AST 1817 - Nine-level Heaven Pagoda, she was drugged with the Intoxicated Immortal Fragrance

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1817 - Nine-level Heaven Pagoda, she was drugged with the Intoxicated Immortal Fragrance

When Qing Shui heard about what they said, the only thing he wanted to do was to annihilate those two immediately. But then Qing Shui remembered that Shen Huang had a mysterious body physique. Normal Aphrodisiac should not work against her, but would the opponents possibly use an ordinary Aphrodisiac on her?

Qing Shui stopped showing the two any mercy. He immediately knocked them out and poked their meridians. Unless Qing Shui cured them, they would live their entire life being crippled.

The Ninth Heavenly Immortal Slaying Great Formation. If there was no surprise, Shen Huang was definitely trapped within the formation. Of course, he also wasn’t sure about it, but then Qing Shui still knew a thing or two about the formation. It was a formation remnant left behind since the ancient times and had been used by the Formation Master from before.

This was also a part of the reason why Qing Shui didn’t kill him immediately. A person who specialized in formations could be very useful. Qing Shui wanted to see if he could take this man under his wing after this. If he failed to do so, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill him.

Similarly, no matter how many superficial changes a formation went through, they would never go far from their original stand. At most, only a few factors about the formation would be changed. For now, Qing Shui had yet to meet anyone who surpassed him in terms of formations. Hence, he immediately entered the Ninth Heavenly Immortal Slaying Great Formation.

Not long after Qing Shui entered the formation, a person appeared beside the Formation Master and the black guy. It was as if he appeared out of nowhere. After that, he put a pill into the Formation Master’s mouth.

If Qing Shui had been around, he would definitely be very surprised. The medicine actually helped the Formation Master to recover and he was now able to move freely. The medicine had a very special name, it was called the Controlled Heart.

This medicinal pill could help its consumer to completely recover. However, they only had a lifespan of an hour. After that, the consumer would die and bleed from all seven apertures. Even the mightiest medicine might not necessarily be able to save them.

The person who consumed the Controlled Heart would listen to any orders given by its owner.

“Turn this formation into a dead formation. No one inside should be able to come out.” The low-pitched voice came through. It was the voice of a middle-aged man, he sounded hoarse and depressing just like a machine.

The eyes of the old Formation Master seemed a bit lifeless. He stood up and began taking away and adding things to the surroundings. He also took out a few unusual things from his Interspatial Silk Sachet and continuously made changes to the formation.


Upon entering the formation, Qing Shui could already feel that this was a very vast formation world. Different from the outside world, this place was like a sky tower, it had different levels.


At the moment when Qing Shui went into the area,

“The gravity in here is ten times than the outside world’s.”

This gravity should be the characteristic of the Immortal Slaying Great Formation. The surrounding was very vast. Seeing that he was unable to sense Shen Huang and the others’ aura, he revolved his Spiritual Sense to its peak and began traveling back and forth within the formation.

Not only so, but he even summoned out the Dragon Slaying Beast and the Jade Emperor Bees.

“An illusion? Such an insignificant trick!”

Suddenly, Qing Shui noticed that the scenery around him changed once again. The weather began to change and the ground was filled with ferocious and poisonous ancient beasts. There were such a tremendous number of them that their presence was earth-shattering.

Qing Shui knew that this was an illusion, but the entire situation looked very real. Of course, it was not guaranteed that a person would be safe, if he chose to stay motionless while knowing that he was under the spell of Enchanting Soul. This might potentially lead to the person getting killed instantly. This was a formidable formation.

Within the spell, there were things which were real and also things which were just hollow images. They were all created from the Spiritual Energy that channeled through the formation. If all the victim did, was nothing but constantly resisting against the enemies inside, they wouldn’t be able to make it out of the formation even if they were tiring themselves to death.

The formation was strong enough to exhaust even Gods to death as it covered all areas. This was precisely the fearsome part from the Nine Heavenly Immortal Slaying Great Formation.

Qing Shui extended his hand and constantly traveled back and forth while countering against the formation. Very quickly, he had already walked quite a distance. When he turned back and looked at the scene behind him, it had now changed and looked very peaceful, it was so full of mystery.

