AST 1819 - Huo Feng Recovered? A Woman’s Determination

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1819 - Huo Feng Recovered? A Woman’s Determination

Jin Feng had died. Qing Shui looked at the still unconscious Huo Feng and approached him and right away, injected him with a few Golden Needles. Huo Feng woke up not soon after and was at a loss as he looked at everything that was around him.

Qing Shui now understood that Jin Feng had used Huo Feng as a bait to trick Shen Huang into coming to the Nine Heavenly Immortal Slaying Great Formation together with some of the guys from the Heavy Region Sword Sect. Luckily, it was a weakened formation. Otherwise, it would have been even more dangerous. 

“Alright. Let’s head out together.” Shen Huang said softly. 

Huo Feng quietly looked at Jin Feng’s corpse. Suddenly, he became more aware. He softly rubbed his head with both of his hands. The next thing which he said shocked both Qing Shui and Shen Huang.

“To think that I have been a fool for so many years...”

“Huo Feng, you have recovered?” Shen Huang looked at Huo Feng and asked in shock. 

Qing Shui examined him with his Spiritual Sense and found that he had actually recovered up to 80% of his original strength. It was unknown whether this could be considered as profiting from a disaster. Before this, he had never intended to cure him. Though he might be very proficient in his medical skill, it was not possible for him to cure all diseases. There were some things which were simply beyond a human’s capabilities. 

“I am the one who got you into this.” Huo Feng felt very ashamed of himself when he was looking at Shen Huang. He seemed to have aged a lot in an instant. He suddenly turned into a middle-aged man who looked slightly old. Before this, he used to have the look of a teenager or at most, a person who just reached his middle-age. He used to look very young. 

Shen Huang let out a sigh, “I can finally let off my worry now that you are fine. Jin Feng has finally died.”

“He deserved it for being such an insane bastard.” Huo Feng looked at Jin Feng’s corpse and said in a ruthless tone. 

After that, he faced Qing Shui and took a deep bow, “Thank you!”

Qing Shui quickly told him to raise his head. Though Huo Feng used to be like a fool, he had managed to remember every single detail up to this point. He remembered many things which he used to do. However, he didn’t understand why he used to be like that. It was as if he was in a long dream.

“It’s nothing.”

Qing Shui looked around him and noticed that there had been some changes to the areas around him. 

At the moment, Shen Huang’s face was looking even redder than before. Though Qing Shui had helped her recovered more than half of her injuries, the heat within her body was getting more and more intense. At the moment, she was very confused. She didn’t know what she should do. 

“We need to leave now. Someone has turned the Nine Heavenly Immortal Slaying Formation into a dead formation. If we’re to delay any further, we might not make it out.”

Suddenly, Shen Huang staggered. She happened to had fallen onto Qing Shui’s chest. It was not clear whether she did it on purpose not. The only thing that he was certain about was a strong heat coming out from her. There was also an unusual fragrance that was disturbing his mind. 

“Hang in there. I will help you remove the toxicity once we are out.” Qing Shui assured gently. 

The warm aura cause Shen Huang’s body to tremble. Deep down, she was resisting and trying to push away Qing Shui. However, it seemed like she had no control over her body, so much so that she was not able to speak. 

“Brother Huo, follow me.”

Qing Shui carried Shen Huang and swiftly rushed upward. Huo Feng had a complicated look on his face as he stood there, stunned for a while. He then nodded before quickly catching up to Qing Shui. 

Qing Shui was swift and agile. From time to time, he would look back to check on Huo Feng. He could still detect dangers from the formation with his Spiritual Sense. This was because there was not much time for them left. They must get out of the place before the eye of the formation got totally blocked. Otherwise, they would be trapped in the place forever. It would be unknown when the next time they could come out again would be.

“To think that there would still be someone fiddling with the formation. It’s just like the saying, ‘Showing off insignificant tricks in front of an expert’.” Qing Shui looked at the Hypnotizing Formation above him that had already been locked and immediately stomped on it. 

