AST 1818 - It would only Benefit Qing Shui?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1818 - It would only Benefit Qing Shui?

Shen Huang was barely able to dodge from yet another attack. After that, she looked at her surroundings with a slightly hopeless look. She didn’t fear death. In fact, she was already prepared to sacrifice herself to cause an explosion around here. Even if she died, at least it wouldn’t be for naught. 

Suddenly, Qing Shui’s figure appeared in her mind. She didn’t understand why this man would appear in her mind at this moment. She was hoping that he wouldn’t be tricked by them.

“Huang`Er, if you dare commit suicide, I will torture Huo Feng and turn his life into a living hell.” Jin Feng seemed to have seen through Shen Huang’s plan and threatened her. 

Shen Huang’s eyes shot out a piercing coldness as she glared at Jin Feng. However, even with her face looking all red like that, she was still able to give out bewitching charms. If those eyes were capable of killing people, Shen Huang would have killed Jin Feng many times with just her glare.

With Shen Huang’s ability, it shouldn’t be a problem for her to kill them. However, she was careless and allowed the opponents to set up the Hypnotizing Formation around her. The opponents had also used Huo Feng as bait to trick her into entering the Nine Heavenly Immortal Slaying Great Formation. As if this wasn’t enough, she was even under the effects of the Intoxicating Immortal Fragrance.

An indescribable feeling was constantly rampaging around her body. It was a very unusual feeling. It caused the victim to suffer in pain and at the same time, made the victim feel as if they’re burning up. The victim would feel an irresistible urge to hug onto something.

Suddenly, the big guy who looked as huge as a tower made his way towards Shen Huang. While the two Great Ancient Tigers were attacking Shen Huang, the big guy abruptly made his move from a tricky angle. 

Shen Huang’s body was already at its limit. The effect of the medicine has caused her strength to be greatly reduced. Though she tried hard to get away from the two Ancient Giant Tigers, she was unable to escape from the huge guy’s attack.


Shen Huang’s body got blown backward as she spurted out fresh blood from her mouth. 


Jin Feng laughed at Shen Huang who was already at wit’s end. After that, he slowly approached her but he was soon stopped by the huge guy, “Don’t let your guard down. A centipede dies but never falls down. You should know better than anyone how powerful she is.”

“Well then, let’s wait for a little while longer, though I am already starting to get impatient.” Jin Feng’s face looked very red. That was a sign that he was extremely excited. 

Despite getting blown off by the attack, the ferocious beasts were still charging toward Shen Huang from all directions. 

Although Shen Huang had the body of an expert and that the cloth she wore was also made of extraordinary materials, many of her bones had already cracked. The loud and clear bone-cracking noises seemed to have made Jin Feng even more excited.

“It’s alright now. If this goes on, she will probably die.” Jin Feng recklessly charged towards Shen Huang.

He was getting closer and closer…

He had already seen through everything about the woman. She seemed to be at her last gasp. Despite all that, Jin Feng was still rather afraid of Shen Huang. Still, through her aura, he could clearly tell that no matter how strong she used to be, she was now already a sheep that was waiting to be slaughtered. 

Jin Feng leaned forward and was about to carry Shen Huang. However, right at this moment, Shen Huang abruptly opened both of her eyes, her pupils looked as if they had been in the cold for several thousand years. They were capable of piercing through one’s mind.

At that moment, Jin Feng felt as if he was shot by an arrow. He instinctively closed both of his eyes. Shen Huang used this opportunity to kick him with her leg.

Her kick landed right in the middle of both of his legs. 

Coincidentally, when Qing Shui showed up, he just happened to see her kick that was aimed toward Jin Feng’s genital. He would definitely rank this kick as one of the best that he had ever seen. 


Qing Shui’s body also trembled from the loud and clear cracking noise. Jin Feng screamed miserably as he fell backward. Witnessing the scene, the big guy stopped hesitating and immediately slashed his heavy sword toward Shen Huang. 

Shen Huang no longer had any energy left to dodge. She closed both her eyes in acceptance. 


An ear-piercing noise of two objects colliding together came through. Shen Huang opened her eyes in surprise. The first thing which went into her sight was the huge guy getting blown away by an attack unleashed by Qing Shui. The man spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood in mid-air. Upon dropping down on the ground, he could be seen gasping. 

