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Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1725 - Magnanimity? Help to treat him?

Qing Shui did not know what his opponent was contemplating. But he was certain that his enemy was thinking of how to slaughter him into pieces. However, Qing Shui did not have the heart to kill him because doing that now would stir up a hornet’s nest.

After contemplating, he made up his mind not to kill him today. The most important reason for this decision was because his opponent’s heart was very vulnerable now. Even if Qing Shui did not kill him, he would die eventually because of the disease.

On the other hand, Qing Shui knew that his opponent would not let Qing Hanye off since she was his only hope. The thought of this made him frown.

At this moment, the Watermoon Cavern Lord decided to retreat.

“Wait!” Qing Shui yelled.

It occurred to Qing Shui that the Holy Saint Inheritance would not be passed on to the evil. This was one of the traits of the Inheritance. Furthermore, he was not familiar with the Watermoon Cavern. The reason why his opponent had come on strong this time was that there was a big difference in terms of strength between the Dragonwolf Palace and the Watermoon Cavern.

Also, it did not matter if his opponent tried to oppress others with his power or what. More importantly, when an engaged couple did not annul their engagement peacefully, people would definitely blame the woman for her beauty. This would harm the woman’s reputation.

Qing Shui could have ignored these as they were not significant. Moreover, he believed that Qing Hanye did not care about these things too. But he did not want to make things difficult for her. Most importantly, he did not want to be arch-enemies with the Watermoon Cavern because that might jeopardize the safety of his women.

No eternal enemies or everlasting friends. Qing Shui knew that the root of Shui Yunfeng’s illness was his wounds. He believed that once he regained good health, nothing would be a problem anymore.

It did not matter whether it was a good or bad person; self-preservation is the first law of nature. It did not matter if Shui Yunfeng was the Holy Saint Inheritor, or if he had the intention to kill Qing Shui because of Qing Hanye. Ultimately, Shui Yunfeng did not want Qing Shui dead.

Shui Yunfeng looked at Qing Shui with a straight face and did not speak a word. He knew Qing Shui could not stop him if he wanted to leave, but he wanted to see what this youngster was up to.

“Say. Under what conditions would you agree to annul your marriage with Ye`er,” Qing Shui asked.

Hearing this made Shui Yunfeng really unhappy. He had pinned all his hopes on Qing Hanye. She was his only hope. As long as he’s alive, he would not let go of her.

“You should know that I would never dissolve this marriage. Watch yourself, or the next time I visit, you will be dead,” Shui Yunfeng turned and walked away.

Qing Shui had never given in to a man before, but he had no choice because of Qing Hanye. Looking at Shui Yunfeng who had walked a distance, Qing Shui shook his head. “If I could heal you, would you promise me a few things?” he asked.

Although he was some distance away, Shui Yunfeng jolted after hearing Qing Shui’s words. Because other than Qing Hanye, he had already lost all hopes. Knowing that someone could treat him inevitably stirred up his emotions.

His illness had changed him and he despised himself now. In the past, he had never beaten a woman before. Now, not only did he hit many of his women, he also gets worked up over the smallest things.

“Except for this woman, I have no other hope,” Shui Yunfeng said after some hesitation, seemingly not afraid that people would hear him. But there were not many people around, let alone people who knew about it.

“I have full confidence otherwise I would not have said it. Do you think there’s a need for me to joke about this? You think I’m afraid? I’m helping you not because I’m scared of you, but because you are the Holy Saint Inheritor,” Qing Shui said softly.

Not far away, Qing Hanye was looking at Qing Shui. Her eyes were soft and gentle. She knew him well. Although the Inheritor might be the reason Qing Shui had given, it might not be entirely due to that. She knew he was doing it because of her.

“Although I am the Holy Saint Inheritor, I’m not a saint. I’m a man and I’m still young. You can’t blame me. The next time you try to stop me, I’ll wage a life-and-death battle with you. Only if I was dead, then it’d stop.”

Shaking his head, Qing Shui said, “If you were dead? You are too selfish. Even if you don’t think for yourself, how about your woman and your children? What if they got bullied by others?” Qing Shui knew he had found Shui Yunfeng’s soft spot.

Shui Yunfeng remained silent. These were the things he could not let go of. His children were still young and his eldest child was still not capable of leading the family yet. With him around, his family would do well. They would be able to live a high-quality life and train under the best conditions. If something had happened to him, his family would hardly survive. 

“I can help you, just give it a shot. If it’s a success, I would only need you to promise me one thing, something that is not important to you. If I failed to treat you, then it would be just another failed attempt among your many unsuccessful attempts. It should not matter to you anyway,” Qing Shui said confidently, knowing that his words would make Shui Yunfeng agree.

Shui Yunfeng did not believe Qing Shui would be able to treat him. But he was starting to open up to the idea. So what if he was a good-for-nothing. If he was dead, many would rejoice but his loved ones would be heart-broken. He was the pillar in his family, and his family would collapse without him.

Thinking of these made Shui Yunfeng realize there was still a glimmer of hope for him. Suddenly, many things that once mattered to him did not matter anymore.

His eyes brightened and he felt a warm sensation running through his body. The sudden change in his state of mind had helped him overcome obstacles and limitations that were holding him back. Though the limitations were small, the change he experienced was big.

Under the sun’s golden rays, Shui Yunfeng had an indescribable feeling. Just like a monk, he felt that things he used to value more than life did not seem so important now.

As all hopes seemed lost, there was still was way out. Shui Yunfeng was grateful to this young man. Even if he did not get well, he would not feel as devastated as before. He decided to give Qing Shui a chance to treat him.

Though he had learned to let go of many things, including Qing Hanye, he still could not let go of everything. Now that he was stronger, he would have more opportunities. But he was struggling to reconcile with his past self.

“I promise I’ll come to see you here tomorrow,” Shui Yunfeng vanished after saying.

Qing Shui had an indescribable feeling while looking at Shui Yunfeng leave. He hoped he was right about this man. He did not know Qing Hanye and the old woman was beside him.

“Senior!” Qing Shui bowed to the old woman who he respected a lot.

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