AST 1815 - Divine Stonebeast Assassin

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1815 - Divine Stonebeast Assassin

Though Qing Shui might be very confident in himself, he was still a bit worried. After all, anyone would be concerned to approach the unknown danger.

Qing Shui had already raised his strength up to its peak. After that, he proceeded into the deeper part of the Phoenix Sun Valley while walking at a moderate pace. Meanwhile, his formidable Spiritual Sense also helped him to observe everything around.

This was the formidable ability that came from the mutation which originated from the Yin-Yang Image. It was also one of the reasons why Qing Shui was so confident. Everything around him was crystal clear, it was futile to hide even for some assassins who specialized in stealth.

After walking another hundred meter, something appeared in Qing Shui’s Spiritual Sense. It was a stone with the size of a small mountain. It looked just like a stone. However, in his Spiritual Sense, the mountain was colored red, blood red.

Normally, his Spiritual Sense would only display the red color for something which might be a threat to him. Normally, things would only appear in their original color. For humans or any other living things, they were shown as green. It was only when any of them expressed killing intent towards him that their color would turn to red.

Hence, even from far away, Qing Shui already noticed the presence of the tiny mountain. The tiny mountain looked very weird. Qing Shui could feel the presence of a living thing from the mountain.

Divine Stonebeast!

It was a demonic beast which resembled a stone. They were actual, living beasts that looked no different than a normal stone. In the past, he had already seen similar species like the Stone Rock Beast. They were all of the same species.

This kind of Divine Stonebeast had formidable bodies. It didn’t know any attacks which used the Spirit Energy, but to make up for this, its resistance towards the Spirit Energy Attack was doubled. They also possessed decent speed.

They specialized in ambushing and killing their preys. By hiding themselves, they could deal fatal hits to their opponents without them even knowing about it.

Upon seeing the Divine Stonebeast, Qing Shui figured out right away that the opponent must have underestimated him. However, he was truly curious about the method, that the opponent used to defeat Shen Huang. After all, with how powerful Shen Huang was, she shouldn’t be that easy to defeat.

Since the opponent dared to make his move even after knowing Shen Huang’s strength, they must have an existence at the equivalent level as her.

Qing Shui was now less than fifty meters away from the Divine Stonebeast. Despite that, Qing Shui still continued to slowly move forward like he hadn’t noticed anything unusual. He wasn’t worried about the beast, instead, he was concerned about the person who was hiding within the Divine Stonebeast.

This was because Qing Shui spotted a red human figure right below the Divine Stonebeast. The size of the thing which appeared in Qing Shui’s mind was exactly the same as shown in reality. He was able to see every single of their movements very clearly.

The aura of the human figure was very intense and sharp. Nevertheless, Qing Shui only felt remorse for him. In front of his formidable Spiritual Sense, even the most well-hidden assassin would be useless against him. Instead, they would very much end up overestimating themselves. At the very least, assassins would not hold any advantages in such a situation.

Qing Shui’s figure had been completely covered up by the enormous stone figure. However, the Divine Stonebeast had yet to make any moves. Nevertheless, Qing Shui was sure that the opponent would certainly make his move.

Qing Shui’s figure almost passed through the large rock, but just like before, there wasn’t any movements.

Qing Shui has already passed the Divine Stonebeast by… One foot, two feet…… Three feet!

Right at this moment, the enormous stone actually became alive. A formidable aura could be felt as the enormous stone turned into a giant Stonebeast and charged its way towards Qing Shui.

It was as fast as lightning. Other than just the attacks, from time to time, Qing Shui was also able to sense a faint murderous aura.

Qing Shui shut his eyes. In his consciousness, he was able to see clearly every traces left behind by the enormous Stonebeast. There was also an afterimage of a human figure hiding within it. A grey indistinct dagger flashed and made its way towards his throat.

If he had chosen to stay still, Qing Shui wouldn’t have been able to track him down, but now that he finally made his move, he had done nothing but exposed himself.