The ground immediately got crushed and launched a few rocks up along the way. He then kicked the rock fragments with his leg far away into the distance and bombarded a certain spot of the place. Even some of the materials used to set up the formation were destroyed together.

Mighty Elephant Stomp!

Qing Shui lifted up his leg and immediately crushed the core of the formation with a shockwave. Luckily, it was still early when he reached there. If he had come any later than that, he might not have been able to destroy it. 

The time Qing Shui spent in the formation was relatively short. It was almost as if he has never stopped before. By the time he came out along with Shen Huang and Huo Feng, many things became clear to him when he noticed both the Formation Master and the black guy’s dead body. 

It must have been a person from a very powerful force who didn’t want any of the people inside the formation to come out. Every single one of the sects could be suspected for it, even the people within Phoenix God Organization itself. However, the chance of that was relatively small. 

The three of them immediately returned to the organization. Qing Shui then said to Huo Feng, “Huang`Er is at her limit. I need to help her cure the poison inside her.”

Huo Feng was worried. He then looked at Shen Huang who was motionless in Qing Shui’s chest and nodded, “Alright. I will head back to the Fire Phoenix first.” 

Huo Feng left quickly as soon as the conversation ended. He didn’t want to stay here for even one more second. Making him stand outside while another man was about to do the most intimate things with the woman he loved... He feared that his heart would explode at any moment.

It was best to forget about her. She wasn’t meant to be his. 

Huo Feng kept on repeating to himself that he wasn’t suited for her. Before this, Shen Huang’s reaction had shown precisely that she had approved of this man. There was no way he could stop it. Though he also wanted to help cure her of her poison, was it really possible for him to do so?

Qing Shui shook his head while looking at Huo Feng’s back. 

“Where is your room?” Qing Shui asked Shen Huang softly. 

“It’s at the end.” Shen Huang’s voice sounded very, very soft. Her body had gotten even hotter. Furthermore, it was accompanied by slight trembles from time to time. 

Qing Shui regained his composure and immediately rushed to the end. The only thing he saw was a solitary small courtyard. It was very quiet and clean to the point of disbelief. The yard wasn’t huge with only a two-layered building. The external part of the building was colored grey. When he entered the building, the first thing he saw was a living room. 

Maybe because she was the only one living in here. The building wasn’t actually that big. Naturally, so was the living room. There was also a small sofa bed in there with a small table nearby. Other than that, nothing else could be spotted in the room. 

Qing Shui put her down on the sofa bed. However, Shen Huang continued to hug him and didn’t let go.

“Tell me. Shall I let a bastard like you to take advantage of me?” Shen Huang suddenly lifted up her head and stared deeply into Qing Shui’s eyes with her charming face. 

Qing Shui was surprised. He tried hard to make himself calm down. The woman’s allure was fatal to him. Nevertheless, he had his own principle. That was, he mustn’t take advantage of other people’s misfortune. The scenario he had with the Demon Lord back then was due to the reason which he completely had no control over himself. 

Suddenly, a mild fragrance approached him. At that moment, Qing Shui almost lost control of himself. But very quickly, he felt a painful sensation at his lips. The woman was struggling to keep herself away from his head. When she looked at Qing Shui, she could see him slightly struggling. 

Her beautiful pupils were soon going to be swallowed by the effect of the poison. She had even begun to unconsciously strip her clothes. She remembered what Jin Feng had said to her. Once she started to lose herself, she would soon reveal some loose expressions.

Qing Shui’s heart jumped. He looked at the woman’s eyes that were about to drown and noticed a slight determination within it. He made up his mind and made her faint.

He sighed while revealing a bitter smile. This woman was indeed too tough. Before this, Qing Shui never had the intention to take advantage of her. However, he felt very lost. Though he didn’t like taking advantage of others’ misfortune, he still felt like he was hearing a voice that was persuading him to do so. 

Qing Shui let out a sigh and began taking off the woman’s cloth. Though he didn’t intend to take advantage of her, he still needed to take off her clothes. 

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