AST 1814 - Arrived at Phoenix Sun Valley, A confusing situation

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1814 - Arrived at the Phoenix Sun Valley, A confusing situation.

When Qing Shui saw the letter in his hand, he froze in shock. Shen Huang… She was in danger? Who could possibly be strong enough to be a threat to her? Could it be techniques which were capable of damaging her Yin Energy?

At the moment, Qing Shui was feeling shocked and also very worried. He didn’t think that this was a threatening letter because there was no such need for it. Right at the moment when he was about to leave, a person came to the Qing Clan demanding to meet Qing Shui.

Qing Shui knew that at a time like this, the people who would come looking for him shouldn’t be an ordinary person. Since he came to look for him, it must mean that there was something urgent going on. Hence he immediately came to the front yard. It was a middle-aged man who looked slightly old.

From his appearance, the man looked very ordinary with the clothes he wore and the way he looked. If he was pushed into a crowd, he would be the kind of a man whom no one would bother batting an eye on. However, Qing Shui was surprised to find that this person was actually a Divine Grade Warrior.

“I serve the Divine Seat.” The old man got right to the point.

It was not unusual to see servants at a time like this. However, Qing Shui felt that Shen Huang wasn’t the kind of person who had a servant with her. Hence, he looked at the man with a strange look.

“She was the one who saved my life. In fact, my entire family was saved by her. I did it out of my own will, but she has never once treated me as her servant. I am not an elder of the Phoenix God Organization and hence, I only listen to whatever she says. I am here today to ask for your help.” The old man looked at Qing Shui seriously.

Eventually, Qing Shui calmed down a little. He wanted to know if the information which he told him, was the same as what he just read. Also, you might know a person from their external look, but you could never know what they truly thought about. He would like to see if this person was really as he said.

Qing Shui released his Spiritual Sense as he observed every single action of the old man. This was because the old man walked the path of an assassin. Furthermore, he also possessed a decent strength and cultivation realm.

“Something has happened to her. If I were to go alone, I fear that even if I was to sacrifice my life, I still wouldn’t be able to save her. You are a guest elder of the Phoenix God Organization, for now, I truly do not know who I could trust. Even to the elders of the organization, I am not sure whether I should give them my trust. And even if they go, I don’t think they would be able to help much.” The old man continued to say.

“Why make you think that you can trust me?” Qing Shui asked curiously.

From the old man’s expression, Qing Shui had yet to notice any unusual things about him. However, some humans specialized in pretending, particularly experts, but Qing Shui had faith in his Spiritual Sense. As long as there was even the slightest change in their behavior, he would be able to detect it. However, he didn’t sense any of those from the old man. Added on the letter which he received before, even if the old man hadn’t asked him for help, he would still go.

If the old man truly had his own motive, he wouldn’t have acted so rashly. Hence, logically speaking, Qing Shui should be able to trust this old man.

“I only come to test my luck. I don’t have the slightest idea who I should trust.” The old man let out a sigh. Deep down, he was feeling very anxious. He was scared that if Qing Shui refused to go, then Shen Huang would be finished.

“Go first, I will catch up very soon as I am quite fast. You can also choose to go back and wait for my news.” Qing Shui nodded and said softly.

A disappointed look flashed across the old man’s eyes. He also had no choice. Qing Shui had just joined the Phoenix God Organization recently. Furthermore, he was also permitted with absolute freedom, meaning that the Phoenix God Organization had no restraint over him. If the organization was to face a huge catastrophe, it would be perfectly fine for him to escape on his own.

The old man left. For a moment, his figure looked a lot older than before. His back which was initially supposed to be upright, suddenly seemed as if it had been suppressed by a mountain. It was very obvious that his back was hunched.

This wasn’t faked. It was a change which came from deep within one’s soul. It was like the story from his previous incarnation about Wu Zixu whose hair turned white in one night. When a person reached a dead end at the most crucial point of their life, only then would such situations occur. Otherwise, no matter how one tried to act it out, they would still be unable to create such effects.

