AST 1837 - Nine Heavens Constellations Formation

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1837 - Nine Heavens Constellations Formation

Seeing Qing Shui’s gaze, she was slightly speechless, as amidst his weird expression there was a hint of evilness. A little like a man that was blatantly staring at a woman.

“If you are really going to marry him, then you’d have to suffer.” Qing Shui made a thoughtful expression.

“Who says I’m going to marry him.” Sheng Jun was nearly speechless.

She was naturally unable to see Qing Shui’s thoughts, or else she would’ve left in anger immediately. Qing Shui chucked, “This fool doesn’t even look at himself, the size difference is just too much.”

Qing Shui said this very seriously and it was a normal and upright statement, but Sheng Jun finally figured out what his strange gaze was about. Her face flushed red, thinking to her heart. “There really aren’t any nice men out there.”

Sheng Jun didn’t express it outwardly, but she cursed Qing Shui in her heart, ‘truly a scumbag’…

Sheng Jun glared at Qing Shui for a while before reverting her gaze towards the Yakshas blotting out the sky. This was beneath the ocean’s surface, so there was no sun for them to cover, but it was an apt display of their power.

Sheng Jun wasn’t worrying too much. Qing Shui turned to inspect the Sacred Mountain’s people and felt like their morale was too weak. There were some experts, but none was at their level.

“Hey, Rocky guy!” Qing Shui shouted at the burly leader.

“En!?” The leader of the other side responded questioningly as he looked puzzled at Qing Shui. From up there, he seemed to be asking Qing Shui what he meant while looking down on him and not taking him seriously at all.

“There are so many women by your side, why do you specifically come here to find women?” Qing Shui asked curiously.

“I find her beautiful, Why? Do you want to fight with me?” The burly man blurted out, inwardly taking him more seriously as he had the qualifications to be a handsome young dandy.

Qing Shui was surprised, before he laughed, “A yaksha like you does not look for a female yaksha, yet specifically came over to find humans. This is disrespecting your own race.” Qing Shui loudly proclaimed.

Rakshasas and yakshas were the same, merely that the name rakshasas sounded more majestic and the name yaksha seemed to be slightly embarrassing, like a group of outcasts from the main rakshasa clan.

Hence, being called yakshas grated on the nerves of rakshasas the most and the burly man didn’t bother concealing his fury, while loudly shouting at Qing Shui, “To have the guts to insult the noble rakshasa race, I will ensure you die a painful death!”

“Let’s discuss that later. Can you tell me first, is that lady next to you more beautiful? or is the lady next to me more beautiful?” Qing Shui asked solemnly.

“What do you mean?” The burly brute looked strangely at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui wanted to see how far people’s perceptions of beauty could be altered, as in his previous life, someone once believed that dark-skinned people saw other dark-skinned people as beautiful, while at the same time seeing pale-skinned people and fair-skinned people as ugly. Qing Shui was curious to find out if this was true.

A perception of beauty was slowly nurtured. Within a small circle, normal people would adjust their senses of beauty and they would all find a specific object or thing beautiful.

The army before him was definitely some of the ugliest he had ever met, so he wished to see the difference in taste. The opponents had come for Sheng Jun, perhaps due to her beauty. This was only natural given that everyone was born with an ability to ascertain one’s outward beauty, especially for a gorgeous fairy like her.

“I’d like to compare if your perception of beauty and mine are the same.” Qing Shui said earnestly.

“Aren’t you just speaking gibberish? If she wasn’t pretty, what would I be doing here?” The burly brute looked at Qing Shui as if he were an idiot.

“I’ve been looked down by a yaksha…” Qing Shui felt it unbelievable.

Seeing Qing Shui fail and give up made Sheng Jun smile, not mockingly, but from a kind of happiness. Perhaps she wasn’t too sure of it, but this man was already a good friend of hers.

“Don’t yakshas see other yakshas as beautiful?” Qing Shui called out again.

“Punk, you’ve already called me yaksha twice. I’ll definitely kill you.” The burly brute was enraged. The greatest insult to a rakshasa was to call him yaksha repeatedly. This was even worse than calling a lady a prostitute.

Qing Shui did not get mad, he merely looked at Sheng Jun, “What should we do, do we go over, or let them come to us?”

“If we run into them, we’d get annihilated in a single move.” Sheng Jun looked at the men behind her.

Sacred Mountain’s strength was still a far cry from the Luo Slaughter Palace, at whether the lower levels or the upper echelons, they were completely suppressed.

“Use the formation you guys train with regularly!” Qing Shui said thoughtfully.

“A formation isn’t enough to bridge the gap.” Sheng Jun sighed but she still waved her hand, commanding the people behind her to join up into a formation, which they accomplished at lightning speed.

Qing Shui was aware that this was the Nine Heavens Constellations formation. It had a pretty ring to it, but it wasn’t something amazing. It was just an upgraded and improved position-based formation.

This kind of formation was particularly useful in large-scale battles, as their strengths would grow exponentially. Of course, it meant that the formation was harder to control. This didn’t apply to powerhouses though, who could control it with ease.

Qing Shui felt that this Nine Heavens Constellations array was very suitable for the current battle. However, it was not flexible. It was basically a position where they could only serve as a punching bag, though this formation would add a powerful force to a specific position.

However, if a crack happened in the formation, it needed to be repaired, or else the power of the formation would be adversely affected and if a fifth of the cultivators were out of position, the formation would cease to exist.

Qing Shui suddenly took a few formation flags. The men controlling the formations were two old men. They were the Sacred Mountain’s elders with high prestige.

The formation flag in Qing Shui’s hand turned quickly into a three-meter tall tree as he scattered the flag around the four corners of the formation.

The four formation flags corresponded to the four cardinal directions, standing tall as they struck deep into the rocks below and grew to ten meters in height.

This was the culmination of the breakthroughs Qing Shui had made in the field of formations. Although his flags couldn’t cover the sky, they could still cover a massive area and the area enclosed by the flags would receive its protection.

The activation of the formation flag was catalyzed by the Five Elements Divine Flag. Qing Shui’s breakthroughs in this field were caused by the discovery of this function in the flag. It destroyed the bottleneck that he had been stuck at for a long time.

The two old men’s eyes shone; they were appraising experts. Therefore, the two old men were naturally able to discern certain things when Qing Shui casually set up the flags at the four positions.

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