AST 1768 - The Seductive Vampiress Demon

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1768 - The Seductive Vampiric Demoness

The bloodsucking didn’t actually mean sucking the actual blood out of its opponent. Instead, it meant sucking out the vitality of the opponent through weapons, or rather, the opponent’s Origin Qi. Furthermore, through the Vampiric Divine Gold, he could also convert the opponent's Qi into his own.

This reminded Qing Shui of a technique from his previous incarnation, The Star Absorption Grand Technique. The Vampiric Divine Gold might cost a lot and across the world only very few exceptional weapons could be forged from it. It could be said that it was very difficult to actually forge any weapons with the Vampiric Divine Gold, as the chance of failure was too high. In addition to that, there was also another reason for this.

The metal that made the Vampiric Divine Gold was quite fragile. Hence, when forging a weapon, only a very small quantity of it could actually be added. If more was added, putting aside the chances of success, the weapon itself wouldn’t possess enough durability. On the other hand, when too little was added, the weapon wouldn’t be able to draw out its unique ability.

Sheng Jun wasn’t really against Qing Shui and Muyun Qingge heading off to the Vampiric Demoness Hills. She only reminded them to stay cautious if they were really going. Though cold, she was very intelligent. After interacting with Qing Shui, she knew that this man wasn’t just the kind who would sit still and did nothing. He would most likely go to that place.

Hence, she intentionally reminded Qing Shui of the places which he should be careful of. With his current strength, taking Muyun Qingge shouldn’t pose too much of a problem to him.

“Qing Shui, those are the Vampiric Demoness Hills.” Muyun Qingge pointed towards a huge mountain that’s not far away from them.

As soon as they entered the Vampiric Demoness Hills, they could already feel the warm aura in the air. It’s as if they were in the middle of a bloody ocean. Its temperature was almost as warm as the temperature of the blood.

“Hm, have you ever seen a Vampiric Demoness before?” Qing Shui felt stupid asking this kind of question. He learned from Muyun Qingge that the Vampiric Demoness didn’t wear clothes. Furthermore, they each looked as beautiful as flowers.

Which meant that she had most likely run into one before.

“I have seen them multiple times. They are indeed beautiful. Furthermore, they are always naked.” Muyun Qingge looked at Qing Shui with cunning eyes and smiled.

Qing Shui was speechless. He then looked at Muyun Qingge with both his eyes. He couldn’t help but to start thinking about the past, he had also once seen the beautiful body of this woman. Furthermore, he had let out his hands and interacted with it before. Even the most well-hidden part of her body, he had also touched it before.

Without himself noticing, he had begun to get distracted. After that, he clumsily tried to add on, “I am not interested in the body of the Vampiric Demonesses.”

Muyun Qingge blushed. Whenever she saw Qing Shui looking at her body, she would be reminded of the scene from a few years ago. She had tried so hard to forget about it, yet she wasn’t able to do so.

“Do not look at me with those eyes.” Somehow, Muyun Qingge looked a bit like she was trying to fool herself.

While observing the rare sight of the woman in front of him getting embarrassed, Qing Shui couldn’t help but laugh in joy, “You look very beautiful.”

Which woman wouldn’t like being told they looked beautiful? Even if they didn’t say it straight through their mouth, deep within their heart, it was something they preferred to hear. Sometimes, even if they knew that the other person didn't mean it, they would still feel very happy. Everyone was aware that words of praise were used for the sole purpose of flattering someone. Despite that, people would still be more than willing to hear it.

“Alright, let’s go in!” Muyun Qingge ignored Qing Shui and took the lead to enter the Vampiric Demoness Hills.

Qing Shui quickly caught up to her. If they encountered any formidable presence, it would be easier for him to take her along and escape.

The Vampiric Demoness Hills was a very desolate land but strangely, the place was filled with plants. Instead of green, verdant and lush, the place gave people the feeling that everything was withering and turning yellow.

The Vampiric Demonesses relied on sucking out blood to survive. Not only would it absorb the blood of demonic beasts, they also preyed on humans and dragons. They loved whatever had blood pumping in its body.

This tribe was very unique and powerful. They didn’t need to cultivate., since their strength increased based on the amount of blood they fed on.

