AST 1836 - Yaksha, Golden Yakshas?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1836 - Yaksha, Golden Yakshas?

To leave a friend behind and escape alone was not something which Qing Shui was willing to do. He felt like he was dancing to her tune and it was impossible for him to turn her down. He had obtained the greatest benefits from the Sacred Ocean, which were the miracle medicines. Therefore, he felt that he still owed her a favor.

Other than the medicines, he even obtained his Golden Dragon here. Moreover, she even agreed to help him take care of the Vampiric Empress. Even though he helped her to tame the Sacred Moon Stallion out of guilt, he still felt that he owed her a favor. Thus, She was already a friend in his heart.

Qing Shui always treated his friends well, as true friends were hard to come by in the world. Just having a single true friend was a life well lived.

“Don’t worry, I wouldn’t dump you aside.” Qing Shui said earnestly.

Sheng Jun lowered her head, making Qing Shui realize that he had spoken out of context again. Now he was awkwardly trying to rectify the situation and said, “Don’t think too much, I don’t have that kind of thoughts towards you.”

Sheng Jun raised her head to stare at Qing Shui curiously. Her expression was calm and natural, making Qing Shui seem like a clown. He felt exactly like a plebeian, telling a goddess that he would not fall in love with her…

The more he tried to explain himself, the more it seemed like he was trying to hide his intentions. Qing Shui felt like his own mindset was an issue, because cultivators of his level should not be as easily shaken as he was.

He slowly calmed down, while helplessly smiling. He was refraining himself from speaking anymore, as that would probably just cause more problems.

Luckily, the mood was more easy-going and Qing Shui had to control his emotions. He quickly found that this was a form of tempering, much like in his previous life. Someone who had traveled around, and an idiot who holed up all day at home were totally different, but if that idiot had to experience the rigorous traveling for a while, that would be a totally unique feeling.

This was the effect of experience and attainment.

Qing Shui was really enjoying himself. Although he was not a chatterbox, he could still hold his own in conversations. Sheng Jun wasn’t very talkative herself, but as the host, she had to be hospitable and at least initiate small talk.

This conversation inevitably drifted to the topic of family, which Qing Shui didn’t bother hiding or avoiding, as he simply spilled the truth.

To get a satisfactory response, it was also necessary for one to be a good responder, so Sheng Jun didn’t hesitate to answer Qing Shui’s questions.

Sheng Jun only mentioned her family in passing, without much detail, but Qing Shui could make out the fact that her clan was massive and her purpose of staying at Sacred Mountain was to avoid a forced wedding.

Qing Shui felt like this was a very old-fashioned custom, but such affairs were fairly common, particularly between large clans and powers. Their descendants had no say in such matters.

Qing Shui originally thought that there was no one who could control Sheng Jun, considering her strength, but now there might be such a person, or perhaps other circumstances had forced her here. Qing Shui did not inquire further, as he knew where to draw the line.

Sheng Jun brought Qing Shui to a courtyard, the same one he used before. She thoughtfully said, “Rest well, these few days will be quite rough. I don’t want the people here to suffer, so I’ll do my best to resist the Luo Slaughter Palace.”

Qing Shui smiled and nodded, “Rest assured, nothing untoward will happen.”

To guard a place with their lives, at their level, was pure idiocy, which is why she only declared that she would try her hardest to protect this area.

Qing Shui was naturally unwilling to lay down his life to protect the Sacred Mountain, but of course, if it was the Qing Clan, he wouldn’t allow anyone to harm it until his last breath.

Qing Shui’s words were especially comforting to Sheng Jun. When she was alone, her fear of death overwhelmed her, but with another person by her side, the fears subsided. A single person walking down a dark alley would worry incessantly, but with a companion, there wouldn’t be any fear.

A woman was always a woman, no matter the strength; oftentimes she needed to have a man standing at her back. Even if the man didn’t do anything, he would act as a psychological pillar for her.

Of course, this effect wasn’t limited to just her man, but friends could also grant her courage.


Qing Shui felt like his timing was uncanny, as three days later, the Luo Slaughter Palace marched with five thousand troops towards the Sacred Mountain.

Five thousand was not a massive horde, but cultivators preferred small skirmishes between a few or dozens of men, as a massive disparity in strength could easily solve any issues. Only a few powerhouses used such human wave tactics.

Qing Shui glanced at the people from the Luo Slaughter Palace. At least the Yakshas seemed to look like humans; they were tall, yet even uglier than ugly humans.

Their physiques were even sturdier than the Foolish Sage Inheritor’s, blue-eyed with a red blush on their cheeks. Although they had no hairs, they had terrifying fish scales all over their bodies.

Five thousand experts emitted a fierce aura. Yakshas, they were the Yakshas with fiery red hair. They had savage and cruel personalities with a craving for human flesh.

The dozen frontmost Yakshas were three meters tall with flowing red hair down to their waists and bodies covered with multi-colored scales. They were not as hideous as the others, looking more imposing instead.

They had vast and majestic auras with an air of barbaric and wildness on them. The Yakshas were gluttons, sex-crazed and battle crazed maniacs, but they possessed heaven-defying talent, with the more powerful members being able to rip dragons apart.

Of course, these were merely legends of an ancient Golden Yaksha that tore a dragon apart. The Yakshas were truly powerful and brimming with talents. To have experts rising among their ranks was natural.

The number of people who inhabited the Sacred Mountain exceeded five-hundred thousand, but the number of cultivators didn’t even exceed five thousand. Having too many members was also a burden. Large sects could mobilize millions, but these forces were not congregated in a single location. Only by including all the other branch sects, could they gather such a ridiculous number.

“Have you thought it through? Be my woman! Or else I’ll flatten the Sacred Mountain, then drag you back with me.” A brutish Yaksha leading the pack sounded out like a large bell.

Qing Shui’s eyes went wide with shock as he looked at the massive burly brute before looking back at Sheng Jun. Although she was a tall woman, she was still slightly shorter than Qing Shui. This was definitely the height of a model in his previous life, nearing 1.8 meters. However, she was still petite when compared to the three-meter giant.

Qing Shui could not imagine what kind of woman could endure his “advances”, with that kind of physique.

Qing Shui’s gaze made Sheng Jun feel unnatural. She could tell that Qing Shui was acting weirdly, making her feel uncomfortable and then she turned around, puzzledly looking back at him.

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