Qing Shui was no longer able to stay still. He felt that he must head to the Phoenix Sun Valley immediately. However, he also mustn’t let his guard down when it came to his family’s safety. Hence, he summoned Yehuang Guwu, Yiye Jiange and the others, to set up the great formation.

The two girls possessed decent strength, but only decent. Yiye Jiange’s Crystal Beast was also very powerful. Actually, with Qing Clan’s current strength, there shouldn’t be many people who could actually be a threat to them. Nevertheless, it was safer to be ready for any unexpected situations.

After informing his family about what happened, Qing Shui proceeded to prepare for his departure. His wives told him to be careful. They didn’t ask him any more questions.

Qing Shui couldn’t care less about whether or not it was a trap. If this was real, it would mean that there was already a well-prepared hole waiting for him and he would have no other choice but to jump into it.

Nine Continents Step!

Qing Shui was very fast. Though the opponents might have given him six hours to turn up, Qing Shui would definitely not wait. Furthermore, he also planned to give the opponents a surprise attack. Because of his Nine Continents Step Effect, his opponents would never expect him to arrive there so soon.

If one was to head there by normal means, it should take about two hours, taking into account that the person was moving at a relatively fast speed. Though he might have given Qing Shui six hours, he expected Qing Shui to arrive after four hours.

Luckily, Qing Shui had done some investigations on the Dancing Phoenix Mountains before. Hence, he more or less knew about the Phoenix Sun Valley. Legend has it that it was an ancient battlefield relic, a relic that was looked after fairly well. He just didn’t understand why the opponent would be there. Could it be that it was the place where Shen Huang ran into troubles?

Qing Shui could already see the Phoenix Sun Valley. This place was too hot, the closer he got to it, the more heat he felt from the place. The temperature here was as if the place had been barbecued before. If a normal person was here, he would definitely die within a day.

The Phoenix Sun Valley was very huge. After walking a bit further, Qing Shui could already see the huge valley in the distance. The ground was filled with dark red colored rocks, almost as if they have been burnt before. There were a lot of Fire Woods growing here.

The Fire Wood was also known as the Phoenix Wood. It was considered to be a precious material with many uses. It could be used in medicine and also used to refine weapons. There were even certain formations which might require such materials.

Speaking of a formation, Qing Shui seemed to have sensed a certain formation working here. Though vivid, he was able to sense a boundless aura at work here. It was a very dominant aura except it felt a bit fuzzy. Qing Shui also found that somehow it was incomplete.

Qing Shui didn’t try to sneak around. He believed that the opponent would know that he had already arrived. He landed directly on the Phoenix Sun Valley.

“I am here! Come out now!” Qing Shui wasn’t actually being very loud, but he was able to transmit his voice far away into the distance.

The opponent was still shocked by the fact that Qing Shui arrived so early. It only took a moment for another voice to come through, “Can you see the mountain that’s right in front of you? Walk towards it.”

“Where is Shen Huang? I want to see her in person.” Qing Shui said.

“You don’t have the right to negotiate with me.” The person’s voice sounded very firm and cold.

Qing Shui knitted his brows. The feeling of being choked in the throat by someone else was very frustrating. He didn’t like being controlled by other people, but now, he was out of option. He had no choice but to walk towards the mountain.

The air in the surrounding was as hot as flames. Waves after waves, the flame was surging onto him. To Qing Shui, this level of heat didn’t mean anything much. What he was truly concerned about was how the opponents planned to deal with him.

He mustn’t let his guard down. Sometimes, it was very easy to play someone to death. Hopefully, they wouldn’t play him like their food. In this case, he felt that the only person who understood him the most was Jin Feng. He had the feeling that Jin Feng was the one who orchestrated this. It was not likely that other people would exercise so much caution when dealing with him.

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