becoming a Divine Grade demonic beast. Now that even Long Zhu`er had become a Divine Grade demonic beast, it was really a double blessing.

After undergoing Form Transformations, demonic beasts' spiritual intelligence would increase tremendously. Now, both the Dark Phoenix and Long Zhu`er were no longer willing to keep staying in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. However, they would still return to the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal when they start their rest. After all, the benefits of staying in the realm were tremendous.

Both the Dark Phoenix and Long Zhu`er could freely enter and exit the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. However, if they were to come out, they would be 100 meters away from Qing Ming. When they wished to return to the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, they would be able to do so, as long as they were 100 meters away from Qing Ming. This was a condition that Qing Shui had set. After all, he had many demonic beasts and it was impossible for him to be able to summon them out regardless of the place. Therefore, he had this ability.

The reason Qing Shui had set the rules as such was that he didn't wish for the two of them to hinder his normal lifestyle and habits.

The following day, Qing Shui left the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, still feeling very excited. Things were progressing in the best possible way. The Dark Phoenix wasn't used to getting along with people and didn't leave with Qing Shui.

Right now, the Dark Phoenix was free to leave by himself as no longer required to be controlled by Qing Shui. The Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal was now more like his home and cultivation area. It was also an indefinable connection between himself and Qing Ming.

Back then, Qing Shui had stained the Yin-Yang Pendant with his blood. Thus, gaining this amazing treasure. The Dark Phoenix was born from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and it was very normal for them to feel that they were connected by blood.

Although the Dark Phoenix didn't come out, Long Zhu`er had followed Qing Shui. When the others saw Long Zhu`er, they were all surprised. No one knew where this cute and exquisite looking lass came from.

Both Tantai Lingyan and Qin Qing looked at Qing Shui in surprise. He smiled and said, "It's our daughter."

He didn't specify if it was Tantai Lingyan's or Qin Qing's, or if the child had belonged to any of them. It could even be said to be Tantai Lingyan's. Qing Shui patted Long Zhu`er on the head.

There wasn't any way for him to keep this from them. Other than Yu Niang, the other ladies all knew that Long Zhu`er was a demonic beast who had undergone Form Transformation. After having gone through this, unless required for her to take on the form of a beast, she would spend the rest of the time in the human form.

After knowing that this little lass was already a Divinity, the few ladies all looked at Long Zhu`er in amazement, unable to believe that it was the truth.

Tantai Lingyan and Qing Qing weren't ordinary women and knew of Form Transformations for demonic beasts. Once demonic beasts went through this process, their spiritual intelligence would increase by a lot and they could be said to be great Immortal Demons existences, no different from humans.

The most awkward thing for them was that Long Zhu`er had called both of them mother.

The two ladies looked at Qing Shui strangely and he smiled bitterly in response, not giving any explanation. He hadn't taught Long Zhu`er to do this but there wouldn't be anyone who'd believe him if he were to say this. Despite that, the two ladies happily accepted this powerful daughter.

Right now, Qing Shui felt a little messed up. Although he had already been in this world for over 40 years, the ten plus years spent in his previous life still had a great impact on him terms of his views and values of life!

Other than being able to instinctively sense some danger, having a higher level of intelligence, and have the most contact with Qing Shui, Long Zhu`er was still finding her new view of the world very interesting.

Qing Shui had a long chat with her in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. After all, he had basically spent a time of about three months talking with the Dark Phoenix and Long Zhu`er.

In order for them to get accustomed to this world and to the people around Qing Shui, they must live like a human. From the moment they had undergone the Form Transformation and their intelligence was raised, they had been rid of the demonic beast consciousness they had in the past. Right now, their consciousness was that of a human's.

Qin Qing and the others left together with Long Zhu`er. Qing Shui wanted to help Tantai Lingyan and the two of them used the Nine Continents Steps to arrive at a beautiful and scenic mountainous area.

Qing Shui had randomly chosen a direction to used the Nine Continents Steps in. Moreover, the distance traveled was only two-thirds of the distance he would usually travel with the Nine Continents Steps. Therefore, this was the first time that he had came to this place.

Qin Qing had already used the Diamond Fruit previously and thus didn't join them this time. The reason Qing Shui came here was to let Tantai Lingyan use the Diamond Fruit this time around.

It hadn't been long since Tantai Lingyan's strength had increased, so Qing Shui wasn't sure if he could help her attain a breakthrough smoothly. Based on her current cultivation level, it shouldn't be a problem.

"Do you have the confidence to attain a breakthrough to the Divine Grade?" Qing Shui took her hand and took a casual stroll through the mountains.

"I feel very well." Tantai Lingyan looked at the surroundings and said softly.

"Have you thought of moving the Demon Lord Palace to the Haohan Continent?" Qing Shui smiled and said.

"I'll consider it after my cultivation attains a breakthrough to the Divine Grade." Tantai Lingyan gave it some thought and said.

Qing Shui tightened his grip on her hand, "You'll become a Divinity today."

Tantai Lingyan looked at Qing Shui, feeling once again, this man was someone she didn't really know. The sudden appearance of Long Zhu`er had given her a stronger feeling that this man was unfathomable and had strange abilities.

"You don't believe me?" Qing Shui smiled and looked at the astonished Tantai Lingyan.

"I believe it a little."

"Why don’t you trust your man?" Qing Shui said this very carefully. He needed to be careful with the extent of his jokes with Tantai Lingyan as they tended to be with a probing nature.

