AST 1762 - Sacred Moon Stallion, Her Name Was Sheng Jun

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1762 - Sacred Moon Stallion, Her Name Was Sheng Jun

Her question was straightforward and surprised Qing Shui. Still, it was faster this way. He regained his composure and replied, “I need the Sacred Mudra Flower to save a life.”

The woman frowned after listening to Qing Shui, she continued softly, “How much do you know about the Sacred Mudra Flower ?”

Qing Shui answered after taking a second to think, “The Sacred Mudra Flower is the divine-grade medicinal herb. It can heal some irreversible injuries but it cannot ensure a full recovery.”

Qing Shui didn’t say much. Although the medicinal herbs in Main Continents were magical, some revival medicinal herbs could only keep one’s life without healing the injuries. For example, even some divine-grade revival medicinal herbs could only let Luo Qingcheng’s live longer as an ordinary person.

For this reason, ingredients like the Sacred Mudra Flower became divine-grade medicinal herbs. Furthermore, they were by no means less valuable than some revival medicine.

“Since you already knew that, you should know that this kind of item is extremely scarce.” Said the woman to Qing Shui while staring at him.

In Qing Shui’s mind, he couldn’t figure out how this woman could hold such a calm conversation with him, even after knowing that he arbitrarily took the Sacred Earth Demonic Fruit from the Sacred Ocean Sound Cave.”

“The Sacred Ocean Sound Cave is the backyard of the Sacred Mountain. After all these years, I reckoned that your Majesty would have it. Of course, we wouldn’t take it without giving anything in return. We’d like to offer an item of similar or even greater value than the Sacred Mudra Flower. What do you think?” Qing Shui looked straight into her clear, majestic and beautiful eyes seriously.

“You came at the wrong time. We don’t have an existing stock of such medicinal herbs in Sacred Mountain for its short shelf life. The maximum shelf life is ten years. It is usually used at its most effective upon collection since the effect will decrease, or even deplete along with its storage time. Moreover, if it is left to grow, it will wilt over the years, following nutritional deficiency from the air and earth.”

The woman said calmly. Qing Shui also knew this well. That was also the reason why the Sacred Mudra Flower was absolutely precious. It had only ten years of storage time after its collection. Ten years was not a brief period.

Thus, Qing Shui knew she did not lie. Even the great sects couldn’t preserve such medicinal herbs unless there was a special way to extend the storage time.

As Qing Shui was immersed in his thoughts, the woman continued, “I know there’s still one somewhere. It should be time for collection now. However, there’s a powerful beast guarding it. A very deadly beast.” 

“Danger doesn’t matter. I wish your Majesty can tell me its location. I would repay in great amount.” Qing Shui replied hastily.

“At the deepest area of the Sacred Ocean Sound Cave, the one guarding the Sacred Mudra Flower is a matured Sacred Moon Stallion. The Sacred Moon Stallion was really dreadful. I couldn’t find the necessity to fight for a medicinal herb which was not applicable at that time and could only be stored for ten years.” The woman provided the information.

“I’ll visit you again when I’m back. I’m determined to obtain this Sacred Mudra Flower.” Qing Shui was pleased that there was hope within his sight.

“In the legend, the Sacred Moon Stallion mutated from the Dragon Horse. Instead of the ordinary Dragon Horse, they were stronger than many of the actual Dragons. They formed the Sacred Moon Stallions after absorbing the essence of Moon. They were the rides of the Ancient Sacred Fairies.”

The woman spoke gently without regards to Qing Shui’s words.

A sudden thought came to Qing Shui as he spoke to the Mistress, “You are the Sacred Fairy Inheritor! This Sacred Moon Stallion must be more precious than the Sacred Mudra Flower itself.”

The woman’s eyes suddenly became full of light. That lustrous moment and her sense of sacred purity made Qing Shui's heart skip a beat. He shook his head. Beauty was a woman’s most powerful weapon.

“The Battle God Inheritor!” the woman’s lips curled upwards.

That enchanting curve of her smile was capable of taking one’s breath away. Her words indicated that she knew Qing Shui’s identity as well.

“As you said, the Sacred Moon Stallion is powerful. How about this? You help me get the Sacred Mudra Flower and I will help you to conquer that Sacred Moon Stallion. What do you think?” Qing Shui suggested after a train of thoughts.

The woman looked at Qing Shui curiously for a moment before continuing, “It’s hardly possible to conquer it but I’m willing to lend a hand.”

Since the ancient times, the Battle God and Sacred Fairy had held a good relationship despite not being considered an alliance. They had been on the same side and were both against the Demon King and Ghost King. Because of that, the woman was willing to help as she felt this young man deserved it. She couldn’t figure out the exact reason. Perhaps this man was not hateful.

“This is for you.” Qing Shui took out the one of the two Sacred Beast Pill that he had refined a few days ago. This was much stronger than the previous ones. 

Just like Qing Shui’s Art of Forging, there was a chance to forge a False God Weapon, as well as a Divine Artifact despite the extremely low probability to obtain it.

It was similar in alchemy. A medicine relied on its quality beside its type. The quality of pills could bring a great difference in the abilities. Also, the product of alchemy depended largely on the proficiency aside from the luck and probability behind it.

The woman received the pill from Qing Shui and stared questioningly, “Are you an Alchemist?”

Qing Shui grinned, “You are the Sacred Fairy Inheritor. With the aid of this pill, the chance of conquering it would be greatly increased.”

The woman understood that it would be more than that. Initially, there was no way of conquering it. Once she took the pill, there would be at least a 30% or even greater chance of success. For some cases, even 10% chances were high enough and considered great, needless to say when there was a 20% chance.

“I have a proposal. You can rest for the night here and we will head there tomorrow.” The woman suggested.

 Qing Shui was worried and asked, “Wouldn’t the Sacred Moon Stallion eat the Sacred Mudra Flower suddenly?”

“I have counted the days. There’s still at least half a month before it matures, not even one day earlier. The Sacred Moon Stallion would not do it in advance. We can make it. We can surely get the Sacred Mudra Flower as long as we could handle the Sacred Moon Stallion.” The women knew that Qing Shui was in a hurry.

“I see. That’s great then!” Qing Shui heaved a sigh of relief.

“The dishes are ready. Let’s have a meal together with your wife.” The Mistress thought the woman before her was good enough to be with Qing Shui. She also believed that the Battle God Inheritor’s wife should be as pretty as this woman. Since they came together from so far away, it was natural to regard them as a couple or related by some means. It was appropriate to address her this way.

Muyun Qingge blushed slightly and wanted to deny it. However, she thought that was unnecessary, “My name is Muyun Qingge. Sorry for troubling you.”

“Not at all. My name is Sheng Jun.” The Mistress replied with a smile.

Qing Shui and Muyun Qingge were surprised. That was a name which was always in Qing Shui’s mind.

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