AST 1759 - Upgrade to Foolish Loyalty, the formidable Golden Dragon

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1759 - Upgrade to Foolish Loyalty, the formidable Golden Dragon

Upon hearing what the woman on the left side said, the woman who stood near the northern entrance slowly turned around. She wore snow-white clothes with golden lines embedded in it. Along with the sacred aura she emitted from her body, there was a kind of gracefulness around her which words couldn’t describe.

Her beautiful hair was tied up with a golden ribbon. She had a face which was beautiful enough to topple over kingdoms. Her skin was as smooth as jade and her eyes were like the most beautiful black jewel one would ever see, other than just looking pure and clear, it also gave out sacred auras.

Her jade-like nose was also tall and fine-looking. At this moment, the woman knitted her brows, “Inform Ru Meng and Qing Meng. Tell them to head to the Sacred Ocean Sound Cave.”

The woman’s voice sounded cold yet beautiful. Deep in her voice also lied a power which could seduce people. Her voice was very attractive, yet it also gave a kind of disdainful and majestic feeling in it. This might have to do with her status.

Yes, palace mistress!”

The two women made their departure. Not long after, the woman also left the hall.


Half a day passed. Qing Shui and Muyun Qingge have been advancing forward for a while. They have yet to find any Sacred Mudra Flower. However, at this moment, Qing Shui took out two Sacred Earth Demonic Fruits.

He also summoned his Hell Nightmare Beast as well as the Great Earth Sea Snake.

The Hell Nightmare Beast was more of a traditional Earth Attributed Demonic Beast, the Great Earth Sea Snake was even more so. There was also the Dragon Slaying Beast, it was the result of a mutation from the Treasure-hunting Pig. Qing Shui didn’t quite remember which of the five elements it possessed.

For now, Qing Shui didn’t put much of his thought on the Dragon Slaying Beast. The important thing now was the Sacred Earth Demonic Fruit.

Sacred Earth Demonic Fruit: Matured, contains pure Earth Essence. It could fundamentally change an Earth Attributed Demonic Beast.

Each Earth Attributed Demonic Beast could only feed on it once.

The explanation was very basic, but its use was stated very clearly on it. As he lifted up his head, he saw the Hell Nightmare Beast and Great Earth Sea Snake looking back at him with enthusiastic eyes, he immediately tossed the fruits to them. 

Very quickly, the body of the Hell Nightmare Beast was giving out layers after layers of golden light. Even the color of its body seemed to have changed. It had started to resemble light yellow more.


The Hell Nightmare Beast began letting out low-pitched cries. Qing Shui could feel the aura within its body being continuously amplified. The formidable feature about the Hell Nightmare Beast was its density. It’s as if its roots had grown into the ground itself, rendering the opponents incapable of moving it.


It was yet another heaven-shaking roar. The color of the Hell Nightmare Beast had slowly begun to turn into a faint earth yellow color. The aura across its body had almost doubled. Most importantly, it was the feeling it gave to other people.

Qing Shui sensed it and realized some changes in its toughness, as well as the internal parts of its body. While standing there, the beast was giving its opponents feelings of helplessness.

Some changes also happened with Qing Shui's body, the dense aura around his body made him realized that the level of Foolish Loyalty had increased once again. It went up from the original two times to almost four times of defensive prowess.

The formidable Foolish Loyalty!!! Now Qing Shui felt as if he was an undying cockroach.

These have all turned out to be worth it. Qing Shui felt that getting his hands on the Sacred Earth Demonic Fruit has made his entire trip worthwhile. This was a very huge gain. Qing Shui immediately summoned the beast back into the realm. The change in Foolish Loyalty has now enabled Qing Shui to face off against opponents many times stronger than himself.

The Great Earth Sea Snake was still constantly flipping its body back and forth while letting out the constant hissing noises. The color across its body was also getting darker and darker. Prior to this, Qing Shui heard from Muyun Qingge that it had a chance of turning into a dragon. The only problem was no one exactly knew what kind of dragons the Great Earth Sea Snake would turn into. Even if it did, would it end up an Earth Dragon? The Great Earth Dragon… Great Earth Sea Dragon…?


The hissing noise of the Great Earth Sea Snake could even be heard from a distance. Qing Shui stood at the side and quietly observed. Actually, he didn’t really have much hope that the Great Earth Sea Snake would turn into a dragon. It’s just that for now, he felt that he had enough Sacred Earth Demonic Fruit to spare. After all, not many of his beasts were earth attributed.

The Great Earth Sea Snake was also a mutated species across heaven and earth. In the future, he would at least need it as a means of transport. Hence, it’s necessary to make it a bit stronger.


Suddenly, Qing Shui started to realize that the hissing noise had begun to sound more violent. Unlike the sharp hiss from before, its body had also started to undergo some changes. It was bigger and was starting to twist and coiling up its body. Little by little, blood could be seen being squished out of its smooth skin…...

