AST 1764 - The Formidable Dragon-capturing Hands

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1764 - The Formidable Dragon-capturing Hands

Qing Shui was astounded, staring at the wonderful beauty before him. Her jade-like, pretty face was slightly flushed. She had beautiful and elegant eyes with fine, long, and fan-like eyelashes. Her silhouette was slender and her curves were graceful. Her composed and gentle-looking expression gave out a sense of charming allure.

Perfection. The Drakainas’ beauty was undeniably magnificent. It was even beyond description at the moment.

Qing Shui looked up to her rigidly. Sitting there, Muyun Qingge stood so close to him that he could see her prominent figure, especially the shape of her chest. The curves stretched out from her clothes made him feel heated up.

“Silly, I was just teasing you. I shall go and rest.” Muyun Qingge glanced at Qing Shui shyly before turning around. Her attractive figure brought a fragrant sensation as she headed to the bedroom next door.

Qing Shui couldn’t say anything during the whole thing. He was unsure of what she meant. Did she really want him to go, or was that merely a tease?

Was she a teaser? Qing Shui smirked bitterly as he stared at the closed bedroom door. Did she say that just to make him lose his sleep tonight?

Fortunately, Qing Shui calmed down soon after. After Luo Qingcheng’s incident, he was now more appreciative and knew that some things were inevitable.

Different situations called for different measures. Qing Shui felt rather inappropriate for describing it this way.

At night, Qing Shui began training at the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal. Time was very precious at the moment. There were a lot of things to be done and many techniques to practice. The realm of Nine Yang Dragon Soul was already stable. Yet, he still needed time to break through the next realm.

The same thing applied to the Dragon Claw Crushing Gold Chant. This attack could come in handy as it could indirectly increase 10% of own strength by canceling 10% of the opponent’s abilities.

After gaining some small successes with two techniques, he added another technique to the dragon formation.

Dragon-capturing Hands!

The name was literal and actually quite powerful, making Qing Shui feel that he was the one who controlled the Dragons.

Dragon-capturing Hands: +20% extra attacking force against the blood of Dragons, the Dragon-capturing Hands had a 100% chance to connect. Upon each successful hit, the opponent would potentially be restricted or burst by its grip. Time of restriction and the damage of grip depended on the opponent’s strength and spiritual energy. The power of Dragon-capturing Hands was equivalent to the maximum existing strength, excluding certain Heavenly Techniques and killer-moves. It was the commonly-used strongest attack.

Qing Shui was practicing the Dragon-capturing Hands. It was similar to the Divine Wood Essence, relying on the proficiency. Once the training was completed, there would be no differentiating realm levels.

In fact, the proficiency was also realm levels in disguise. There was no end to martial cultivation. The actual meaning behind the saying was that no one had ever broken through into that realm. There should be no highest realm since it was endless. Either way, Qing Shui knew it was not easy to break the shackles.

Qing Shui ought to succeed this time since it could be useful at any time. Fortunately, a couple hours outside equaled to half a year in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal. Time was enough for even the slow-witted one to roughly master it. Needless to say, it would be faster for the martial inheritors to pick up.

As the days went by, Qing Shui waved his arms ceaselessly and gave out blows of Origin Qi.

Whenever he was hungry halfway through, he would make some food. As he was tired, he would lay back and rest.

Origin Qi arose from the Dantian and moved in the body. The speed was moderate but it was very powerful. Qing Shui was capable and adept at controlling the movement of Origin Qi before making the strike.

The final Origin Qi in Dragon-capturing Hands was supposed to include Form Transformation. Qing Shui kept experiencing according to the mnemonic chant. However, his end product was nothing as he desired. He traced the dragon’s shape and even forced his Origin Qi into a dragon’s form in his moves.

He was almost certain that was indeed wrong but he was out of choices. Eventually, he chose to apply the Dragon-capturing Hands patiently until he finally mastered it. He was using up his Origin Qi extravagantly and seriously.

Once, as the Origin Qi formed in his body, Qing Shui habitually made a move. This time, he combined the spirit of Nine Yang Dragon Soul out of an unexplained coincidence.


An average-sized, around 20 meters long golden dragon swished through. The actual dragon’s power and its strong, destructive vigor kept Qing Shui stunned.

It turned out that the Dragon-capturing Hands was founded on the Nine Yang Dragon Soul. No wonder the later skills could only be learned after mastering the Nine Yang Dragon Soul.

Qing Shui was totally speechless, due to the fact that it wasn't clearly stated and made him waste three months’ time. However, throughout the training, he gained tremendous improvement and succeeded swiftly.

This should be the real intention of the dragon form. If Qing Shui had known this earlier, his training would be successful earlier but he definitely would not be as proficient as he was at this moment.

Qing Shui raised his hand and performed it again.

A golden and gigantic dragon moved towards the direction under Qing Shui’s conscious control.


A clear and loud noise exploded in the air, forming a greyish area.

It had burst!

Qing Shui knew that Dragon-capturing Hands was capable of bursting without expecting such a high tendency and mighty power. Still, it was based upon own strength and could not simply burst everything.

This also allowed Qing Shui to know the destructive power and the Divine Artifact damaging power of the Golden Battle Halberd. It should be closely related to the force applied and Qing Shui’s strength. The strength discrepancy could only be neglected when there was absolute destruction. Yet, the destruction was not an instantaneous and complete destruction but only a small part of it. Indeed, it might be broken directly. It all depended on the target’s quality.


Qing Shui was elated at the moment, feeling at ease knowing that he could use the Dragon-capturing Hands. It had some magical effects as well as the same attacking power as the Divine Wood Essence, but with extra consumption. However, Qing Shui’s energy was plentiful and its recovery was fast, almost comparable to a restless generator.



The next day, Qing Shui woke up really early. Though there was no sunlight here, he kept up with the habit of waking up and practicing Taichi fist.

Although Qing Shui rarely used the Taichi fist, its benefits were beyond estimation. Casually standing in the courtyard, he moved his arms and body effortlessly. Each simple movement implied the Heavenly Dao. His realm had upgraded over these few years.

His movements seemed soft and gentle and yet, it was strong and ferocious. He moved very slowly though he was swift and untouchable.

After a round of training, Qing Shui turned around and looked at Sheng Jun at the door, “How was it?”

“Good. Very good.” The woman applauded with a smile.

Qing Shui didn't know how rare and precious it was to gain her compliment. Sheng Jun hardly complimented someone unless they were stunning in every aspect.

Wearing her usual snowy white gown with golden outlines, a graceful and beautiful figure stood there and gave out a sacred charisma. Qing Shui took in two deep breaths of her scent and seemed to indulge in it.

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