AST 1758 - Liu-li Lamp Crystal Stone, Great Earth Ocean Serpent

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1758 - Star Lamp Crystal Stone, Great Earth Sea Snake

 Qing Shui only realized how powerful some sacred regions could be. It’s no wonder why powerful sects tend to be built somewhere really far away from the normal environment. This wasn’t merely due to the inheritance they possessed, it was also related to the way they made use of the Heavenly Treasures. 

Qing Shui viewed this place as a natural treasure house. In his opinion, if someone chose to leave this place as it was, they would be wasting their precious opportunity to get some treasures. He was constantly picking them up, not only just the medicinal herbs but also some precious fish species as well as turtles and throwing them into the realm.

 Qing Shui felt unusually happy. He was exactly like a very poor man, who was suddenly given villas, luxurious cars, beautiful women, money as well as companies. 

 To Qing Shui, the things which he was getting at the moment was just as attractive as the money and beautiful women from his previous incarnation.

 Actually, normal people wouldn’t be able to take things away from here. Qing Shui was just an exception. He was able to take them regardless of whether they were animals or plants. Furthermore, he could harvest a huge quantity of them as well.

 “Hm… To think that this place will even have the Ten Thousand Star Lamp Crystal Stone…” Qing Shui settled his sight on a spot with the bright violet-gold colored substance, which resembled colored glass and metals.

 There was a huge amount of them. He quickly took out his Golden Battle Halberd and began separating and digging them out. The substance was incomparably tough. Though they weren’t forged, even legendary weapons were unable to break them.

 Qing Shui’s Golden Battle Halberd, however, was another exception. It specialized in creating destructions, added on the effect of the Five Elements Fire Beads, which further increased his destructive ability. It didn’t take long for him to dig out a huge chunk of Star Lamp Crystal Stone.

 As Qing Shui was advancing forward, he continued to plunder the land and as the result, he even began to feel minor cramps on his hand. Despite collected so many of them, he was only taking a very insignificant amount of the entire ocean. The excess of natural treasures was definitely enough to cover the quantity which he collected now.

 A person mustn’t lack greed, nor should they have too much of it. There were too many good stuff across the world, one shouldn’t just think about taking all of it for themselves.

 “Qing Shui, could this place be the Sacred Ocean Sound Cave?” Muyun Qingge examined her surroundings and she felt that this place was actually a cave. The only problem was that its size was too big, making it very hard for people to picture it as an actual cave. 

 “The Spiritual Qi around here is very abundant, at least, from what I think, this place is a treasure trove. The only thing I am unsure about is whether this place is the Sacred Ocean Sound Cave. Why don’t we look around first? The Sacred Mudra Flower shouldn’t be so easy to find.” While speaking, Qing Shui didn’t stop collecting the things around him.


 Suddenly, a fearsome hissing noise came through. It was from somewhere not too far away from this place. As Qing Shui lifted up his head to look, there was a brownish yellow snake with the thickness of a human waist in the distance. Honestly speaking, nowadays, Qing Shui viewed snakes with this kind of thickness as small snakes. 

 The entire body of the snake was colored brownish-yellow. It had a head, yet it possessed no eyes. The only visible feature from it was a mouth. The snake’s tongue which was a few meters long could be seen constantly moving in and out of its mouth as it hissed. Looking at the snake as a whole, it gave people a subtle and unique feeling. It was a weird feeling, which felt as if the earth itself had given birth to the snake. 

 Great Earth Mystic Snake!

 Very quickly, Qing Shui already managed to find out about the origin of the snake. What upset him, was the fact that this wasn't the land, but the ocean floor, which meant that the snake he saw, should be the Great Earth Sea Snake.

 Though it was underwater, it was still a demonic beast with the earth element. Furthermore, it was also one of the demonic beasts that’s most favored by the earth itself. The Great Earth Sea Snake possessed both the earth and water elements. Regardless of the terrain, whether it was on the earth or in the ocean, it was able to move like a fish in the water.

 This species of snake didn’t have eyes. It fed on the earth and water and possessed incomparably tough body. Normally, this species of snake would only come out if it was trying to protect something. 