Qing Shui felt really weird about it. Muyun Qingge who was beside him, on the other hand, was very calm. Unknowingly, the Great Earth Sea Snake had started to grow thin scales across its body.

They were gradually becoming clearer and clearer. Right now, the Great Earth Sea Snake had begun to let out low-pitched roars rather than hissing noise. It resembled dragon cries a little.

Hmm… From the horns of a deer to the horns of a dragon...

A pair of dragon horns had started to grow out on top of its eyeless head.

Qing Shui observed the dragon-like demonic beast in front of him. He has seen the Dragon Tribes a number of times, but they were very different from the Divine Dragons which he heard about in his previous life. It couldn’t be compared to the divine dragon which he dreamed of.

However, in comparison to the other dragon tribes, this evolved earth dragon looked similar to the Divine Dragons from his imagination. A horn that’s like a deer, head like a camel, eyes like a rabbit, neck like a snake, scales like fish, claws like eagles and ears like cows.

It’s already starting to resemble a dragon. The more Qing Shui looked at it, the more he liked it.


A loud dragon cry came through. The aura across its body burst out in an instant. Qing Shui’s expression changed seeing that. The dragon cry was very penetrative as well as intimidating.

The size was about a hundred meters. Although it was only slightly bigger than the previous Great Earth Sea Snake, it managed to give people a feeling that it was significantly bigger than that. Without saying, its strength had also become significantly stronger ever since the transformation.

“Qing Shui, the dragon looks really unique. It looks really good.” Muyun Qingge said while looking at the golden dragon. 

Qing Shui smiled: “Do you also think that it looks good? It seems we are quite similar in the way we appreciate arts.”

The Golden Dragon seemed really excited. It was constantly moving around Qing Shui. The powerful figure of a Dragon gave a strong visual impact to Qing Shui. This was a beauty which represented strength, the figure of a Dragon.

Qing Shui moved his sight towards the current Golden Dragon.

Golden Dragon, immature, the bloodline of Five Clawed Golden Dragon, a true dragon tribe.

A raw strength that’s worth fifty thousand suns!

Five Claws Dragon Spirit: The Bloodline Force of the Five Clawed Golden Dragon. Its raw strength was multiplied by eight hundred times.

As of now, Qing Shui was unsure of how he was feeling. The fact that it possessed fifty thousand suns worth of strength while it was immature had caused him to be quite surprised. And now, the Five Clawed Dragon Spirit actually further boosted its strength by eight hundred times…...

Five Elements Primordial Qi: An attack formed as a result of the formidable Five Elemental Energy gathering together. The attack unleashed from it was two hundred times of that of the user’s raw strength.

Dragon Conviction: The powerful ability of the Five Claws Golden Dragon to neglect attacks. It could neglect up to 50% of the attacker’s offensive prowess. Passive battle technique. As its strength increases, the ability will also get stronger.

This ability was within Qing Shui’s expectation. He didn’t feel weird about it.

Dragon Might: Intimidate the opponent’s strength. It could cause powerful intimidating effects to opposing forces other than the dragon tribes. There was a fixed chance of reducing the opponent’s strength by 10-30%. To dragon tribes that were less than one time stronger than itself, there was also a fixed chance of lowering its strength by 10%.

This was merely a probability. But as it became stronger, this technique would also be very useful. Qing Shui was reminded of the Dragon Slaying Beast. With the addition of the Golden Dragon, it would definitely be a piece of cake for him to slay dragons in the future.

Diamond: The formidable Five Clawed Golden Dragon possessed one of the most formidable physical defensive prowess. Its raw defense could be increased by one hundred times.

Powerful-Strength: The formidable Five Clawed Golden Dragon possessed formidable physical strength. It boosted the physical offensive prowess of the dragon by one hundred times. 

Agility: The formidable dragon possessed one of the agilest speed. Its speed could be raised by a hundred times.

Divine Dragon Tailwhip: An attack which relied on its physical body. The attack unleashed was three times its raw offensive prowess. The attack contained formidable Shield Attack strength. It had a fixed chance of crushing the target.

It was so powerful, even Qing Shui had his eyes turned bright.

Dragon Divine Force: Allow the overall attack and defensive prowess of the Golden Dragon to be increased by one time.

Qing Shui was probing the clawless Golden Dragon. Immature… For now, it could only be considered a Golden Dragon, not yet a Five Clawed Golden Dragon. However, among his demonic beasts, it could already be considered as one of the elites. Only the Dark Phoenix could surpass it with its fearsome Nine Phantoms Slaughter. Despite that, Qing Shui had a feeling that once it grew up, the Golden Dragon would definitely experience yet another significant boost in strength. Unfortunately, Qing Shui couldn’t figure out why it didn’t possess the Heavenly Technique. Despite all that, its physical body was still a force to be reckoned with.

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