AST 1737 - Mud Stone Flame Demon Beast, The Gate to Treasure?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1737 - Mud Stone Flame Demon Beast, The Gate to Treasure?

This dull and heavy noise seemed to have made everyone surprised, their heart shivering along with the ringing noise. It was as if a mystical melody was played and made the whole body feel sluggish and lethargic.

Fortunately, everyone who came here was no ordinary person and noticed the situation instantly. Immediately, they tried to protect their spiritual sense. Though they couldn’t protect themselves from it entirely, at least they would not be lost in the noise.

A halo emerged just like the gate of the Northern Ocean Dragon Mercy Path at the linking boundary. This time it was much smaller. Next, an enormous rock-like object erupted slowly from the ground.

The men and the Dragon Slaying Beast steadily stepped a few hundred meters backward. Then, a huge bear-looking beast appeared, covered with mud and rocks. Its gigantic arms swung below its knees.

Mud Stone Flame Demon Beast!

Qing Shui was taken aback. This mud-rock was trained under the Earth Heart’s Flame and formed the demonic beast gradually after absorbing the essence of Heaven and Earth. Then, it was granted spiritual sense by some Trap Masters or Soul-Nurturing Masters.

The art of granting spiritual sense was simple. One of them was to instill consciousness into the target without the presence of strong warriors. For example, the spiritual sense to guard the treasure was granted to this Mud Stone Flame Demon Beast. Hence, it could only stay here with the consciousness of never leaving this place and preventing any living intruders from entering.

This Mud Stone Flame Demon Beast was lifeless. The only way to defeat it was to break it down. It might seem easy and yet, there were few who could achieve it.

Despite being made of mudstone, the Mud Stone Flame Demon Beast was refined by the Flame of the Great Earth. It was not any weaker than the Otherworldly Meteorite. Out of the five elements, the Earth was massive and heavy. It had the strongest resistance power and could strongly neglect the attacking force. It could even be said that it was able to absorb part of the damage from attacks.

Qing Shui didn’t know how to handle this. It would be better if it was a living Guardian Beast or a beast of traps. The current Mud Stone Flame Demon Beast had no known weaknesses and was rather difficult to take down.

Looking at the Mud Stone Flame Demon Beast, Qing Shui knew that besides resistance, this gigantic fellow had also absorbed the Earth Heart’s Flame and incorporated heat from the Flame of the Great Earth in its attack. Despite the fact that its body wasn’t burning, a scorching heat wave could be felt from far.

Shui Yunfeng was startled as well. Since he was from the Watermoon Cavern, he stepped forward and held out his hand after looking at Qing Shui. A crystal-clear water droplet appeared on his fingertips and slowly expanded.

Qing Shui felt the astute aura and the atmosphere freshened up at once.

Watermoon’s Heart!

Shui Yunfeng waved his hands and a droplet flew against the Mud Stone Flame Demon Beast along with its crystal-clear halo.


A deep roar came out. Of the five elements, Water hampered Fire. Shui Yunfeng’s ability could probably overcome the beast under normal circumstances, considering that it was only to weaken its strength instead of having a direct battle.


An explosion of water splashed everywhere as the droplet came in contact with the Mud Stone Flame Demon Beast. A strong vapor came evaporating continuously and created a heavy fog, as if the mist from a gigantic steamer.

Qing Shui could feel that the heat on the Mud Stone Flame Demon Beast had largely been reduced. This vapor could only weaken the fire abilities of the enemy. Hastily, he called upon the Dragon Slaying Beast to rush toward the opponent.

Qing Shui wanted to find out whether the sharpness of the Dragon Slaying Beast could bring damage to the opponent. If so, this big guy here was not too frightening.

The Dragon Slaying Beast dashed toward the Mud Stone Flame Demon Beast, leaving a long strand of afterimages.

The Mud Stone Flame Demon Beast was far behind of the Dragon Slaying Beast in terms of agility. Under everyone’s focus, the Dragon Slaying Beast sprinted toward the Mud Stone Flame Demon Beast.



The Dragon Slaying Beast was thrown away. Qing Shui’s eyes followed its location and found two parts with the size of a human’s head.

The Mud Stone Flame Demon Beast was as big as a small hill. The sharpness of the Dragon Slaying Beast’s attack could indeed harm it. However, it was a lifeless object which had felt pain nor blood loss. Only a small part of it was broken down by a single attack, almost comparable to the act of moving mountains.

Shui Yunfeng also attacked once but it was suppressed without leaving any effects. The attack of the Dragon Slaying Beast was very sharp and powerful. Unfortunately, the target was too unique. A man would have died in a single shot.

Still, Qing Shui’s eyes brightened up. It was all right as long as it was effective. Qing Shui performed the Art of Pursuing at the Mud Stone Flame Demon Beast.

He called upon the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant who appeared in beast form and sent out the Vajra Subdues Demons.

Diamond Sword Qi!

Speed reduction!

The current Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was powerful and could perform its abilities successfully without a fuss. Those days when he was a lot weaker, it was not very effective despite the formidable power of the techniques.

The enormous creature lost its speed. The Dragon Slaying Beast continued the attack against its thighs. Meanwhile, Qing Shui furthered the endless attack using the Golden Battle Halberd which was at least as destructive as the Dragon Slaying Beast’s attack.

Qing Shui used the formation and the Nine Palace Laws. A sudden change forced the Mud Stone Flame Demon Beast to be attacked without end. Plus, Qing Shui would occasionally let out the bloodthirsty demonic vines.


A massive flame restricted itself from being burnt and destructed. Qing Shui initially wanted to call upon the Dragon Spider and Dark Phoenix. However, he decided to not overexpose his own strength. Besides, the Dragon Spider’s spider web was weak against fire. The fire of this Mud Stone Flame Demon Beast was definitely not ordinary and could suppress the Dragon Spider.

All things in life were like so. They couldn’t escape from mutual encouragement and restraint of the five elements. Nevertheless, strength was the most important. A single droplet could not extinguish the raging fire. A single flame could not burn away the entire ocean.


After an hour, Qing Shui’s abrupt attack exploded the little remaining parts into pieces and one leg of the gigantic Mud Stone Flame Demon Beast fell down.

Though the Mud Stone Flame Demon Beast might be lifeless, it was still dependent on four supporting spots on its body. Even such an enormous and powerful beast would collapse once it lost one of leg and lose its balance. It became an overturned turtle, only to allow slaughtering.

Qing Shui and his men were elated watching the Mud Stone Flame Demon Beast collapse. This big fellow still had signs of life, albeit fading. It would not bleed but once its leg was broken, the main truck would be damaged, causing leakage of the spiritual sense in its body. Once the spiritual sense drained out, it would eventually become a pile of huge stones.

Qing Shui knew the smooth ending was thanks to the Watermoon’s Heart by Shui Yunfeng in the very beginning. Thanks to the Watermoon’s Heart, the constitution of this Mud Stone Flame Demon Beast was ruined. The Watermoon’s Heart was one of Shui Yunfeng’s killer moves and a Heavenly Technique. It could only be used once per day with its absolute hit effect. It could attack the opponent’s greatest weakness and at the same time, cripple the opponent’s fire form.

The enemy was a lifeless object. Thus, it would greatly damage its spiritual sense. Once there was damage to the spiritual sense, there would be a massive reduction in its own strength. Or else, it wouldn’t be so easily destructed.

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