AST 1833 - Two months later, Yin Zheng, Wilderness King

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1833 - Two Months Later, Yin Zheng, Wilderness King

Time passed quickly and in the blink of an eye, two months had passed. When they had first returned, Xue Nuo hadn’t been there, but she returned shortly after while everyone enjoyed two months of peace and quiet.

In the two months timeframe, Qing Shui visited the Sunset Sea King Palace on numerous occasions. Since it didn’t take much time to travel, he stayed at both places for a few days.

Today, however, Ling Fei gave birth to a son, causing Yin Tong to be overwhelmed with joy. The Imperial Cuisine Hall halted their business today for a banquet.

The Imperial Cuisine Hall was a transcendent existence around this region, with Lan Lingfeng from the Linhai City’s number one Clan; the invitees were not numerous, but all of them had good relations with the Hall.

In Rome, do as the Romans do. Qing Shui hadn’t been here in a while, but he knew that anyone, regardless of status, could be a lifesaver in key moments. Someone who was truly capable would make friends all around, without caring for social status.

The banquet didn’t drag on, starting in the afternoon and ending just before sunset. After the guests had left, everyone in the Imperial Cuisine Hall gathered together to chat and merrymake.

“Qing Shui, you should name my child.” Yin Tong smiled.

Qing Shui was stunned as he realized that he had helped to name quite a few children. This world had a myth that those who were named by strong cultivators, would have great accomplishments in the future.

This was obviously not scientifically proven, but since one could be named by a strong cultivator, it meant that the child was rather well off and had a good atmosphere to grow on. Hence, even when growing up, this child would not be too weak unless he was a foppish dandy to begin with.

Qing Shui was the strongest cultivator present and so, the honor was granted to him. He wasn’t the type to push away such matters and so he smiled, “We’ll call him Yin Zheng and his nickname shall be the Wilderness King.”

Qing Shui recalled the Wilderness King from his past life, with an everchanging yet admirable attitude. He had a great strength that rivaled his own father the Eagle King. He named the boy Zheng after righteousness, strong and honorable characters.

“Good, we’ll call him Yin Zheng, but this Wilderness King name seems slightly flamboyant.” Yin Tong chuckled while saying that. It was normal that he thought like that, as his personality was more law-abiding and cautious, yet generous and kind. Qing Shui really liked those traits of his.

Yin Tong was also aware of the reason Qing Shui chose this name and actually, he wasn’t sure if the way he did things was good or not. As with Ling Fei, she was usually not a sweet talker either.

Everyone knew that praises were sung to comfort people and women needed to be comforted. Well, to be precise, it wasn’t an issue of being comforted, but a method. Most people loved praises and even if Ling Fei was beautiful, she was still joyful when receiving praise, especially praises from her loved ones.

Hence, when men spoke to women they liked, it was good to talk dirty, since it would be a good and more exciting experience.

Lan Lingfeng was also very normal, but had a distinctly different style from Yin Tong. He was so sentimental with Ziche Sha to the point where even Qing Shui couldn’t handle it.

Qing Shui felt that even he was rather boring; he was inherently boring. It wasn’t a disease but a normal occurrence to men. From ten men, nine were somewhat boring and depressing…

A name was merely a symbol and Yin Tong was pleased with Yin Zheng being the name. For now, Ling Fei was still recovering. She was mostly fine, given that she was a powerful cultivator at the Imperial Cuisine hall and had even joined in the festivities for a while.

“Little Sha, Lingfeng, you guys have to keep trying since this couple has already succeeded.” Yu Niang smiled.

“Yes, yes, we have always been working hard, but sometimes they’re hard to come by.” Lan Lingfeng nodded seriously.

Ziche Sha turned beet red as she pinched him, “What did you say!”

Qing Shui laughed until he was about to spurt out his drink, and Xue Nuo had also turned red. This topic was slightly awkward to go deeper on, but the implications were already hilarious. Ziche Sha’s interruption made even Yu Niang feel unnatural.

Yu Niang did say that, but she didn’t mean anything more by it, causing her to feel deeply embarrassed and awkward. However, she had already grown older and was recognized by everyone, including Qing Shui, as their big sister. No one could deny this.

Lan Lingfeng chuckled, as his life was very great. Before, he was in the spotlight, proud and respected, but he was bitter from his one-sided love, yet now he was able to enjoy his love as well. That naturally caused him to feel elated.

This dinner lasted till late, before everyone finally dispersed. Tantai Lingyan and Qin Qing finally returned a few days ago, as they had been strolling around for a while. They were enjoying Tantai Lingyan’s growth in strength and her change in mentality.

The two ladies going out together allowed Qing Shui to relax, as Tantai Lingyan was also a powerhouse able to go toe-to-toe with him, not to mention that she was equipped with the Parry Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagodas and her Goddess Divine Set. Qin Qing was not quite as powerful, but she was not to be underestimated. After all, she was once stronger than Qing Shui. Though she was weaker now, the difference was not very large.

The two women were very familiar with the ladies of the Sunset Sea King Palace. They were frequently visiting and even owned Sunset Sea King Palace’s elder tablets.

This was not a strange occurrence, as both Qing Shui and Qin Qing held numerous tablets. This was an exchange of benefits and the establishment of relations. Though, it was unnecessary given Qing Shui was the bridge between the ladies. Furthermore, the relationships between the ladies were as close as sisters. As women who shared a man, they would either be sisters or mortal enemies.

Blood-related sisters would still separate upon marriage, while marrying the same man meant joining the same family for life. This was especially true for rural people, who would have all their wives live under the same roof, given the lack of houses and extra burdens.

For a family, staying too far apart was the same as not being a family any longer.

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