AST 1769 - Vampiric Divine Gold, Vampiric Demoness Queen

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1769 - Vampiric Divine Gold, Vampiric Queen

Qing Shui got a bit stirred up when he saw Muyun Qingge’s expression. It was a feeling which words couldn’t describe. As the saying went “Feelings nurture through time”, time enabled the two of them to get used to each other.  Therefore, the two would begin to get closer romantically without them noticing.

It was just like what Muyun Qingge was thinking about just now. Certainly, all of these were built based on a certain foundation. Not everyone could develop feelings for each other, even after a long period of time. Muyun Qingge stood beside Qing Shui. She was feeling the clear aura around his body, she felt great and safe, but suddenly, she thought about Yiye Jiange and the Sunset Palace Mistress. She began to wonder… How many women did he still have back at home?

Thinking up to this point, she began to feel something in her heart. Actually, she had long since managed to figure it out. After all, it would have been abnormal for a man like him to not have women around. Actually, back then when she talked to Qing Shui about going with the flow, she had already seen through many things.

She slightly shook her head and looked into the surroundings. Then, she whispered to herself in her heart, “I mustn’t escape from it, nor should I take it so seriously.”

“ *Gurgle*, It has been such a long time since I smelled blood as fresh as this. Have you noticed? The blood of those two people has such fragrant odors." The Vampiric Demoness in front said in a delicate tone. Her voice sounded really sharp and weird.

Qing Shui never expected the first thing he heard from her to be this repulsive. Furthermore, he found her voice unpleasant to hear.

“*Gurgle*, Yi Pei, I will leave the one on the left for you as you have a preference for women. Leave the man to me. Look at him, he looks so handsome.” The other Vampiric Demoness responded in a delicate tone. As she laughed, her entire body started shaking. The two rabbits in front of her chest could be seen constantly hopping up and down of her body. Just as the saying went “Heart like a frisky monkey, mind like a catering horse”, this was how Qing Shui felt when he saw it.

(Heart like a frisky monkey, mind like a catering horse- describes a person who is adventurous and uncontrollable.)

Though they were visually attractive, it wasn’t enough to let Qing Shui fall head over heels for them. Qing Shui watched as a Vampiric Demoness charged towards him. There was something which resembled long fingernails on each of her hands. They mustn’t be taken lightly as they were without a doubt, even sharper than Legendary grade weapons. They were capable of easily tearing apart the body of warriors who cultivated their bodies.

Cloud Hands!

Qing Shui moved and in a flash, he had already crushed his opponent’s arms. Though the Vampiric Demoness specialized in speed, there was still quite a huge gap between them and Qing Shui. After all, even the mighty Sheng Yuema fell in his hands. These Vampiric Demonesses, they still had a long way to go to actually battle Qing Shui.

The two Vampiric Demonesses in front of him were just young demons. They were completely immature. Only demons at the level of the Vampiric Queen could actually get Qing Shui to fight seriously.

The Vampiric Demonesses were divided into different areas. Each area would have their own queen and the Vampiric Demoness Tribe relied on their bloodline. Nevertheless, the Vampiress Queen was without a doubt the strongest existence in their particular area.

However, Qing Shui wasn’t clear on how the bloodlines of the Vampiric Demoness were judged. Back in his previous incarnation, he has also heard about a king among the blood tribe. They were existences similar to royal clans. But despite all that, they were still just legends. Now, it came upon his realization that it might be true.


A loud and clear noise rang. It was just an ordinary strike, yet Qing Shui already managed to blow the Vampiric Demoness away with it. Her entire arm should have been crushed from it.

Qing Shui wouldn’t come up with any inappropriate thoughts just because his opponents stood out in looks. They were here for his head, though they might have looked good, it didn’t mean that they could hide their natures as demonic beasts. The only difference might be that they were slightly smarter than the demonic beasts.


The excruciating pain that the Vampiric Demoness felt caused her to let out an ear-piercing scream. The other one charged towards Muyun Qingge. However, with the current level of Muyun Qingge, it was unlikely that demoness could gain any advantage out of her.