Qing Shui was very furious to see the current state Shen Huang was in. He was in rage. The huge guy in particular, since he was about to murder Shen Huang, Qing Shui wouldn’t let him off. He unleashed his Paragon Strike immediately.

The strength that was worth beyond two million Dao Force was something which the huge guy had no chance of withstanding. Though he had cultivated his body and the huge sword had managed to help him deflect a lot of the damages, he was still unable to get away from the fate of being slaughtered by the attack. 

Shen Huang was in disbelief. How could this man be so powerful? All it took him was one attack to kill the enemy? 

Qing Shui could only use it once a day. If he could use it continuously, he would have truly been invincible. Despite the fact that it was only limited to one use every day, it was still a very fearsome technique. It was a powerful sure-kill move which Qing Shui had hidden up his sleeve. 

Jin Feng stood up with his face looking very pale. Shen Huang’s kick had turned him completely into a crippled person. Though for warriors at his level, he should be capable of controlling the pain in certain part of his body. As of now, his entire mind was filled with fear. 

Although there were medicinal pills like the Bones of the Living Dead in this world, it was unknown if that part of his body could ever grow back. Even if he were to let someone else test it for him, the medicine was simply too expensive. Even if there were someone willing to do so for him, he also would feel reluctant, letting them test it. 

Without the basic function of a man, what was the use of being so powerful? There was no more meaning for him to possess this kind of strength. 

The two old men had turned around and immediately ran away when they saw what happened. 

However, naturally, Qing Shui wouldn’t let them go just like that. Though the two old men might be very formidable in their formation, they still came short when compared to Qing Shui. Almost in an instant, Qing Shui managed to bring them down. 

When Jin Feng saw Qing Shui charging toward himself, he was in great terror. After that, he lost his consciousness from being attacked by Qing Shui and got thrown out. 

Qing Shui went back to Shen Huang’s side. It took her a lot of effort to sit back up. Though her face looked very pale, it still looked as attractive as before.

This was the first time Qing Shui had seen this woman in such a difficult situation. However, even so, she was still unmatched in terms of her beauty. Qing Shui extended his hand and grabbed on her arm. He was surprised that she didn’t feel at all uncomfortable with it.

Qing Shui took out a few needles and swiftly injected them into some of the acupoints across her body. He also used some unusual hand techniques to heal the bones across her body and let her took the leaf of the Golden Buddha Aura Lotus.

Shen Huang’s body was recovering at a rate that was visible to the naked eyes. Though she was still unable to recover to her peak state, she had gotten back more or less a huge part of her original strength. The only problem now was that the effect of the Intoxicating Immortal Fragrance was getting more and more powerful.

Qing Shui brought her out of the formation. Outside the Hypnotizing Formation, Huo Feng, the two old men, as well as Jin Feng, were all unconscious. As for the huge guy from Heavy Region Sword Sect, he was already dead. 

Shen Huang walked to Jin Feng’s side, lifted up her leg and immediately landed it on his leg.

Jin Feng screamed out miserably, “You bitch! There is no medicine that could ever cure the Intoxicating Immortal Fragrance. It is a pity that you scoundrel are the one who manage to get all the benefits.” 

As Jin Feng was spewing nonsense, he revealed a bitter smile. 

Shen Huang swung her hands and immediately killed off the two old men. Her anger was uncontainable. When she saw Jin Feng once again laughing madly, she immediately stepped on his other leg.

“You human trash.” Shen Huang snorted coldly and said. 

Even at a moment like this, Jin Feng was still deeply hurt by what Shen Huang said about him. Jin Feng was a person who cared deeply about his face. The moment he heard Shen Huang calling him garbage, he felt even more pain than ever before.

“Haha, in just a moment, you will not be able to hold back your true self. Aren’t you supposed to be very pure? By then, even you will be surprised by how much of a loose woman you are.”

“Unfortunately, you will never get to see it.” Shen Huang let out a cold smile and immediately silenced Jin Feng. 

Out of nowhere, a trace of fresh blood came out of Jin Feng’s mouth. After that, he slowly collapsed with eyes filled with grudges.

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