AST 1723 - Ten Steps Killing Formation, Shui Yunfeng

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1723 - Ten Steps Killing Formation, Shui Yunfeng

“Kill him! Ten Steps Killing Formation!”

The things which Qing Shui said didn’t really affect Shui Yunfeng much. This was quite normal considering his position, for someone like him who was supposed to be standing above everyone and ordering people around, it’s unlikely that he would be threatened by a young and inexperienced brat. Even if the brat was truly talented.

A few middle-aged man immediately made their move as soon as they heard Shui Yunfeng’s instruction. They weren’t really frightened by the fact that Qing Shui managed to heavily injure one of their teammates with one strike. Actually, to put it in a better way, they actually found the strike from before to be a bit unreal.

Qing Shui watched as enemies approached him from all sides. He then revealed a disdainful smile. Playing formations in front of him were no different from digging their own graves.

Qing Shui’s initial intention wasn’t to make both sides recognize each other as enemies. But with things developing up to this point, it seemed this outcome might be inevitable. Since things have gone up to this point, he found it no longer necessary to hold back. Being generous to the enemies was no different from being cruel to yourself.

Golden Battle Halberd!

Seven Stars Pursuing the Moon!

Qing Shui carried Qing Hanye and together, they flashed past the enemies. He managed to pierce through one of Shui Yunfeng’s men with the Golden Battle Halberd in his hand. At this moment, a tall and thin man beside him took the chance to shoot his sword towards Qing Shui’s heart from the back. His movement was as fast as a spark of light.

An aura could be felt being formed the air. As soon as Qing Shui killed one of the men, he immediately started working on his footwork again. In actuality, he was only moving inches by inches, but he never stopped. While carrying Qing Hanye, he would occasionally mutter out some of the formulas of Nine Palace Steps as well as the way to use them. Qing Hanye was also able to feel very clearly the bizarreness of such footwork.

It’s often noted that martial techniques, as well as motion, would improve the fastest through practical uses in a battle. This was also the easiest method to gain control over them as it would leave the deepest impression in the users compared to other methods.

These people seemed to be quite skilful when performing the Ten Steps Killing Formation. Unfortunately, the only problem it encountered was having used it on the wrong person. Their plan was to use formations against Qing Shui, yet they have not the slightest idea that this was the fastest way for them to meet their demise.

Qing Shui could easily just backlash his opponents by using formations back at them. The precondition of countering back the opponents with formation was first to get an idea on what the Ten Steps Killing Formation did. Not only so, he would need to be more proficient at it than his enemies and use some of the killer-moves within the formation which they weren’t aware of back at them.

By the time yet another two men died, people finally noticed something wrong about the battle. They realized that the brat was actually more proficient than them in using the Ten Steps Killing Formation. Unfortunately, it was already too late by the time they realized that.

Qing Hanye has also begun making her move. She managed to kill one of the men. Shui Yunfeng looked at Qing Hanye with gloomy eyes. But when it came to Qing Shui, he has instinctively recognized him as an enemy. He couldn’t help but want to immediately tear him into a thousand pieces.

“I have already warned you before. It’s your fault for not appreciating lives and for not treating them like humans.”

“Do you really think that you can put me under control with that strength of yours? You seem to have truly underestimated what Watermoon Cavern is capable of.” Shui Yunfeng was standing there. He didn’t move. He only looked at Qing Shui with a cold smile.

In return, Qing Shui also looked back at him with a smile. As he did so, he already shot out his Golden Battle Halberd and pierced him from the back.

This time, he initiated his move very swiftly. Though it looked totally plain and normal, it looked very bright.


Blood could be seen spouting out in all directions.

“Don’t tell me that’s all you have got.” Qing Shui summoned back his Golden Battle Halberd. It was a man laying on the ground in a jet-black battle gown. He looked so thin to the extent it felt like he was totally flat.

Qing Hanye’s facial expression changed slightly. It’s until now that she noticed someone was hidden under her. She knew about the people from Hidden Dragon Tribe. She has even heard that there were some existing in Xuan Clan and Wavemoon Cavern. It’s not unusual that Watermoon Cavern would also have some people from the tribe.

