AST 1724 - The Holy Saint Inheritor, Profundity Qi

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1724 - The Holy Saint Inheritor, Profundity Qi

At the moment when Shui Yunfeng’s aura spread out of his body, Qing Shui knitted his brows. The man right in front of him was actually the Holy Saint Inheritor!

If Qing Shui recalled correctly, the other inheritance, other than the Battle God Inheritance, was the Holy Saint Inheritance. It was just that the people who had received Holy Saint Inheritance didn’t take part in the battles between people with Demon Lord and Battle God Heritage. This was why Qing Shui never took notice of this. It was until now when Qing Shui saw the Evil Slaying Sword and the aura being emitted off Shui Yunfeng’s body for himself, that he found out that this person had actually possessed the Holy Saint Inheritance. It didn’t just end here. He was even a great confucian.

The Confucian in this context didn’t just mean an ordinary confucian. A person with the Holy Saint Inheritance was considered to be a person of justice. Though they might not be the same confucian from his previous incarnation, they still shared some things in common. They were skillful in using righteous energy such as the Nature Energy.

They viewed the commoners in the world as a part of themselves. The majority of their cultivation originated from the righteous energy converted from their strong conviction. They had managed to practice their Nature Energy to its peak and every single one of their actions had Heavenly Dao contained in it.

The symbol of a person with Holy Saint Inheritance was none other than the Evil Slaying Sword. Only when a person was brought together by fate with the Holy Saint Inheritance would they actually receive the heritage.

“I am surprised that you had actually received the Holy Saint Inheritance. This is such a waste.” Qing Shui watched as Shui Yunfeng charged toward him. Without much hesitation, he greeted his incoming opponent with his Golden Battle Halberd. Against Shui Yunfeng, Qing Shui had not the slightest intention to act carelessly.

Dragon Claw Crushing Gold Chant!

Emperor’s Qi!

Art of Pursuing!

Qing Shui was already not holding back in terms of the aura which he was emitting. The reason being that it was still quite a desirable situation if he could fight against this opponent to a draw. After all, this person was none other than the Watermoon Cavern Lord. He was, without a doubt, a formidable character.

Now, Qing Shui had finally understood why Shui Yunfeng would become the Watermoon Cavern Lord. This was closely related to his inheritance. Other than that, he would also require a very strong conviction. Becoming the cavern lord would mean that he was in charge of ten or even a hundred thousand men below him. So long as some of them became loyal to him, he would be able to receive strong Convictions.

For the time being, the Watermoon Cavern Lord was completely silent. He figured that he would only start talking after he had killed the brat in front of him. He had never once detested anyone up to this extent. It might be that throughout these days, his nature had been undergoing changes.



Noises of a dragon’s cry could be constantly heard from the clashes between the metals. After weakening his opponents, Qing Shui had finally managed to barely turn this battle into a draw. It seemed that this was as far as Shui Yunfeng could reach with his ability. With this confirmed, Qing Shui let out a sigh of relief.

Through his showdown against Shui Yunfeng, Qing Shui could also more or less figure out the strength of Xuan Clan and Wavemoon Cavern. If this was as strong as they could get, Qing Shui believed that he would have the rights to talk. They wouldn’t dare to make any reckless moves neither.

“The people who inherited the Holy Saint Heritage must have a heart willing to accept the whole world. They must be full of righteousness and be able to sense the righteous qi, Nature Energy itself, across heaven and earth itself and absorb it into their own. The most formidable feature of a holy saint is their ability to summon the force of Heavenly Dao. Though the time when I interacted with you may not have been long, I can tell that you are not someone like that. You will forever remain at the courtyard for the Holy Saints. There will never come a time when you officially become a part of us.”

Qing Shui was saying this while battling. He was telling the truth, but the main point of saying these was to enrage Shui Yunfeng. His aim was to strike at his already weakened mind. As the saying went, you aim for a person’s face when you beat them and aim for their weakness when you accuse them. Naturally, you would aim for a person’s heart when you intended to strike them.

Qing Shui’s words were like daggers as they pierced their way through Shui Yunfeng’s heart. His words couldn’t be any simpler. As a person who received the Holy Saint Inheritance, he should understand that more than anybody else. However, knowing and doing were two different things. Added to the things which happened to him before this, he was no longer able to find peace for himself. So long as his shameful disease was not cured, his entire life would remain a stub.

