AST 1668 - Primordial Chaos Dao Fruit, Tantai Lingyan's Changes

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1668 - Primordial Chaos Dao Fruit, Tantai Lingyan's Changes

Qing Shui smiled, nodding as he went with the old turtle to take a look at Tantai Lingyan's condition. Right now, Tantai Lingyan had yet to bring about the False God Tribulation. She was still floating in midair as she controlled the forces in her body.

There was the Demon Lord's Blood within Tantai Lingyan's body and this was the thing that Qing Shui was most worried about. He was very afraid that the Demon Lord's Blood in her body would successfully awaken. If that were to happen, it might not be a good thing for her to attain a breakthrough to the Divine Grade.

However, there was the Diamond Fruit now. Tantai Lingyan's abilities would have to reach the Divine Grade soon or later, and if she were to fully rely on the Demon Lord's Blood in her body, it might be an even greater trouble.

The Diamond Fruit was a Sacred Fruit of the Heaven and Earth and was likely to be beneficial rather than harmful. Sacred Fruits should be able to suppress the Demon Lord's Blood in her body. Moreover, she was unlike the other people who had inherited the Demon Lord legacy. She hoped to be able to get out from the influence of the Demon Lord's Blood.

In fact, there was a small group of successors of the Demon Lord in this world who had managed to keep their innate nature fully under control through their own determined will. However, a lot more of them had been gradually affected by the Demon Lord's Blood and more or less would have their nature affected.

During this period of time, the people and demonic beasts around Qing Shui had attained the Divine Grade progressively. Even Qing Shui found this hard to believe, yet it was the truth. The bloodlines were stimulated and the Diamond Fruits were matured.

Of course, the most important thing was that the ladies and demonic beasts had all reached a pinnacle level and was only one step away from the Divine Grade. However, the case with the Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider came as the greatest surprise.

Qing Shui didn't know if he should feel happy or worried when he saw that thunderclouds had started to gather in the sky. He was really afraid that once Tantai Lingyan attained a breakthrough, her nature would change drastically. He would really feel at a loss then.

Right now, the relationship between Qing Shui and Tantai Lingyan was much different than it was before. If it were to return to how it was back then after she had attained a breakthrough, Qing Shui wouldn't know what to do.

Suddenly, a hint of red light flashed on Tantai Lingyan's body while her pair of beautiful light red colored eyes opened abruptly. It was as if a cold and blood-thirsty gleam had shot out. At that moment, Qing Shui was stunned.

He had never seen a gaze like this before, one where there was an indescribable feeling in that coldness. It was one that was blood-thirsty and full of great pride which made Qing Shui's heart skipped a beat. At that moment, the thunderbolts in the sky came crashing down abruptly.

Tantai Lingyan stood there, not moving at all, allowing the thunderbolts to keep striking her. Her body seemed to be very strong and didn't resist any of the thunderbolts that struck down on her. Her powers were increasing at a terrifying rate and the speed it was increasing at made even Qing Shui astonished.


Suddenly, Tantai Lingyan's body seemed to unleash an explosive amount of aura and the thunderbolts in the sky suddenly disappeared completely. Only an extremely cool-headed and beautiful lady was standing there, exuding a very cold and sharp aura.

Her eyes had already returned to how it was before, but it still looked very cool. Just then, a faint golden glow flashed on her body. This faint glow was like the winter's sun, not only causing Tantai Lingyan's aura to change drastically but even Qing Shui and the old turtle seemed to be affected a little.

She looked at Qing Shui and the old turtle, and as her eyes lit up, she appeared next to them with a flash, wearing a hint of a natural smile.

Qing Shui was stunned once again. Earlier on, he had the feeling that her nature might change drastically but it seemed that he had worried too much. This should be attributed to that golden glow. Qing Shui looked toward it with his Heavenly Vision Technique and soon understood.

The Diamond Fruit. It was the effect of the Diamond Fruit. She was also a Divinity now and what that made Qing Shui happy was that her Divinity Spirit was a Primordial Chaos Dao Fruit. It could resist and control the Demon Lord's Blood.

Qing Shui couldn’t be any happier. Although Tantai Lingyan would be heading to the Five Tiger Immortal Sect, this wasn't what he was worried about the most. What he was really worried about was the Demon Lord's Blood. He was afraid that her Demon Lord's Blood would go out of control. If that were to happen, he wouldn't know what to do.

The Demon Lord's Blood was a strong existence, but it could also be controlled. It was just that not many people had been able to do it and whether Tantai Lingyan could do it or not was unclear.

However, Qing Shui heaved a great sigh of relief. The existence of the Primordial Chaos Dao Fruit allowed Tantai Lingyan, who had the Demon Lord Inheritance, to improved tremendously. However, her mental state wouldn't be affected. It could be said that she had gotten an extremely good deal out of this

"Old Master, you've undergone Form Transformation." Tantai Lingyan was very happy. In her heart, the old turtle was her kin, someone she could believe in the most, and someone whom she could say anything to.

"It's all thanks to Qing Shui. Today is a day worth celebrating. You have a chat with Qing Shui. I'll go make preparations to celebrate." The old turtle had only wanted to let Qing Shui and Tantai Lingyan have some time alone to talk.

Qing Shui and Tantai Lingyan didn't say anything until the old turtle disappeared from his spot.

"Qing Shui, I've really become a Divinity!" Tantai Lingyan smiled and looked at Qing Shui.

Right now, Qing Shui felt that the cool aura from Tantai Lingyan had lessened by a lot. Although she still looked extremely cool, she was smiling a lot more now.