Despite that, she was still really shocked. The reason being that Qing Shui was actually able to detect the presence of the Hidden Dragon Tribe. But very quickly, she once again moved her sight to the dead person to confirm his identity as a member of the Hidden Dragon Tribe.

Actually, Qing Shui already spotted a blurry shadow as soon as he came in. Prior to this, he has heard about the Hidden Dragon Tribe before. It’s just that this time, he managed to detect him with his Heavenly Vision Technique. It seemed that part of the functions of the Heavenly Vision Technique was also enabling him to detect some of the hidden objects.

When he first heard about the presence of Hidden Dragon Tribe, Qing Shui has wondered if his Heavenly Vision Technique or his senses would be able to detect them. He never expected that it would really work.

Qing Shui gazed at the person whom he just pierced to dead. He never expected for Hidden Dragon Tribe to have that kind of appearance. He was so thin, yet his movements were very fast. Qing Shui managed to murder him with one strike before he even tried to sense his strength.

Qing Shui’s strike was made up of a combination of his Basic Sword Technique, Nine Stances of Ancient Divine Battle Technique as well as Dragon Claw Crushing Gold Chant. Not only did it possess unrivalled speed, its seemingly plain strike contained one of the most fearsome and direct wounding prowess.

Even the Hidden Dragon Tribe who was supposed to possess the agilest speed was no match against this strike.

Shui Yunfeng’s face changed drastically. This time, the reason why he hired an expert from Hidden Dragon Tribe was precisely to ensure that everything went according to his plan. He never expected for that person to get killed before he even managed to show his face. He would have to scratch his head thinking of a way to report about this to Hidden Dragon Tribe.

Right now, Qing Shui felt that he has learnt completely new things about his power. For the time being, he felt that he possessed decent strength. He was confident that he could stand up on his own against the Watermoon Cavern Lord.

He possessed the Emperor’s Qi as well as Art of Pursuing. He also had his formations and also his Nine Palace Steps. These were not taking into account his demonic beasts as all of them would receive a significant boost in strength under the effect of the halo as well as formations.

For now, Qing Shui was reluctant to reveal his demonic beast’s strength. He wanted to try going head to head against Shui Yunfeng himself. He wanted to have a better grasp on his own strength and also his opponent’s.

Shui Yunfeng finally moved. His entire body was like a huge roc as he charged his way towards Qing Shui. While he was in mid-air, he abruptly swayed one of his palm towards Qing Shui.

Waterwave Cloudsky!

A faint yet enormous palm formed and completely engulfed Qing Shui. Meanwhile, the air in the surroundings felt as if they have been confined.

It was a very bizarre ability. With the combined effort of Qing Shui revolving his strength to its peak and his own body’s already existing resistance towards Spirit Energy Attacks, Qing Shui managed to avoid Shui Yunfeng’s attacks quite easily.

Lion King’s Seal!

Qing Shui condensed a Lion King’s Seal and clashed it against Shui Yunfeng’s Waterwave Cloudsky seals.


A clear and distinct noise came through. Qing Shui witnessed his own Lion King’s Seal disappearing while the Waterwave Cloudsky Seal remained. It continued to make its way towards Qing Shui.

One Spear Eliminating Cities!

Qing Shui shot out the Golden Battle Halberd in his hand like a golden dragon. Qing Shui was surprised to realize that this shot of his seemed to contain the Force of Dragon Soul.


A clear and loud noise came through. The Waterwave Skycloud disappeared. Qing Shui was stationary. Of course, Qing Shui’s ability to neglect around 70% of Spirit Energy Attacks played a huge part in this. But this also came to show that Qing Shui possessed formidable abilities.

Heightened Focused Concentration!

Qing Shui condensed his Sea of Consciousness. Soon after, he felt that the world had become even clearer to him. It felt as if the things going on around him became a bit slower. In a way, this kind of phenomenon could be considered that he increased his speed.

Evil Slaying Sword!

Right at this moment, Shui Yunfeng took out a green long sword. The long sword was about four feet long and three inches wide. It looked bright and was giving out fresh yet abundant aura. Upon seeing the sword, Qing Shui felt a strong urge to take that sword and kept it for himself. However, he has already had his Golden Battle Halberd for now.

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