AST 1826 - Westgate Hegemon, Foolish Sage Inheritor

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1826 - Westgate Hegemon, Foolish Sage Inheritor

Lu Tong and Lan Lingfeng gave Qing Shui a friendly pat on the back before greeting Tantai Lingyan and Qin Qing. It was crystal clear to them that the two women belonged to Qing Shui.

Lan Lingfeng took pride in his extraordinary talent, but he had to cede to Qing Shui when it came to relations with women. He did not dare to have any wild thoughts about Tantai Lingyan, as there was an insurmountable gap between them.

But he wouldn’t know that if Qing Shui and Tantai Lingyan hadn’t had that beautiful misunderstanding. He wouldn’t dare to have such thoughts either.

The two women had stayed here for quite a while and became more familiar with the rest, it was akin to having a second home. Qing Shui also treated this place as his home, as they were brothers. Here, he felt just like home, meeting everyone made him feel satisfied and jovial.

Qing Shui and the two women had not been in the Imperial Cuisine Hall for a while. Previously, when they were here, they had to leave immediately, the two had lived here for a while before returning to the Demon Lord Palace.

Hence, Qing Shui decided to stay for a while since they were not far from the Sunset Sea King Palace, waiting for Lu Tong’s child to be born.

Zhong Jia did want to visit the Sunset Sea King Palace since it was nearby. With Qing Shui’s speed, it would be simple for Qing Shui to send him there.

Thinking about the birth of Lu Tong’s child, Qing Shui couldn’t help but recall the Vampiric Empress as she was already about four months pregnant. Still, Qing Shui did not want to be caught up in the issue.

He had already gotten a massive headache over it for a long time and even after some time, he was still unable to forget about the matter. He didn’t know what to do, should he visit when the child was about to be born?

Qing Shui was the weakest when it came to such kinship matters; he was unable to cut ties with anyone, even if she were an evil Vampiric Demoness, the Vampiric Empress, he was still the first and only male, and human, whose blood she siphoned and sucked.

He did not know why he cared so much, nor why he was struggling internally. He used to believe that the realm he reached was already satisfactory; that the vast seas and skies were for fishes and birds to swim and soar; that he had seen through the mortal world; that he could understand and handle everything…

Qing Shui stayed at the Imperial Cuisine Hall with Yu Niang and the rest whom he respected a great deal, as a mother, albeit powerless and ordinary, but still a respectable mother.

Qing Shui directly raised her to the Xiantian level, allowing her to live more comfortably while her children had already begun to cultivate. Meanwhile, she and Tianyi seemed to have gotten closer.

Tianyi was not a youth by any means but his cultivation was still acceptable. Though incomparable with the likes of Qing Shui, he was still a high-level Martial Saint, possessing medical skills unparalleled throughout the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

Perhaps it was the course of time, but Yu Niang was very young despite her numerous children, as she had her children young while her youth was preserved by Qing Shui and his Beauty Pellets.

Qing Shui still couldn’t quite wrap his head around it as Yu Niang already had four children, and then thinking about himself with Yu Ruyan and Mingyue Gelou, it was like a pot calling the kettle black.

Qing Shui could only catch glimpses but he was unsure. He didn’t ask Yu Niang given her shyness. A single person tending to four children was not easy and only with Qing Shui’s assistance was she able to turn her life around.

Qing Shui was still able to see some sparks and did encourage Yu Niang to find another husband, given her young age, but Yu Niang was afraid that her children would be apprehensive. Perhaps this situation had changed as even the youngest lass was already in her teens.

Most importantly, Tianyi was a master and a mentor to the children, treating them exceptionally well, meaning that Yu Niang had no qualms in that regard. If they were his children, they would truly be bound by blood.

Some things would naturally occur given the right circumstances. Qing Shui was happy to see this relationship form as he believed that Tianyi was perfect for Yu Niang.

“Come, it isn’t easy for us brothers to gather like this, let’s drink a few cups.” Qing Shui had to leave right away before but now he had time to drink.

Tianyi was here, and so was Ziche Sha who held up her wine cup. Despite her pregnancy, her belly did not swell up much as she was still beautiful, however, her face carried an angelic grace it didn’t before.

Plum Blossom Wine would not hurt the baby and was even beneficial for her body.

Once they had just wrapped up the feast, a medicine boy from the Imperial Cuisine Hall ran in, “Old master, the man called the Westgate Hegemon has come again, he’s saying that if you won’t cure him, he won’t let our Imperial Cuisine Hall open.”

Qing Shui was stunned; he did not recall having any problems last time, yet in the three months he went home, there were already people trying to bully the Imperial Cuisine Hall. He looked at Tianyi, Lu Tong, Lan Lingfeng and the rest, lost.

Lan Lingfeng sighed as he said, “Around two weeks ago, a man called the Westgate Hegemon came to our Imperial Cuisine Hall asking Tianyi to treat him. He was impotent and Tianyi had no cure. He said that if we were unable to treat him he would not permit us to run our business, so we took action but were unable to fend him off. Luckily, he wasn’t trying to injure us……”

As he said this, Lan Lingfeng’s face fell in embarrassment as they were unable to beat the opponent, then being forcefully barricaded by him and were even unable to treat the customer properly…

Qing Shui’s eyes lit up, “There’s such a matter? Let’s go take a look, did you guys publicize his impotence?”

“We have to respect the patient’s privacy…..”

Qing Shui chuckled, this phrase was too familiar to him. It seemed that every world respected these customs.

The group slowly went to the Imperial Cuisine Hall and upon entering the hall, Qing Shui saw a tall, burly man, standing at around 2.6 meters, imposing and menacing just like a real grizzly bear.

This kind of man was impotent. This perplexed Qing Shui. Still, if he wasn’t impotent, it was true that most women would be unable to withstand him crashing down on them…

“Great master, I come with sincerity, please cure me! I will reward you handsomely, even if it means being a bodyguard here.” Upon seeing Tianyi, the burly man stood up and spoke respectfully.

Tianyi could only sigh with resignation, “It’s not that I don’t want to help you, but I truly am unable to help, why can you not believe me?”

“You are a Miraculous Physician, everyone knows this; you can cure any disease. Only after hearing these rumors did I come here. Please help me, or else I would never be able to marry anyone.” The burly man had no qualms, honestly begging for help.


What else could be said about this man? He was the Foolish Sage Inheritor.

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