“It does not matter if you are not able to act as a man. It’s always said that you can never have both a fish as well as a bear palm at once. It’s normal for you to lose some stuff every now and then. It’s not true happiness when you only gain stuff. It’s when you lose and gain at the same time that you will find contentment.” It was very rare to see Qing Shui talking to someone like this.

“You are digging your own grave!”

Shui Yunfeng was on the brink of losing his mind. Although he was not known to be very fragile, he still got hit right on his nerve. Everyone would have something which they never wanted to talk about. Deep down, they would always have a fragile part of which only themselves were aware of. Once it got triggered, they would risk their lives trying to resist it.

This was precisely the state that Shui Yunfeng was at. If he was given an option to die together with Qing Shui, he would do so without any hesitation.

Profundity Qi!

Shui Yunfeng’s body was suddenly filled up with a surge of righteous aura. As a result, he received a significant boost in his strength. The Shui Yunfeng at this moment seemed as if he possessed an indestructible strength.

Similarly, the aura of Nature Energy as well as Immovable Mountains emitted from Qing Shui’s body were also very powerful. Even so, it was still a huge gap compared to the Profundity Qi. After all, only a small part of Qing Shui’s aura was the Nature Energy. Shui Yunfeng, on the other hand, had all his strength from the Profundity Qi.

Holy Saint Slaying Blade!

The Evil Slaying Sword in Shui Yunfeng’s hand suddenly became razor-sharp. A cloud of solid-looking Origin Qis formed into a huge blade. Soon after, Shui Yunfeng slashed at Qing Shui with the blade.


The entire hall disappeared in the aftermath of the attack. Qing Shui fixed his sight on the enormous blade. From the blade, he sensed a very familiar aura. It was a form of energy created from the combination of Spirit Energy and Origin Qi.

Just like how he usually did, Qing Shui adjusted the strength within his body and sent Qing Hanye out with his Nine Palace Steps. He controlled the Nine Continents Mountain with his mind and moved it right in front of the formidable and violent blade to block against it.


Unfortunately, the Nine Continents Mountain was only able to stop it for a a mere moment as it immediately got cut off. The blade seemed like it was totally unaffected by the Nine Continent Mountain and was still approaching Qing Shui with the same strength which it previously possessed.

Primordial Flame!

The killing knife was metal attributed and metal was weak against fire. Furthermore, Qing Shui’s fire wasn’t just the basic fire. These were Primordial Flames that were cultivated with aid from Nine Yang Golden Body. Only people with the same physique as Qing Shui’s would be able to demonstrate the true strength of Primordial Flame.

This was precisely what was good about the Five Elements Divine Refining Technique. Living beings should not be able to disobey the Rules. Hence, Qing Shui thought that he could suppress his opponents by making use of the attributes of his attacks,

Of course, there might also be a backlash. For instance, though the rules might say that fire could suppress metal, if the strength of the metal was significantly stronger than the flame, not only would the weakness be useless, the attribute which initially got the upper hand would end up being suppressed by the weaker element instead. Hence, it was still of utmost importance to possess decent strength when facing a person with absolute strength. 


After a loud rumbling noise, the entire ground around the surroundings was flattened. Qing Shui only managed to barely withstand Shui Yunfeng’s attack. Considering that his strength was recovering at a fast pace, he didn’t find consuming them an issue. Hence, he would go all out each time he tried to receive his opponent’s attack.

Similarly, Shui Yunfeng got more and more nervous as the battle continued. He was actually unable to suppress the brat in front of him in a face-to-face battle. However, the real thing which was upsetting him was Qing Shui’s abilities to weaken him. The Emperor’s Qi, as well as Art of Pursuing Technique, had caused him to lose almost half of his speed and 20% of his overall strength. This kind of loss made him felt as if his heart was burning.

Watch out for the Hidden Weapons!

Petal Rain Under the Skies!

Occasionally, Qing Shui would shoot out poisonous Hidden Weapons. For many times, this had caused Shui Yunfeng to feel really weary. As time passed on, Shui Yunfeng realized that the young man had a lot of stamina. He almost seemed as if he was indefatigable. His current aura was still as steady and abundant as when the battle first started. Shui Yunfeng, on the other hand, found himself already starting to lose his pacing in his breath.

Today, it was made an obvious fact that he had failed miserably at a very easy task. If he died here, it would mean that he had lost every single of his chance to turn over his sinking boat. As the saying went: “As long as the green mountain was present, one would not need to worry about not having firewoods”. He must get his hands on Qing Hanye no matter what. She was his only hope. As long as he could recover, his strength would have a chance to take another leap forward. By then, he must torture this brat to the extent where he would rather die than live.



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