AST 1736 - Enigmatic Treasure, Heavy Voice

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1736 - Enigmatic Treasure, Heavy Voice

Apart from that, there were many types of crystal cards, such as the Brutal Kill Crystal Card. After using this card, there was a high potential for dealing double damage in the following attacks. If a perfect-grade crystal card was used, at least double damage would follow each attack, perhaps even three or four times more. The perfect-grade crystal card was obviously outstanding.

In fact, the crystal card relied mostly on its grade. The effect would be significant as long as its grade was high enough. To illustrate, the effect of the low-grade endurance card was really minimal, whereas the perfect-grade endurance card could directly increase several ten-folds of the endurance. That would allow a warrior to battle for a few days without fatigue. It was indeed daunting.

There were also Awareness Crystal Card, Nocturnal Battle Crystal Card, Rebirth Crystal Card, Agility Crystal Card, Powerful-Strength Crystal Card……

Despite the existence of various crystal cards, it was challenging to obtain the cards from demon refining. One could have strived hard in exchange for only a moderate-grade crystal card. Hence, it was a luxury to even obtain crystal cards as a single high-grade crystal card could sometimes change the entire outcome.

Qing Shui used to refine and obtain many crystal cards too, such as the agility ones. They were within the grading range of 100, in which the best of them was roughly 70. At that time, Qing Shui thought the limit was 100 for the perfect-grade crystal card, only to find out later that it was still far from ideal.

Because of that, Qing Shui would spend his free time refining in order to improve his demon refining ability besides trying his luck to get a perfect-grade crystal card.

It was a fine thought, yet the reality was cruel. For such a long time, Qing Shui refined quite a number of crystal cards. Unfortunately, not even the best one had exceeded the grade of 100.

Qing Shui was still unsure of the meaning behind this. He used to regard that spiritual Qi would define the level, such as level 1 for those below grade 100; level 2 for the cards above grade 100 but below grade 200 and so on. In fact, that was how most people acknowledged it.

Qing Shui only figured out that crystal cards were not classified by their levels after refining a failed crystal card. That card was graded more than 400 and it was a Penetration Card. Despite that, it couldn’t be used.

Little did Qing Shui know that theoretically, the crystal cards achieved perfect grade at grade 500. Those crystal cards which exceeded grade 500 were only produced by character explosion. That was how rare and difficult it was to produce a perfect-grade crystal card.

Qing Shui held several crystal cards in hand, all of them were below grade 100 and above grade 80. Even though they were far behind the perfect-grade crystal card, they were extremely powerful and should not be looked down.

The crowd gradually showed up in the vicinity as the others entered successively, unable to hold back. Apparently, the Northern Ocean Dragon Mercy Path only opened for a week and after this week, it would be closed, leaving the next opening time unknown.

There was no time for hesitation. Qing Shui observed the surroundings. It was a hilly area which was not dark. Across the linking boundary, the sun and clouds in the sky could be seen from there. There was no doubt that it was on a dry land. However, there was only one known way of entering this Northern Ocean Dragon Mercy Path.

It used to be the remains of the Northern Ocean Divine Temple. Nevertheless, the stories of the old days were only rumors and nobody knew the actual truth behind them.

The men of Ocean Demon Palace took out a disk-like object and left after a while.

Meanwhile, Qing Shui released the Dragon Slaying Beast which was also a Treasure Seeking Beast and Spiritual Medicinal Beast besides being able to fight for itself. Qing Shui had almost certainly the highest chance to find the treasure in Northern Ocean Dragon Mercy Path with the aid of this precious beast.

It was one of the reasons why Qing Shui had decided to come. After all, it was a waste not to come for someone who owned the Dragon Slaying Beast. Even finding one treasure could boost his strength by a fortune.

Little could he expect that he would make enemies with the powerful Ocean Demon Palace the moment he arrived. Though it was only an affair created from few statements, the rivalry had been made and it was irreversible.

Qing Shui would not back off for this, neither would he say something relentless. It was not that easy to harass him. He would risk his own comfort to bring down his enemy.

The Ocean Demon Palace left, followed by the others who left seeking for targets. Only Qing Shui and his men remained still. Shui Yunfeng made no decision out of his own will. He surrendered his life to Qing Shui. He was depending on Qing Shui and his own good luck for his survival.

Qing Shui waited for a period before releasing the Dragon Slaying Beast. They then rushed toward a direction. He trusted the Dragon Slaying Beast. Things would be more complicated if the Ocean Demon Palace found out about his Treasure Seeking Beast.

Most of the men chose to head in the direction of the mountains, believing that the treasures should be in the caves. Yet, Qing Shui went to the most empty and spacious land without any obstacles, moving rapidly.

There were little who headed this way. Some of them avoided the area once Qing Shui’s men led the route. Out of 1,000 men, only less than 50 men chose to go toward this direction.

Qing Shui and his men accelerated speedily and left the others behind. Soon, they disappeared from the sight from their previous location.

“Qing Shui, could there be any treasure in this empty place?” Muyun Qingge said while advancing, scanning the surroundings.

Qing Shui smiled, “I don’t know. Either way, let’s try our luck!”

Shui Yunfeng and the rest remained silent as they thought that Qing Shui avoided the Ocean Demon Palace on purpose since nobody would notice if someone was killed here. Plus, the Ocean Demon Palace chose to head to the location surrounded by mountains, rivers, and woods. No one wanted to head the same way as the Ocean Demon Palace. No one wanted to get killed by them.

“Elder Brother, could the Guardian Beast who guards the treasure only be seen once the treasure is found?” Qing Shui asked.

“I’m unsure of this. Rumor has it that the treasure’s spot and the Guardian Beast who guards it would be seen once you come in here. It doesn’t seem that simple by the looks of it. I thought we could get the treasure straightaway after fighting the Guardian Beast,” Shui Yunfeng shook his head bitterly.

“That’s great. Let’s see who has good luck now. I’ve always been rather lucky. Perhaps we could gain a surplus of fortune.” Qing Shui said casually. Everyone could sense his absolute certainty and confidence.

After an hour, the Dragon Slaying Beast stopped and lingered around ceaselessly. It fixed its sight on one spot and slowly approached it. While walking, it roared slowly.

Qing Shui and his men observed the Dragon Slaying Beast as it roared continuously. After a quarter of an hour, the others had lost their patience.


A heavy, dull noise began to ring, followed by a huge quake on the ground and subsequently, another dull noise.

The noise was slow yet grounded.

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