However, Qing Shui and Muyun Qingge didn’t demand their opponent’s life. The two Vampiric Demoness quickly retreated backward.

Qing Shui looked at Muyun Qingge and spoke, “Let’s follow after them slowly. If we are lucky, we might find the Vampiric Divine Gold.”

“Yes. The Vampiric Divine Gold isn’t something that’s easily discoverable in the Vampiric Demoness Hill. But I suppose it shouldn’t be way too difficult as well. Though it may be something of high quality, its use is actually quite limited. Very few people would risk their lives to come here and search for the Vampiric Divine Gold.” 

Qing Shui and Muyun Qingge followed after the Vampiric Demoness from a distance. They didn’t attempt to hide their traces at all as the two Vampiric Demonesses were already out of options. The only way they might survive was to get more people to save them.

Qing Shui didn’t fear them. Hence, all he would need to do was to follow the Vampiric Demonesses.

Slowly, they progressed towards the deeper part of Vampiress Demoness Hill. The temperature here was slightly warmer. This caused Qing Shui to come up with an assumption that the weather around here might be the reason why the Vampiric Demoness didn’t put on any clothes.

Demonic beasts had fur, humans had clothes, the Vampiric Demonesses, however, were a totally different situation…

The two Vampiric Demonesses in front let out sharp screams on the top of a mountain. In an instant, many voices could be heard in the surroundings. Without much thought, Qing Shui more or less could already figure out what was about to happen.

Despite that, he was not concerned. These Vampiric Demonesses weren’t enough to catch his attention. It was due to the power-up which he experienced recently. If he had come before making it to the Sacred Ocean Sound Cave, he wouldn’t have felt as relaxed as he was now.

The changes in strength which Muyun Qinge went through was also another reason why he was so relaxed. Let alone she still had the White Jade Battle King Crab up her sleeve.

In a flash, more than thirty Vampiric Demonesses could be seen flying in mid-air and surrounding Qing Shui and Muyun Qingge. Qing Shui examined the surroundings and found out that all of them were just ordinary Vampiric Demonesses.

A Vampiric Demoness who looked slightly older screamed loudly. Following on, she took the initiative to approach Qing Shui.

The moment she moved, the rest of the Demonesses followed along and leaped towards him together.

Qing Shui half-clenched his fist and stormed towards the Vampiric Demonesses in the surroundings. The movement of his fists was as fast as lightning while his Nine Palace Steps remained unpredictable. From time to time, popping noises could constantly be heard. They sounded loud and clear. The noises were also accompanied by miserable shrieks of the Vampiric Demonesses.

The difference between Qing Shui and the Vampiric Demonesses were that of a sheep and a wolf. They were very fragile. In just a moment, the entire place once again recovered its quietness. The only thing seen was a mountain of demonesses scattered across the area.

None of them had any clothes on. The scene of having so many Vampiric Demonesses across the area was indescribable in words. Qing Shui didn’t know why he didn’t kill any of them. Similarly, Muyun Qingge also kept all of them alive. Qing Shui was in a daze wondering about it.

Qing Shui looked around. At this moment, Muyun Qingge spoke, “The Vampiric Queen would be showing up very soon. Maybe she is the only person who would have the Vampiric Divine Gold.”

Qing Shui nodded. At the same time, he twitched his brows and looked into the distance. A figure could be seen flying towards them. Surprisingly, even though the person was definitely a Vampiric Demoness, she didn’t possess any wings and was wearing a blood red cloth. Furthermore, she was even faster than the normal demonesses. She was like a fish that’s back into a pond. 

She looked very cold. Her cold eyes were comparable to that of Tantai Lingyan. She had a straight and pale nose, while her sexy lips added more emotions to the cold face of hers.

Qing Shui mostly was surprised by her jet-black hair that was swaying in the wind. It added a bit of gentle taste to her look. While standing in mid-air, the only thing which was exposed was her snow-white feet.

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