AST 1765 - The Speed of Sacred Moon Stallion

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1765 - The Speed of Sacred Moon Stallion

Sheng Jun noticed Qing Shui’s movements and didn’t feel anything negative. This man looked calm, casual, and natural.

Sheng Jun was surprised by her own feelings. She couldn’t see through this young man. He was such a steady man with an imposing and formidable charisma.

“Are you interested in practicing this? It should benefit you greatly.” Qing Shui invited in a casual tone.

“Can I?” Sheng Jun asked curiously.

“Sure. It’s very easy to learn. Just watch me.” Qing Shui jokingly said. Then, he showed the techniques step by step while mumbling the essence, realm, and mental state.

Qing Shui had always wanted to make Taichi fist universal and this woman before him might be helpful. Sacred Mountain needed Taichi and it could probably become a future township of Taichi.

Cohesiveness could be attained by allowing the people to strengthen their bodies. The atmosphere here was conducive for Taichi fist. Perhaps, it could produce Taichi Ancestor later, the Taichi Ancestor in the World of Nine Continents. 

That was highly feasible and also the reason of Qing Shui’s offering to let her learn it. She had an excellent talent and once she discovered the wonder of Taichi, she would surely promote it in Sacred Mountain. Maybe then, the Sacred Mountain would be powerful even without her protection.

Qing Shui had only shown it once, but it was sufficient for Sheng Jun’s comprehension and eyesight.

When Qing Shui was finished, Sheng Jun began to perform the steps one by one. Though she did that very slowly, it seemed smooth and fluent. This was the realm of the capable warriors. Despite her first time, she understood massively from the main essence that Qing Shui had stated earlier. Due to that, she was able to have such a performance for her first time.

Qing Shui couldn’t help but nodded watching her. This woman was extremely brilliant. She would certainly have unlimited success in the future at a young age.

Sheng Jun continued three times under Qing Shui’s gaze on the side before finally stopping. Her movements were so beautiful. Everything a beauty did was an eye candy. The visual impact was great even in Taichi fist training.

“Thank you. This Taichi fist was really great and beneficial to me.” Sheng Jun expressed gratitude to Qing Shui in a serious way.

“That’s good. Let’s get ready and move!” Qing Shui nodded without any further questioning.




After a simple meal, Qing Shui, Muyun Qingge, and Sheng Jun departed to the Sacred Ocean Sound Cave without other followers. Qing Shui was impressed by this woman’s courage.

Qing Shui didn’t need to hide anything from her anymore since she knew that he had already collected the Sacred Earth Demonic Fruit. Hence, he advanced with the Nine Continents Steps.

After confirming the distance, Qing Shui used Nine Continents Steps at once. The distance was fair and the entrance to Sacred Ocean Sound Cave was just a further extension in the Sacred Ocean. By using the Nine Continents Steps, they arrived within its daily usage limit.

With each usage, they crossed 10,000 li. Qing Shui was at a loss for words when he saw this vast world. The journey would have been dreadful if there were no powerful demonic beasts used as a ride or Heavenly Techniques as a speed booster.

Soon, they reached the depths of Sacred Ocean Sound Cave. Qing Shui figured that they were almost there now that they had used Nine Continents Steps several times. Hence, he stopped and decided to ride the demonic beasts for the remaining distance.

Qing Shui called upon the golden dragon and signaled the two ladies to ride it.

Sheng Jun saw this golden dragon and then asked Qing Shui shockingly, “Isn’t this the Great Earth Sea Snake?”

Qing Shui couldn’t stop being impressed by this woman. Qing Shui was fascinated that she used her sense instead of merely guessing.

“Nothing can be hidden from you. It’s not good to be too smart as a woman, as nobody would dare to marry you.” Qing Shui said jokingly.

Sheng Jun was dumbfounded. She shook her head, saying, “I’ve never really expected to marry someone.”

No one had ever teased her like this before. Thus, she was stunned immediately after listening to Qing Shui’s words. She felt strange and couldn’t figure out the actual reason. 

Muyun Qingge jested, “Elder Sister Jun, thousands of men would grieve if a beautiful woman like you were to decline marriage.”

The two of them were now close and casual enough to joke around.

“I would probably consider when I meet someone suitable.” Sheng Jun smirked. She said it naturally since she was not against such an affair.

Qing Shui stopped talking and observed his surroundings for any slight movement. Sacred Moon Stallion. Never in Qing Shui’s life had he seen this creature. It was in no way weaker than the Dragon Slaying Beast.

“It should be the territory of the Sacred Moon Stallion here. I can sense it. We should slow down.” Sheng Jun stood up, looking at a distant place.

Qing Shui stopped the golden dragon before rushing ahead, following Sheng Jun’s sight.

After an hour, they stood in front of a demonic beast which was roughly 8 meters tall and 20 meters long, seemingly like a tiny valley. 

The demonic beast was entirely white without a mottled shade. It had a dainty but robust physique. Standing there, it observed them carefully.

It was somewhat similar to a horse but much prettier and stronger. It was full of spiritual sense. The pair of bright eyes contained unspoken intelligence and spirituality. Soon, the eyes focused on Sheng Jun. 

Perhaps it felt the power of familiarity. The power was inviting it to come closer. Yet, it seemed to be repellent at the same time.

Qing Shui only noticed the floating Sacred Moon Stallion as his eyes shifted to its legs. Four of its legs were slightly off the ground. As it was a few meters tall, he thought it was standing because of the very little gap from the land.

Below the four legs, the Sacred Moon Stallion was standing right above a snowy white cloud. Suddenly, it hustled and came near to Qing Shui.

Fast. Way too fast. That was how Qing Shui felt.

Qing Shui reacted abruptly but couldn’t avoid getting kicked.

Qing Shui had a colossal defense, so he suffered nothing from this attack. Still, he felt agonizing pain in his chest when his entire body was flung away. In a split second, the Sacred Moon Stallion continued its chase.


Qing Shui was beaten up again.

“Jeez. Do you think I’m an easy target when I have yet to get serious?” Qing Shui was burning in rage.

Art of Pursuing!

Immediately, Qing Shui performed the Art of Pursuing.

Nine Palace Laws!

To Qing Shui’s surprise, he could hardly keep up with its speed even after using all these. He wondered why the Sacred Moon Stallion had targeted him first.

Was he the easiest one to beat?

Or was it because it was a male?

Out of curiosity, Qing Shui took a look at the lower part of Sacred Moon Stallion. However, there was nothing to be seen.

That reaction had apparently irritated the Sacred Moon Stallion.


It let out a tone which was weirdly pleasant to Qing Shui’s ears. Then, the clouds on its legs began to whirl with majestic spiritual sense. Next, it dashed to Qing Shui in a blinding speed.

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