Indeed, this man truly possessed decent strength. Furthermore, the path which he took was the path of assassin. Even if he was to run into warriors more powerful than himself, he would still have a huge chance of winning. With the additional teamwork between himself and the Stonebeast, it was likely that he had never failed any of his assassination missions before.

All along, Qing Shui was standing still. Right at the moment when the enormous Stonebeast was about to leap towards him, Qing Shui finally made his move. He could see the move of the Stonebeast clearly, so he casually moved aside and easily avoided the Stonebeast’s attack.

Not only did he manage to avoid it, but he also happened to escape from the attack of the assassin which was pointed towards his fatal spot. With all of that, Qing Shui still hadn’t considered his job finished. He casually let out his arm.

Taichi Single Whip!


A loud and clear noise came through. Qing Shui’s hand had landed on the assassin’s armpit.

The ribs below a human’s armpit were one of their most fragile body parts. With this attack, Qing Shui could clearly feel the cracking of his ribs. It was not just a mere snap, it was crushed.

The man let out a depressing groan. Despite that, he still held on to the dagger tightly. The excruciating pain he felt, made him look very calm. It was only now that Qing Shui finally settled his eyes on the tiny old man.

The old man had white hair but at the same time, quite a few black trends of hair could also be spotted. He looked quite normal and had a thin figure. Overall, he had a wretched appearance. With just one glance, he was able to tell that this person was full of tricks.

But as he looked at him closely, he was also able to feel the sharp killing intent from the person. His movement and stealth ability were very outstanding. Though that might be the case, in front of Qing Shui, he lost all the advantages which he was supposed to have.

“Where is Shen Huang? Who are you?” Qing Shui asked softly.

Right after Qing Shui finished speaking, the enormous Stonebeast began charging towards him. An impatient look flashed across Qing Shui’s face. The Golden Battle Halberd appeared in his hand. Immediately he crushed the huge rock with one slash.

An all-out strike!

For now, an all-out strike from Qing Shui was still considerably terrifying. The difference between the Divine Stonebeast and Qing Shui was too significant. A loud cracking noise was heard. The skull of the Divine Stonebeast was crushed right away.

At the moment when the Divine Stonebeast moved, the old man also made his move once again. His injury hadn’t really affected his movement much. There wasn’t any sign of him suffering from his face. In fact, he seemed colder than ever.

“If you continue to remain silent, I wouldn’t mind killing you. I am sure that someone will spill the beans eventually.” Qing Shui casually blocked the old man’s strike with his Golden Battle Halberd.

The old man continued to remain silent. His movements were becoming sharper and sharper. Unfortunately, the gap in strength was too significant. He was unable to cause any ruckus in front of Qing Shui. Very quickly, he was already beaten to the brink of death by Qing Shui.

“He is a deaf person. Come in if you really want a piece of information about her. Young man, you have truly surprised me.” The annoying voice once again rang. Qing Shui didn’t kill the old man. However, in his lifetime, the old man should never expect to hold up a man slaughtering weapon again.

“What’s the point of sneaking around so much? Come out if you dare, do you really consider playing tricks like this to be a very outstanding thing to do? You disgust me!” Qing Shui began to mock the opponent.

“Haha, in a while, you will know whether or not I am playing tricks. If you don’t want to continue playing, go back, I never begged you to come anyway.” That annoying voice managed to thoroughly suppress Qing Shui.

All Qing Shui wanted to do now was to cuss. The person who was currently speaking also couldn’t be dealt with so easily. He seemed to have grasped over Qing Shui’s mind and was aware of the fact that he must save Shen Huang no matter what. The opponent was highly convinced that Qing Shui would definitely continue to move forward no matter what kinds of traps awaited in front of him.

And indeed, he seemed to be doing exactly what the opponent wanted. Qing Shui was upset as he continued to walk forward. He was very eager to see exactly what method the opponent would use against him. He wanted to see who exactly would have the last laugh.

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