AST 1726 - Time was up, the old woman left

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1726 - Time Was Up, the Old Woman Left

“Haha! Okay, Qing Shui. I was right about you. Please treat Ye`er well in the future. I know she will condemn me, but I feel relieved now.” The old woman laughed.

“Master, what are you saying again? You are my only family now. I won’t blame you even if something had really happened.” Qing Hanye said coyly.

“Girl, I may not be a fortune teller but I know that your life will change because of him. You have been suffering all these years but things will be different soon. Stop being wilful, trust your master and be good to Qing Shui.” The old woman said as if she was entrusting her to Qing Shui.

“Master, why are you saying all these suddenly?” Qing Hanye sensed uneasiness from her master.

“Your master is old and has to leave. I do not have much time left. I had a man but alas, he died early. I would like to go back to his hometown.” The old woman seemed to be aging rapidly at this moment.

“Master, you still have a long way. I will not let you go!” Tears welled up in Qing Hanye’s eyes as she hugged the old woman’s arm.

At this point, Qing Shui also noticed the changes in the old woman’s body. It was as if a building had lost its pillars of support and hanging to whatever that was remaining.

“Silly girl. I should have been gone already but I was worried that you would be all alone in this world if I left. Now that there’s Qing Shui, I am rest assured that you won’t be lonely anymore, and I can leave with a peace of mind,” the old woman smiled, looking relaxed.

With a tear-stained face, Qing Hanye looked lost all of a sudden. Qing Shui felt sorrowful as he observed the exchange from a side. He looked at the old woman and said gently, “Senior, we still can extend your lifespan.”

The old woman shook her head. “Ye`er had already found someone. There is nothing holding me back anymore. So what if I could have a few more years to live? I have no worries and my time is almost up. There is nothing we can do about it.”

Qing Shui could tell as well. Even if he had used all of his strength and pills, he would not be able to get a year more for the old woman. It was a dead end.

Qing Shui did not persist. Aware of what was happening, Qing Hanye wiped away the tears on her face and said, “Master, I will go back with you.”

“I want to leave quietly. I have no more worries.” The old woman smiled and stroked Qing Hanye’s head.

Qing Shui’s heart felt heavy. Farewells were the last thing he would like to see, but they were also something that everyone had to face sooner or later.

He admired the old woman’s magnanimity a lot and he knew that no one could change the old woman’s mind. Qing Shui estimated that the old woman still had about three to five months to live, but was certain that it would not be more than six months.

The old woman did not wait. She had already begun her journey. Qing Hanye really wanted to accompany the old woman to the end but was rejected. She could not stop crying as she watched the old woman’s back disappear gradually.

Qing Shui tried to comfort her but was not very successful.

“It is fortunate if someone could leave without worry and die in peace. No matter how eventful our life is, no matter what we have gone through, we all have to leave eventually.”

“I know, but I can’t bear for her to leave. Why wouldn’t she let me accompany her through her final moments?”, asked a puzzled Qing Hanye.

“She did not want you to suffer. She did not want you to see her during her dying moment” Qing Shui was not sure about what he had just said was the old woman’s true thoughts or not.

In the past life, it was important to have a funeral and burial for the dead. This custom was also present in this world but people were not as particular about it as compared to the past. In the old woman’s case, it was easy for her to plan her own funeral. She did not need anyone’s help.


The Easternpeak Dragonwolf Palace had been razed to the ground. However, this was not an issue as reconstruction was beginning to take place and soon, it would be rebuilt.

There were comments, however, saying that the Easternpeak Dragonwolf Palace had shown weakness this time around. On the bright side, it was the Watermoon Cavern that left dejectedly at the end, which helped save the Dragonwolf Palace a little dignity and helped the Palace gain a reputation of benevolence.

At his level now, Qing Shui had long been indifferent to the views of others. The stronger a person was, the more decisive he would be. Once something was decided, it had to be done and not be swayed by the opinions of others.

Qing Shui stayed at the Easternpeak Dragonwolf Palace since he had promised Shui Yunfeng to treat him here the next day.

This courtyard was where Qing Hanye stayed at but Qing Shui was not in the same pavilion as her. At this juncture, Qing Shui was not thinking of anything else. It was the same, or even more so, for Qing Hanye.

Lying on a soft and comfortable bed, Qing Shui could see the rays from the moon shining through the water. It was hard to see the moon, being at the bottom of the ocean, and the feeling of still seeing some light was indescribable.

There were many changes in these few months, but they were good ones. Strength was always a good thing. If not for the sudden increase in strength, today’s issue would not have been resolved. The disparity in strength was too much.


Qing Shui got up very early on the second day. He got up right away after coming out of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

He was doing Taichi in a small courtyard. His Taichi moves had changed again. The moves still looked like Taichi, but the Dragon Claw Crushing Gold Chant had been incorporated in it.

It seemed simple but in reality, it was extremely tough. To succeed in a cultivation art, one must experiment with it a thousand times over. But at Qing Shui’s current level, he was already a grandmaster of the generations so it wasn’t that tough for him. It would just be more difficult if he were to create a legendary-grade cultivation art.

Shortly after, Qing Hanye was also out. She looked much better than yesterday but her misery was still apparent.

“Qing Shui, do you think the Watermoon Cavern Lord will come?” Qing Hanye frowned while asking.

“He should be coming. He said it himself.” Qing Shui quickly said.

“He is not worthy of any treatment.” Qing Hanye looked at Qing Shui and responded.

“Someone who was able to get the Holy Saint Inheritance wouldn’t be that bad. It’s just an exception in this case. We couldn’t kill with one blow, and most importantly, we are unable to resist the opponent’s attack now. They said one should not fear if a thief steals something but should be afraid if a thief is thinking of stealing. I’m afraid he is thinking of you.”

“A cracked bell can never sound well,” Qing Hanye blushed and retorted.

Shui Yunfeng only came when it was nearly noon and Qing Shui went to receive him. This time, Shui Yunfeng was much more modest than the day before as he only brought two people along with him. Qing Hanye did not appear. The illness to be treated was not appropriate for her to be around anyway.

It was only a day but Qing Shui could feel the change in Shui Yunfeng. He used to be melancholic but now he looked more cheerful. A stark contrast in his mental state.

There was a small banquet in a big hall and only Qing Shui and Shui Yunfeng were present. The two people brought by Shui Yunfeng had temporarily become guards.

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