AST 1761 - So Many Humans The Sacred Fairy Inheritor

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1761 - So Many Humans, The Sacred Fairy Inheritor

The more the woman studied Qing Shui, the more she felt defeated by Qing Shui. By now, she had reckoned that Qing Shui was not an ordinary man. Most importantly, he was very sincere. Sincerity was rarely found in a powerful man. Surely, it was partly because of the Sacred Mountain.

Apart from that, this strong warrior came seeking medicine to save someone’s life. They could be someone significant or even a strong warrior too. He would certainly harbor resentment toward herself and the Sacred Mountain for any accidents that might happen.

Ru Meng had seen the world through the years. She was not a fool. Yet, the young man before her eyes was not the same as the others, though it was hard to distinctly point out the difference.

“I can bring you there, but I cannot guarantee that the Mistress would see you.” Said Ru Meng after a brief thought.

Qing Shui nodded, “I understand. I apologize for having troubled you.”

Qing Shui knew the most straightforward method was to fight his way through the Sacred Mountain. This was absolutely workable, though he was reluctant to do so. Firstly, it was not easy to simply fight against the Sacred Mountain and he wasn’t sure if he could make it. Besides, Qing Shui felt it was the best to settle it calmly and peacefully since it was better to make a friend instead of an enemy.

The gang arrived at the base of the Sacred Mountain after spending more than one day walking. Qing Shui had only looked at the Sacred Mountain from far previously. The holy and pretty mountain looked even more appealing now that he could observe closely.

It was beyond Qing Shui’s belief that he described a lofty range of mountains as holy and pretty. Still, that was the most precise description that he could give.


There were more than 10 men guarding the mountain’s entrance, all of them were strong and built, young men. To Qing Shui’s surprise, they were definitely humans and not the Aquatics.

It was the world of Ocean Domain here. For the past few years, most of the men Qing Shui had met were the Aquatics, except for the very few humans by his side. However, the Aquatics were largely similar to humans.

In fact, Qing Shui felt all of them were people living in different environments. It was the Main Continents and others which further enhanced their identities. Since their living forms were about the same, race was not a big issue here.

Now that Qing Shui suddenly noticed these humans, he was surprised. Only then did he notice the four ladies next and spurted out in astonishment, “You’re humans as well!”

Ru Meng stopped after hearing Qing Shui’s words. She seemed more surprised than Qing Shui, “Don't tell me that you're also a human?”

In her view, it was impossible for Qing Shui to be a human. He must have been from some unique race to have such powerful strengths at a young age. It was simply unheard of.

Ru Meng’s statement was valid. Since she was 100% sure that Muyun Qingge was not a human, she automatically assumed Qing Shui was also a unique race.

“I am a human, an authentic one,” Qing Shui smiled.

“How old are you?” Ru Meng was extremely curious.

“Is age that important?” Qing Shui shook his head. He didn't want to be secretive. Still, it was meaningless since it was not a good thing to reveal his age and achievements.

Ru Meng looked at Qing Shui and didn't further her inquiries. They walked along the route up the Sacred Mountain. The size of the steps along the mountain track was average with a wriggly, zig-zag uphill path which was moderately steep. It was a long and winding route heading straight to the mountaintop.

Along the journey, Qing Shui surprisingly met several powerful men who were mostly humans. This kept Qing Shui wondering. Unexpectedly, the formidable Sacred Mountain in this world of Ocean Domains might have been a force founded by the humans.

“Wait for a moment. I have to inform them first.” Ru Meng said to Qing Shui and Muyun Qingge.

“Mm, alright.”

Ru Meng left while the remaining three ladies stayed without talking to Qing Shui. They were not here for company. They were here to monitor Qing Shui’s moves instead.

At a glance, the pointy peaks were beveled on the top. Halls stood tall above the mountain. It was a city of hills. However, the route from the Mercy Palace was exclusively for men of Sacred Mountain. They could also go downhill by other routes but this route was only for the men of Sacred Mountain.

Most of the people here were from the Sacred Mountain but there were still many close relatives who did not belong to Sacred Mountain. Gradually, the city of hills was built.

All of the halls Qing Shui saw around him belonged to the Sacred Mountain. It was the foundation of Sacred Mountain inheritance over 1000 years or more. Just as Qing Shui got lost in thoughts observing the surroundings, Ru Meng had returned.

“The Mistress is waiting for you in the great hall. I shall not go along.” Ru Meng said straightforwardly.

Qing Shui nodded. He was courageous and powerful, not afraid of being plotted against. Turning his head around, he signaled Muyun Qingge to enter the biggest hall together.

As soon as they stepped into the great hall, Qing Shui was sensitive enough to sense a tremendous, holy, and pressuring aura. By his nature, he glanced over the one who emitted this formidable and sacred ambiance.

Qing Shui couldn't help but be stunned the moment he saw the Mistress, who was not only a woman but a great beauty.

Looking at the woman who was by no means less attractive than Muyun Qingge, Qing Shui was still amazed by her alluring charm, despite the fact that he had seen countless beauties. Her beauty was pure and sacred as if a graceful fairy who had fallen into the mortal world.

She was different from Yiye Jiange’s ethereal beauty. This woman possessed a great and sacred aura with an outstanding appearance. The inheritance of the Battle God flashed in Qing Shui’s mind at that instant.

The Sacred Fairy Inheritor!

This woman was likewise, an inheritor. Those days, the inheritors of Battle God and Demon King were having a ferocious fight. During those periods, there were other inheritances such as the Holy Saint Inheritor of Shui Yunfeng, also known as the Profundity Inheritance. It was different from this woman’s inheritance.

Shui Yunfeng’s inheritance was the positive-energy type. Meanwhile, the Sacred Fairy Inheritance was the holy and pure type. It was a plain and powerful force, pristine and clear from pollution. It was also a force of the most kindness and reformation.

The woman stayed silent. A strikingly beautiful face looked at Qing Shui out of curiosity before speaking, “You seem to be fast. You've already obtained the Sacred Earth Demonic Fruit and conquered the Great Earth Sea Snake.”

A magnetic and ear-pleasing voice. It was an absolute indulgence to listen to it. Qing Shui looked calm without feeling anything peculiar. He smiled while nodding his head, “I did that by pure chance. I hope your Majesty won't mind it.”

The woman was startled for a second before revealing a smile on her face, “Meng`er said you're a rascal. It seems to be true.”

Muyun Qingge was speechless. The shame she had to experience today was far too much. 

Qing Shui had a misperception that this woman sounded like a senior. It was awkward that a young lady spoke in such a tone, as if she had been through the ups and downs of life. At least, it was awkward to Qing Shui.

“The Sacred Ocean is so vast and wide. Frankly speaking, it’s a waste to have only the Sacred Mountain take advantage of it.” Qing Shui shook his head seriously while frowning, looking depressed.

The woman was speechless when Qing Shui finished. She had yet to start any serious conversations since she met this man, only having small talks up to the moment. Clearing her thoughts, she inquired, “What medicine are you looking for here?”

The woman went straight to the point.

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