AST 1811 - What is The Meaning of Life?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1811 - What is The Meaning of Life?

Shen Huang shook her head when she heard Qing Shui’s words, “It seems like I still underestimated you. I should be worried about them instead.”

Shen Huang’s expressions had no change, but she was extremely surprised in her heart. She hadn’t expected Qing Shui to be so powerful.

Jin Feng was shocked as well. Right now, he only had a single thought. He had to kill this young man no matter what it took. If not, Qing Shui would definitely surpass him in the future and could even steal this woman from his grasp.

“It’s just that my skin is thick. My strength is not sufficient yet.” Qing Shui humbly replied.

Shen Huang didn’t continue the talk anymore. In her mind, she didn’t know if she was happy or not. She hoped that Qing Shui would be able to grow even stronger, but such a demon-level genius like him might become a threat to herself later on.

Still, she believed that her own judgment should be very accurate. Qing Shui was different from two of her senior brothers.

Huo Feng and Jin Feng left without a word. Shen Huang looked at Qing Shui and sighed, “Ten years ago, for some unknown reason, Fire Phoenix met a setback during cultivation, resulting in injuries to his mind. Now, his intelligence is about that of an eight-year-old child. Don’t blame him.”

Qing Shui took a moment before shaking his head, “Why would I blame him? Don’t worry, I know what I should do.”

“He listens to my words a lot so in the future, he shouldn’t look for you again. However, I can’t speak for Jin Feng. You have to be wary of him. He seems to be very close to those from the Heavy Region Sword Sect. He has gone a little crazy. You mustn’t be careless. If you ever have to deal with him, there’s no need to give me face and show any mercy.” Shen Huang sincerely said.

“I understand.” Qing Shui nodded. Earlier, he could sense a strong killing intent from Jin Feng multiple times. If he had spared Jin Feng, Qing Shui would always have to live in worry. Shen Huang had already said that this man had gone a little crazy. Crazy people were capable of doing anything.

Standing in the air, the wind was very intense, fluttering both of their robes. Qing Shui glanced at the beautiful woman before him, slightly captivated by her ravishing beauty.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you that Huo Feng’s organization isn’t the original Fire Phoenix any longer. You should have seen the state that he was in. Naturally, he wasn’t able to control his organization.”

“Who is currently in control of the Fire Phoenix Organization then?” Qing Shui curiously asked.

“Jin Feng.” Shen Huang casually spoke.

Qing Shui instantly understood when he heard that. Even though Shen Huang didn’t explain in detail, he could guess it. It was only to be expected that the Fire Phoenix Organization would fall to the control of Jin Feng.

However, Qing Shui thought that it should be pretty easy for Shen Huang to take over the Fire Phoenix Organization. Since it didn’t happen, it must have meant that Shen Huang wasn’t interested. But as to what the reason behind it was, Qing Shui had no idea.

Huo Feng was still in the organization and his status was still very high, considering his strength was still intact. The only thing that had changed was that the person in control was now Jin Feng. Huo Feng himself didn’t know this.

In fact, there always had been a question Qing Shui wanted to ask but he didn’t have the chance to do so. It was, that of the inheritance which the three of them had obtained, what power did it belong to exactly? Who was so powerful that they could nurture all three of them?

Someone having three divine disciples might not be considered a lot. However, as of now, Qing Shui hadn’t met anyone like that yet. What was the level of power which their sect belonged to? What was the height which they were standing at?

“You can’t bear to act?” After a moment, Qing Shui spoke.

Although both of them didn’t state it clearly, they were clear in their hearts. Qing Shui contemplated for a long time before he said that.

“Acting or not acting, there’s already no difference. In my heart, Jin Feng no longer exists.” Shen Huang stared into the distance as she sighed.

Qing Shui nodded. Jin Feng had changed completely. To Shen Huang, the Jin Feng that she knew no longer existed.

“Since you had come by, why don’t you stay for a few days here? You will feel better and just so coincidentally, I have something to discuss with you.” Qing Shui spoke.

“Are you are worried about your family?” Shen Huang asked.

This woman was very intelligent, knowing what Qing Shui was worried about the moment she glanced at him.

“Yes, but there’s one more thing too.” Qing Shui nodded.


After returning to the Qing Clan, there naturally would be many Qing Clan’s members. Qing Shui introduced all of them to her. Shen Huang was very polite, causing Qing Shui to wonder if Shen Huang actually liked this sort of atmosphere secretly.

“Your family is very nice. With such a family, there must surely be happiness.” Shen Huang surveyed the surroundings as she walked with Qing Shui to a separate courtyard.

“Yes. This is the pure land of my soul. I will give my life to protect this place. No matter what happens, as long as I can come back here, I would be able to relax. Because only with a family would things feel meaningful.” Qing Shui smiled.

“Yeah, only with a family would things feel meaningful. Everyone can share things and enjoy them together. Life would always need a companion. If one is alone, they would turn into a husk sooner or later.” Shen Huang’s voice sounded somewhat depressed.

“Everyone has their own family. In everyone’s heart, their family would naturally be the best.” Qing Shui seemed to have sensed something.

“Don’t worry. I will help you to protect this place. This is my promise to you. I can use my life to protect it.” Shen Huang looked straight at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui was astonished by her words, staring at her in puzzlement. Although he was a guest of the Phoenix God Organization, there was no need for Shen Huang to go so far.

“In that case, I would truly have to thank you properly.” Qing Shui smiled.

“There’s no need for thanks. I have lived alone for a very long time. It has been quite a while since I sensed the warmth of family. Being able to see this scene is a blessing. I should be the one to say thank you instead.” Shen Huang smiled.

Qing Shui could understand what she was feeling. Although Shen Huang didn’t have a family, she, too, was affected emotionally when she saw a family like his. This was why she would suddenly have such a feeling.

“There’s still a chance. In the future, when you have your own family and have your own sons and daughters, you would surely be truly happy then. If you see the chance, just go for it. Don’t live a life with too many regrets.” Qing Shui spoke, as if he was speaking to himself.

“What is the meaning of life?” Shen Huang stared at Qing Shui.

“I have no kin. What’s the meaning of living alone?” Shen Huang added.

Qing Shui didn’t think that a woman like her would be so perplexed by this. Standing at the crossroads of life, there seemed to be errors no matter where she proceeded. She already had no idea where should she go, and didn’t know the meaning of her living on. If she couldn’t surpass this state of heart, her strength wouldn’t improve and she might even wither away.

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