Inside the Vampiric Demoness Hills, it wasn’t really that easy to track down a Vampiric Demoness. But instead, there were a lot of demonic beasts. They were all food for the Vampiric Demonesses. Otherwise, by just relying on the blood of humans and the Aqua Race, they would have died of starvation.

Wherever Qing Shui and Muyun Qingge passed by, their powerful auras would cause a lot of the demonic beasts to escape and run to the surroundings.

“Where exactly is the Vampiric Divine Gold? It’s impossible for us to find it in such a huge place.” Qing Shui examined his surroundings before settling his sight on the tall and upright mountains in front of him.

“Only the Vampiric Demonesses know how to collect them. Hence, if we hope to get our hands on it, our best bet is to find a Vampiric Demoness.” Muyun Qingge said while walking.

Qing Shui immediately summoned the Dragon Slaying Beast. The beast possessed a formidable sensory system towards treasures. Hence, Qing Shui summoned it out to test his luck.

Qing Shui shared a close relationship with the Dragon Slaying Beast. Through his consciousness, he told the beast about his plan. After that, he followed the Dragon Slaying Beast as they made their way deeper into the Vampiric Demoness Hills.

After about an hour, Qing Shui activated his Spiritual Sense and looked into the distance. In the middle of the air, there were two figures which resembled humans and huge birds at the same time and they were making their way towards them. Furthermore, they were very fast.

Qing Shui’s eyes turned bright. At the moment when he saw the figures clearly, Qing Shui was stunned.

It was just as Muyun Qingge said. They were two beautiful and seductive women. They were completely naked and their fiery red hair could be seen constantly floating in the air. The only different feature was the pair of wings that were spread out, a few meters long in length. They resembled the wings of a bat from his previous incarnation.

They weren’t wearing anything and they also had slender figures. To his surprise, they had pale skin. It wasn't as white as jade, yet their skins were still smooth and delicate. Furthermore, they also had huge breasts and bumps, causing them to look very seductive in an exaggerated way.

“It’s time to wake up…” Muyun Qingge was speechless looking at Qing Shui who hadn’t blinked even once. She had even started talking in a slightly angered tone. However, as to why she acted like that, even she herself wasn’t sure about it.

Qing Shui wasn’t stunned by looking at the body of the female demon. Instead, he felt that what he saw resembled the legendary vampires mentioned in his previous incarnation. After all, even he wasn’t sure whether the vampires or the blood tribe from his previous incarnation were real.

But now, he was still a bit shocked seeing the actual Blood Tribe. But he wondered, how did Muyun Qingge misunderstand his shocked expression? He was unsure about it. He could only smile and said, “They aren’t as pretty as you.”

Qing Shui didn’t deny it. There was no need for him to comment much on this kind of things. It would be better if he was honest. Even if he had acted a bit like a rascal, it would still be better than coming up with petty excuses.

Hence, Qing Shui changed the focus right away to Muyun Qingge.

As he thought, Muyun Qingge turned silent and blushed. Back then, she had also once appeared in front of him totally naked… Did he mean to say she looked prettier than them with clothes on… Or the other way around…?

But very soon, Muyun Qingge lowered down her head. She also wasn’t clear about what she was thinking. If it had been her from the past, she would never have expected for a day to come, where she would think about this kind of things.

The culprit who caused such a change to her was none other than Qing Shui. She couldn’t help but slightly lift up her head and looked at the man. She didn’t know what she was to him… For the past few years, they had basically been meeting each other every day. She had slowly become accustomed to the man’s presence… He was indeed very outstanding.

Very quickly, the two Vampiric Demonesses appeared on a spot not far away from Qing Shui and Muyun Qingge. As of now, Qing Shui was able to see them very clearly. They had almost the same feature as a human, except that they had wings. Their figure was also very alluring and bewitching, giving people an impression that they were wild women. Their eyes were sharp and beautiful, making them even more attractive and easier to snatch away one’s heart.

So this was the Vampiric Demoness. Qing Shui looked at the Vampiric Demoness in front of him and started wondering whether he could actually lay his hands on them. Besides, the opponents were totally naked!


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