AST 1812 - Are You Confessing Your Love to Me?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1812 - Are You Confessing Your Love to Me?

Qing Shui actually already knew that this woman would be this sort of person, but he hadn’t expected that she would be so perplexed to this extent, saying such things to him. Qing Shui didn’t know if he should feel honored or not.

Qing Shui gazed at Shen Huang who was looking at him. She had a serious expression, the beautiful face of hers contained a hint of anticipation which caused his heart to beat faster. He slightly shifted his gaze away and spoke, “Even if you found a safe harbor to rest your weary heart, you would still want something which you can protect and cherish.”

In the past, Qing Shui had said such words before. This wasn’t the first time he encountered a situation like this. When one’s sole glimmer of hope turned to dust, they would hate the world and might even commit suicide. 

If one wanted to live on, they would need motivation. Desire could be seen as a type of motivation, whether it is wealth, women, pride or power.

Regardless of which type of desire, right now for Shen Huang, any types of desire would do.

“Safe harbor? Something that I want to cherish and protect?” Shen Huang sank into contemplation. She was trying very hard to find the answer but she eventually shook her head. “There’s no such safe harbor for me. I don’t even know what I want. I always feel like I’m not in this world, with nothing anchoring me here.” Shen Huang replied with a sign of melancholy.

Qing Shui felt as like he was at his wit’s end. Upon encountering Shen Huang’s situation, he didn’t figure out how he could help. If he couldn’t tear her mask away to see the depths of her heart, he wouldn’t have any idea.

Shen Huang turned silent as she pondered. It felt like she was waiting for Qing Shui’s answer.

“Do you have anyone you like? Have you made love to any man before?” Qing Shui seriously asked.

Shen Huang didn’t get angry when she heard this. She didn’t have too great of a reaction as she calmly replied, “No.”

After speaking, she continued, “I haven’t been with a man before.”

It was said that humans have seven emotions and six desires. Qing Shui believed that this woman was no exception. Could it be that she hadn’t encountered any suitable partners? Qing Shui helplessly smiled, “Have you ever thought about being married before? Have you not looked for love before?”

Qing Shui himself had already known the answer to his questions. Her personality was cool and indifferent. She might also be too focused that she didn’t have any time to think about matters like this at all before.

“No. I’ve yet to meet someone whom I like to prompt such thoughts. However, I wouldn’t mind doing so one day.” Shen Huang calmly replied.

Qing Shui was surprised by to this woman’s honesty but he also heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. As long as she had an interest in love, it would still be fine. Seeing that this woman was so honest, he also added, “Once you find someone you love, you would slowly recover. Especially once you have children of your own, you would find that even your personality might change.”

“I understand, but there’s no one suitable. I haven’t met any whom I like.” Shen Huang replied.

“There’s a way.” Qing Shui spoke after thinking about it for a while.

“Go and hate someone. You must hold a deep hatred for that person to the point where they occupy 80% of your heart.” Qing Shui straightforwardly suggested.

“How do I hate someone?” Shen Huang asked with a curious tone. There was some change to her expression, as though she agreed with Qing Shui’s words.

“Recall the thing you care about the most about. Take that away and you would learn hatred.” Qing Shui smiled.

“I have nothing. What else can be taken away?” Shen Huang didn’t understand.

“You have something. Your body itself is a fountain of wealth. If there was a man who took away your first time... Don’t panic, I’m just making an assumption. What would you do in that case?” Qing Shui asked the ever-changing expression of Shen Huang.

“I would kill him.” Shen Huang stared at Qing Shui as she coldly replied.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose, “There’s no need to look at me like this. I’m just giving you scenarios. You should know your own problems and if you don’t solve them soon, the consequences would be very serious.”

Shen Huang fell silent. She naturally understood her own situation. It was just that she didn’t know what to do.

“Since you still have something that you don’t wish to lose, this means that your problem has not reached the most dangerous stage yet. Hence, you have to protect yourself well. If you lose the thing you care about the most, even if you killed that person who took it away in return, it would be useless. That would the end.”

“But even then, I still feel myself descending slowly. It has been a long time and there have been no improvements to my strength at all. Although I don’t really care about cultivation, this also affects the state of my body. However, I feel that you might be able to change me.” Shen Huang stared at Qing Shui with some anticipation.

Qing Shui curiously asked, “What?”

By now, Qing Shui could guess the reason why Shen Huang had allowed him to join the Phoenix God Organisation and gave him absolute freedom.

“I have no idea myself but after meeting you, I have a strange feeling. I feel that you are a good man who stands for justice and I cannot bring myself to loathe you.” Shen Huang replied.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose, “Are you confessing your love to me?”

Looking at the embarrassed look on Qing Shui’s face, Shen Huang’s expression was very fascinating. Shortly after, she shook her head, “You have too many women. I won’t consider that.”

Qing Shui sighed, “You should change your way of thinking. Maybe a man can have many women because he is considered an outstanding man.”

“That’s why I can’t find someone. For those outstanding men, they would already have a lot of mistresses. Tell me, is there still a man whom I can love in this world?” Shen Huang inquired.

Qing Shui thought that the logic of Shen Huang was not quite logical. However, He didn’t interrupt. He wanted to listen to her first.

“Enough about me. Let’s talk about you. Didn’t you say that you have something you need me to do?” Shen Huang believed that she had talked about herself enough for today.

“Initially, I planned to help you raise your strength but judging from your current situation, I think it isn’t possible. You have to walk out of your current state of heart first, or you would soon be like a beautiful winter lotus that had withered.” Qing Shui looked at Shen Huan.

“Just let nature takes its course. I don’t have too many worries for now. I’m not worried about the consequences, but just how would I continue living my life.”

Qing Shui could sense a trace of helplessness in her heart. It was her feeling she kept hidden. He wanted to help her. He wasn’t willing to see such a beautiful life withering away.

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