"When has your husband ever lied to you before? What's your strength like now?" Qing Shui smiled and said.

Tantai Lingyan seemed to not have understood the hidden intention to take advantage of her in Qing Shui's words, and she broke into a faint smile, "About 1,800 Dao force."

This was the benefit for those people who had the Demon Lord Inheritance. Even Qing Shui felt that the Demon Lord Inheritance was very powerful. Those who had the Demon Lord's Blood could get stronger very rapidly. However, there were also disadvantages, which was that they could be controlled by the Demon Lord's Blood, slowly experiencing a change in their character, and lose themselves in it. Their foundations wouldn't be strong.

It wasn't the same for Tantai Lingyan. Qing Shui had always been helping her to strengthen her foundation and nurture her constitution. Moreover, her Divinity Spirit was the powerful Primordial Chaos Dao Fruit. She had really gotten a huge benefit from this and could throw off most of the people who had the Demon Lord Inheritance or Battle God Inheritance far behind her.

"I'm now relieved. I was really afraid that you'll return to how you were like in the past." Qing Shui said with great emotions.

Hearing that, Tantai Lingyan's heart warmed up. "It won't happen again. I'm relieved as well."

"Stay in the Linhai City for some time. I'll be with you."

"Mmm. Right, didn't you asked me about the Demon Lord Palace? I plan to move it to the Haohan Continent. Where do you think I should move it to?" Tantai Lingyan gave it some thought and asked.

Qing Shui shook his head. "You're strong now, but the others are still a little weak. Even though there are still very few Divinities in the Haohan Continent, I feel that you shouldn't move too deep into the Haohan Continent. It might be good for you to move it to the Linhai City or near the Great Qin Dynasty. You'll be closer to Sister Qing as well."

"I was thinking the same. Now, Sister Qing is already the deputy Palace Mistress of the Demon Lord Palace." Tantai Lingyan smiled and said.

"Since you belong to me, does the Demon Lord Palace belong to me as well?"

Tantai Lingyan smiled without saying anything but she didn't appear angry either. She continued to look at Qing Shui, which in the end, caused him to feel a little embarrassed. He rubbed his nose and grinned.

"What would you like to hear? I'll say it for you." Tantai Lingyan smiled and looked at Qing Shui.

"Really?" Qing Shui smiled, asking.

Looking at Qing Shui's invasive gaze, Tantai Lingyan could guess some. She said gently, "It mustn't be too overboard."

When Qing Shui heard this, he felt very happy and said hopefully, "That means I can be a little overboard."

Tantai Lingyan was taken aback. This guy could really say anything. She looked at Qing Shui, "Say it quickly, otherwise, the chance will be gone."

When Qing Shui heard that, he quickly said, "Call me Elder Brother!"

Tantai Lingyan: "..."

She really didn't know what was in this man's head. She quickly said. "You're just a brat. I refuse."

Qing Shui was speechless. He then tried asking, "Then what should you call me?"

"How should I know?" Tantai Lingyan looked at Qing Shui as if she was smiling.

"Then call me husband. This shouldn't be hard, right?" Qing Shui looked at her expression and said.

"Close your eyes." This time around, Tantai Lingyan didn't say anything.

Qing Shui was very docile and did as he was told.

Tantai Lingyan went in closer and Qing Shui could sense a cooling fragrance entering his nose. His heart started to beat faster. He could feel that Tantai Lingyan had gotten close.

"Husband. Are you satisfied now?"

A soft and gentle voice rang out next to Qing Shui's ear. It was a little cold but it still pulled at his heartstrings. He uncontrollably wrapped his hands around her slender waist, "I'm satisfied. Can I do this?"

"You're a scoundrel, asking only after you've already done it. If I say no, will you let go?"

"I won't!" Qing Shui knew from Tantai Lingyan's words that she didn't blame him for doing this. This was why he would dare to say this so shamelessly.

Tantai Lingyan put her hands on Qing Shui's shoulders. Their faces were less than one foot apart. Qing Shui opened his eyes and looked at the beautiful face before him that was snow-white as jade, with a great cold disposition. 

"I'm very glad that you're now very close to me!" Qing Shui truly felt happy, very happy.

"I also feel very happy to be feeling so close to you. I was very scared back then, scared that I won't be able to keep myself under control and do things that I would regret." Tantai Lingyan said seriously.

"I've waited for this day for very long. You're finally able to truly accept me." Qing Shui smiled. Earlier, when she called him husband, everything was very clear. 

"I've long accepted you, but I was unsettled. However, now that I've attained a breakthrough, I shouldn't keep making you worry about me." Tantai Lingyan kept on a faint smile, showing that she was truly very happy deep inside.

"No matter when it is, I won't be able to leave you be. I'm willing to worry about you. Even if you're more powerful than me, I'll still be worried about you." Qing Shui shook his head and said.

"It makes me happy that you're worried about me. I like that you think of me that way and you're the only one who can do that."

When these words came out from Tantai Lingyan's mouth, Qing Shui felt very agitated. His entire mental state seemed to have tensed up. It was an indescribable feeling of happiness, as if his wish for many years had been fulfilled.

"Lingyan, I love you!" Qing Shui's hands gripped slightly, pulling her into his embrace.

Tantai Lingyan's hands slowly wrapped around Qing Shui's neck slowly, quietly resting her head on his shoulder. She was very quiet. Her heart was very calm as well. It was so rare that Qing Shui was so quietly embracing a beauty with such unparalleled beauty, yet not having any immoral thoughts in his mind. Even he felt admiration for himself. At this moment, Tantai Lingyan wasn't as cold as to how she usually was.

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