Qing Shui was worried about Shen Huang. He didn’t know if this woman had any knowledge about the formation. If she had really shown up in here and ran into similar situations as him, things would definitely be very troublesome.

Qing Shui quickly went through one level. He had yet to discover anything. With the additional aid provided by his demonic beasts, Qing Shui managed to do it efficiently. Without much hesitations, Qing Shui immediately proceeded to the second level of the pagoda.

When Qing Shui went in, he first looked at the “sky tower” that was brimming with vivid light. This was the Nine Heavenly Immortal Slaying Great Formation. When he first entered it, he was absorbed into this tower. Hence, before this, he hadn’t managed to observe it thoroughly. The mysterious pulling force was irresistible unless one found a trick to deal with it. Merely by relying on this, it was capable of trapping many, many people to death.

Compared to the first level, Qing Shui spent relatively less time on the second level. Back when he was on the first floor, he was still a bit nervous which led to him slowing down his speed considerably. When he arrived on the second level, he released his formidable Spiritual Sense and immediately went through the entire area once. If there was any formations, particularly those which contained auras, he would take a peek into it. Otherwise, he would just walk away.

The Second Level Heaven Pagoda had double the gravity of the first level. It was roughly like that.

The Third Level Heaven Pagoda, Qing Shui noticed that the gravity has once again doubled but there wasn’t any formation in the third level. As of now, Qing Shui’s speed could only be described with the word terrifying. Though the heaven pagoda was huge, it was nothing to Qing Shui with his speed.

Level four!

Level five!


Every time Qing Shui advanced to the next level, its gravity would increase by another fold. Furthermore, they were also filled with poisonous gas. The most powerful thing around here should be the Hypnotizing Formation. If a person didn’t know about the formation and went in, it would be very difficult for them to escape from the calamity.

Eight-level Heaven Pagoda!

Shen Huang’s face looked very red as she shuttled back and forth from the beast tides. She was already suffering from the current state of her body, not only did she have to face off against these powerful beasts, but from time to time, the people who she hated the most would interrupt her.

Jin Feng was one of the four people involved in the conspiracy. There was also a huge guy that was seven feet tall. He didn’t look dark and he was holding a huge sword that was about five meters long. Periodically, he would thrust his sword towards Shen Huang with all his force.

That thrust was enough to split the heaven and earth apart.

Other than them, there were also two other old men. Every once in a while, the two old men would mutter something and it seemed to be some sort of incantations. Every time the old men said something, Jin Feng and the huge dude would quickly dodge to the side and at this moment, a group of demonic beasts would appear.

“Huang`Er, you are indeed a tough one. But today, even if you have the ability to soar up to heaven, you will still meet your end. The more you resist, the faster the Intoxicated Immortal Fragrance will spread around your body. Aren’t you supposed to be a pure woman? In a while, you will learn that you are even more of a whore than the most unrestrained slut.” At this moment, Jin Feng gazed towards Shen Huang. In his eyes, there was a kind of arrogance which words couldn’t describe.

“Jin Feng, at most, you should just toy around with this woman. It would be too dangerous for us to keep her alive.” The huge guy spoke up.

“I know, why don’t we cripple her cultivations instead? It’s such a waste to kill such a beautiful woman. Don’t you feel attracted to her?” Jin Feng didn’t bother to look at the huge guy as he spoke.

“Of course I do. But I would choose living two extra years over her.”

“Bastard!” Shen Huang’s cold voice made Jin Feng felt very upset.

“I will let you know who exactly is the bastard in a while. Tian Xiong, why don’t we serve Miss High and Mighty Shen together?” Jin Feng looked at Shen Huang with a very strange expression as he was speaking to the huge black dude.

“Sure, I will definitely regret it if I don’t touch a woman who looks as beautiful as her.” The black guy said with a serious expression. As of now, Shen Huang’s body was already stained with blood. It was not known if it was her own blood or her demonic beast’s. She was gasping and already on the verge of collapsing. She was merely holding on with her last breath.

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