 This place was not far away from the pond of the Stone Goblet Milk from before. Prior to this, Qing Shui already collected multiple Stone Goblet Milk aged beyond ten thousand years. These things could be used as outstanding materials for refining medicines. Other than that, it also had great effects if consumed directly. 

 “That’s the Sacred Earth Demonic Fruit!” Muyun Qingge pointed at the tree behind the Great Earth Sea Snake which was the height of a man. It had the thickness of an arm, yet it was totally twisted and strong. The body of the tree was spiraled. On top of it were ten brownish yellow fruits.

 “Are these things supposed to be very useful?” Qing Shui didn’t know much about the fruits.

 “The Sacred Earth Demonic Fruit is a Divine Fruit for Earth Element Demonic Beasts. It can be used only by the demonic beasts. Legend says that its effect was particularly powerful. The Great Earth Mystic Snake would turn into a dragon once it feeds on the Sacred Earth Demonic Fruit. As for whether it was a true dragon, the answer remains unknown.” Muyun Qingge moved her sight onto the more hidden Sacred Earth Demonic Fruit Tree.

 “If this place is truly the Sacred Ocean Sound Cave, why is the Sacred Earth Demonic Fruit still there?” Qing Shui asked, looking like he thought about something.

 “This is hard to say. But judging by the color of the Sacred Earth Demonic Fruit, it should ripen within a week. Hence, whether this place is truly the Sacred Ocean Sound Cave or not will depend on the presence of the Sacred Mountain within a week.

 “Well then, I think it will be better if I take away all the things as soon as possible.” Qing Shui said after a moment of thought.

 “You mustn’t move the fruits randomly. If you pluck them before they ripen, their effects will be significantly reduced. Besides, these trees also won’t survive in other places.” Muyun Qingge quickly tried to remind Qing Shui. 

“Don’t worry, it will be fine.” Qing Shui was very confident in his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

 Since his mind was made up, he planned to first deal with the Great Earth Sea Snake. As it seemed, the great snake had yet to mature. It was significantly smaller in size, and it was also very weak, at least to the current Qing Shui and Muyun Qingge.

 At the moment when it spotted Qing Shui and Muyun Qingge, the Great Earth Sea Snake abruptly leaped towards the both of them. It had looked after the Sacred Earth Demonic Fruit for years, it would definitely not allow any other presence to come forward and snatched the fruits away from it.

 The Great Earth Sea Snake was very fierce. Its body was a hundred meters long and continuously swinging like a mace. It also tried to bind them, unfortunately, the gap in strength was too significant. Without much effort, Qing Shui managed to subdue it. Because they lacked the means of transportation within this great ocean and considering that the serpent was still young, Qing Shui decided to use his Sacred Beast Pill to tame the demonic beast.

 Qing Shui’s strength increased significantly. For so many years, he hadn’t added any new beasts to his arsenal. This was mainly due to the fact that he has yet to come across any beast which suited him. Besides, the progress of his strength was very significant, even his current demonic beasts were also unable to catch up to him. Nurturing them slowly was a long process and immediately tried to tame one stronger than himself also seemed unrealistic.

 This time, it could also be considered that he was urged by a certain impulse. After taming it, he immediately tossed it into the realm. After that, Qing Shui started relocating the Sacred Earth Demonic Fruit Tree. The root of the Sacred Earth Demonic Fruit Tree was way too long. Qing Shui had no choice but to break it in order to migrate it. 

 After moving it into the realm, Qing Shui intentionally poured it with some Spring of Life. By doing so, he could ensure that things went on successfully.

 The Sacred Earth Demonic Fruit which initially needed one more week to ripen, matured rapidly in the realm. However, Qing Shui wasn’t in a rush. Since he was here, he must search carefully. Right now, the Sacred Mudra Flower still remained his priority. ……

At the moment when Qing Shui entered the Sacred Ocean Sound Cave, two young and beautiful women from the Sacred Mountain Great Palace entered the palace. There was already a woman in the palace. She had a beautiful and slender figure, giving people a feeling that she was the creation of a God. A graceful qi could be felt being emitted around her body. 

 “Palace Mistress, someone is headed towards the Sacred Ocean Sound Cave.” The girl on the left-hand side bowed and said. 

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