AST 1827 - You were plotted against...

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1827 - You were plotted against…

Memories of the Foolish Sage came from the Golden Battle God Inheritance and the consummate technique of the Foolish Sage was the Immovable Brilliance Seal. It was firm and insurmountable, able to hold up the sky and remain firm while borrowing celestial momentum.

The Foolish Sages were not foolish, after all, those who presented a foolish front were probably inwardly wise. As true wisdom was not offered as praise, only those playing clever tricks would be praised as wise.

Qing Shui was still shocked, as this man was the Foolish Sage Inheritor. His mentality was pretty good and Qing Shui wouldn’t believe that he was a fool.

To be able to casually discuss his private matters in front of others, if they were not fools they were wise people, but even Qing Shui could not evaluate this properly.

Everyone knew that it was needles to hide some matters and they couldn’t be hidden, but the ones that should be hidden should be concealed by any means possible, even if it meant deceiving oneself.

Despite all this, the man was forthright and unperturbed and his misery was real, which made Qing Shui respect him. He began to probe the sage’s strength since he was able to beat Lu Tong and Lan Lingfeng.

His strength was indeed extraordinary, exceeding the likes of Lu Tong and Lan Lingfeng, but the gap was still apparent when compared to Qing Shui.

“I say, old brother, aren’t you just putting me in a spot? If I could cure you I naturally would have done that, but I am truly unable to help at all.” Tianyi was truly at the end of his wits; he had repeated this phrase umpteen times.

“Miraculous Physician, please help me just on the account of my sincerity. We are both men, please help a brother out.” The old man shouted as if he was afraid others couldn’t hear him.

Tianyi wore a helpless expression, this stubborn fellow seems to be certain that he could cure him and he didn’t know what to do, so he could only turn towards Qing Shui

Looking at Qing Shui, he smiled as he said, “Brother, your medical skills are immeasurably better than mine. Can you help resolve this? Since I really have no other way.”

The man looked at Qing Shui, his eyes glimmering with shock as he heard what Tianyi said. “You are the Miraculous Physician Qing?”

Qing Shui was also shocked, “ You recognize me?”

The burly man’s face lit up with wild joy. As Qing Shui began to feel like this fellow wasn’t a fool, he was rushing up to Qing Shui, “This is great, to be fortunate enough to meet the Miraculous Physician Qing. It means that there is a hope for me.”

“I still don’t know what’s your situation. Miraculous Physician Tianyi can’t cure you, so I’d advise you to not bank on these hopes, or else the blow wouldn’t be pleasant.” Qing Shui had already spent this period of time scanning his body and roughly knew what was the issue.

“Miraculous Physician Qing, you must help me. If not even you can cure me, then I may as well go and commit suicide.” The burly man was truly melancholic, but his mentality was truly good. If it was any other man, he would already have killed himself or gone crazy.

Qing Shui smiled as he grabbed on his wrist and placed his finger right on his veins. First, he was able to beat Lan Lingfeng and Lu Tong, yet he didn’t do anything excessive. Second, he was merely pestering Tianyi, plus he was the Foolish Sage Inheritor. Therefore, Qing Shui decided to help him out, but he needed to know whether this favor was not any lighter than saving his life.

If he could accomplish this it would be great, as the Foolish Sage Inheritor greatly valued loyalty, repaying kindness with self-sacrificial love. He would not betray or repay this kindness with vengeance…

This was also why Qing Shui was helping him. He had a good opinion of the Foolish Sage Inheritors. Although they weren’t numerous, each of them was an elite; battling alongside them was like battling in a formation. They were unbelievably powerful.

Qing Shui casually took his pulse and as time dragged on the burly man got anxious. He was nervously asking Qing Shui, “Miraculous Physician Qing, how am I? Can I be cured?”

Qing Shui did not immediately reply, taking his time to think before saying, “Yes, but the chances of success are not very big.”

The burly man’s face began alternating in different shades; no one could tell if he was rejoicing or mourning, but Qing Shui could sense that he was very emotional and excited.

Indeed, the burly man was very emotional as he had gone to at least thousands of doctors; each of them was renowned and highly skilled, but it was hopeless. Thankfully, none dared to try and cheat him, as most martial artists had some basic abilities to sense their own bodies’ condition.

Now that there was finally someone who said he could cure him, the low probability was basically a given, but this reply made him happier than any immortal hymn or music.

“Miraculous Physician Qing, I have faith in your skills!” The burly man immediately declared that he was willing to believe what Qing Shui had to tell him.

“Though I am not a hundred percent confident, I still have about a three-tenths chance of succeeding.” Qing Shui smiled.

The burly man was shocked. He did not feel much when hearing that his chances were low, but knowing that it was only a thirty percent chance was indeed disappointing. It wasn’t as miniscule as he thought and was much better than having no shot at all.

“Thirty percent is already not bad. Even though I really want to be cured, I know that the odds of being cured are not exactly in my favor.” The burly man smiled bitterly at Qing Shui; his expression was one of resignation.

Qing Shui truly felt that this man’s mentality was good, a specialty of people who inherited the mantle of the Foolish Sage. They would be very calm through all matters, rarely becoming flustered at all.

“Let’s go to the room over there, I’ll help cure you right now. We’ll be able to tell if it works in around twenty days.” Qing Shui thought and said.

“Okay, I’ve troubled Miraculous Physician Qing.” The burly man courteously said, before following Qing Shui into an empty room in the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

Qing Shui was able to cure the burly man and did not want to corner him, so he just needed some time. He believed that he would be helpful in the future and this was the prime time to build up a good relationship.

The human body was filled with meridians, especially the area which contained a man’s essence. The meridians in that region were even more concentrated and amongst them were a few critical Yang meridians. Once there was an issue with those, then they were basically done for. The healing methods were next to none, not even with medicinal pills.

Qing Shui began inserting a few needles, casually asking, “When did you realize you had this issue?”

“Twenty years ago, on the day that I got married.” The burly man slowly said.

“I’ve basically confirmed while taking your pulse that someone used medicine to ruin your most important Yang meridians.” Qing Shui stared at the burly man as he uttered the truth, word for word.

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