Tantai Lingyan seemed to not notice Qing Shui's intention to take advantage of her verbally but she still turned her head away, feeling a little embarrassed. Before the others, she and Qing Shui were husband and wife, and in her memories, they had the closest contact once. However, the two of them weren't actually husband and wife and would only hold hands at most.

Qing Shui took out the Diamond Fruits, a Sacred Fruit of the Heaven and Earth. Back then, the Gold-back Bear King had been killed before it could obtain one. Otherwise, it was highly lightly for it to attain a breakthrough after taking this Diamond Fruit. It would have a high chance of becoming a Divine Grade demonic beast in the future. After all, the effect of the Gold-back Bear King taking the Diamond Fruit was much greater than if ordinary people or other demonic beasts were to take it.

"Take these. One for yourself and one for the old turtle."

The old turtle was Tantai Lingyan's senior, and was only one step away from the Divine Grade. This step might have really been the limits for the old turtle. It was because it was definitely very old. Even so, a turtle's lifespan was very long. Therefore, it would still have a very, very long life. It was just that it would be very hard for its cultivation to progress any further unless it could break the barrier before it.

The Diamond Fruit was the most suitable sacred item for the old turtle, and might even be more so than it was for the Gold-back Bear King.

Qing Shui had great respect for the old turtle. No matter what, it had been doing a lot of things for Tantai Lingyan and despite not having undergone a Form Transformation, it had an even higher level of spiritual intelligence compared to other demonic beasts.

Qing Shui helped guarded Tantai Lingyan and the old turtle. There was no doubt that the old turtle would attain a breakthrough. Under normal circumstances, it shouldn’t be a problem for Tantai Lingyan either. However, since they were close to him, it was normal for Qing Shui to feel worried.

Qing Shui was very clear on how precious the Diamond Fruits were, especially toward demonic beasts. Both the Dark Phoenix and Long Zhu`er were the best examples for this. The fruit also had a great benefit for human. However, whether or not Tantai Lingyan could attain a breakthrough or not was something that Qing Shui couldn't be sure about.

As time slowly passed, the old turtle was the first to show a reaction. The rustic azure color on its shell and the prints on it exuded a brilliant glow. The old turtle was a distance away from Qing Shui. It was large in size and would definitely attain a breakthrough and bring about the False God Tribulation. Therefore, it was normal for it to be further away from Qing Shui.

The lightning and thunderclouds had already filled up the entire sky. Qing Shui had never known for sure what the old turtle's cultivation level was. He only knew that it was very strong. At a later time, Qing Shui had also given it a lot of help, but they were all passed to it through Tantai Lingyan.

Boom boom...

Thunderbolts kept crashing down, hitting on the old turtle. However, the blue prints on its shell absorbed them rapidly. Even if it couldn't absorb the power, it would be able to fend off some of them, preventing the body from receiving further damage.


Very long later, a cry that was like that of a dragon's howl or roar rang out. The thunderbolts in the sky scattered off and the old turtle's aura was unleashed explosively. It was as if they had been unleashed from inside its body and the powerful aura made even Qing Shui astonished.

The huge old turtle disappeared, and an old man stood there. The old man appeared to be very old, yet looking very refreshed and had a strong body. His amiable-looking face made it very easy for people to get close to him.

Form Transformation. The old turtle was definitely considered to be a demonic beast that had undergone Form Transformation at a very old age. Under normal circumstances, it wouldn't have been able to go through this process. However, it had managed to attain a breakthrough to the Divine Grade with the help of the Diamond Fruit, becoming a Divinity.

There was no differentiation between demonic beasts and humans at the Divinities level. However, if there had been any prior connections formed, the connections wouldn't be broken. For example, between Beast Tamers and their demonic beasts, even if the tamed beasts undergo Form Transformation, they would still maintain their connections to their Beast Tamers. In battles, most of them would be in their beast form, where they could unleash their prowess to the limits. Even if they were to fight in their beast form, since their level of intelligence had already been raised, it wouldn't disappear just like that. Therefore, this would mean that they would have a much greater battle prowess.

Once demonic beasts were to undergo Form Transformation and possessed powerful spiritual intelligence, they would become even stronger than humans. Many Immortal Sects had been founded by demonic beasts that had undergone Form Transformation. Qing Shui then thought of the Five Tiger Immortal Sect.

Could it be that the Five Tiger Immortal Sect had been founded by demonic beasts that had undergone Form Transformation?

Could it have been passed down by the descendants of demonic beasts that had undergone Form Transformation?

However, Qing Shui didn't give these any more thought. He would have time to think about these in the future. Right now, he was very happy that the old turtle had become a Divinity. This was Tantai Lingyan's support and in Tantai Lingyan's heart, this old turtle had taken up a very, very big part.

The old man walked toward Qing Shui, smiling amiably and not appearing too surprised. This gave Qing Shui a surprise. No matter who it was, it was very hard for one to remain so calm after having attained a breakthrough to the Divine Grade. However, Qing Shui could sense that the old turtle's serenity was not a pretense.

"I won't say words out of politeness. Qing Shui. You and Lass Yan are destined to not be apart." When the old turtle said this, he was especially happy.

"Old Master, things don't seem to be so easy. I only hope that she'll be able to feel happy earlier."

"When there's a will, there's a way. Come. Let's go and take a look at Lass Yan."

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