AST 1835 - Sacred Mountain, Luo Slaughter Palace

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1835 - Sacred Mountain, Luo Slaughter Palace

Qing Shui ultimately decided to head to the Vampiric Demoness Hills, as he didn’t want to leave behind any regrets. He believed in fate, as in this vast world, even enemies had to be fated to meet. It was also a form of fate to be enemies. Since there were so many other people in the world, why did it have to be you?

Qing Shui first visited the Sacred Mountain as he had some connections with them. It hadn’t been long since his farewell, but many things had happened since then, making this feel like a distant memory.

Sacred Mountain!

Qing Shui did not spend much time lollygagging. He rushed straight to the Sacred Mountain in ten days and coincidentally met Ru Meng at the entrance.

Ru Meng was the head maid that he had encountered the first time he had come and she was shocked to see him, then she smiled, “What brings you here?”

Qing Shui suddenly felt that the world was always changing. This cold and unapproachable woman actually smiled to welcome him.

“I’ve come here to handle a few things, is your Palace Mistress around?”

“She’s here. She knew you would come, but you came earlier than expected.” Ru Meng smiled as she turned to lead the way.

Qing Shui followed behind her, treading towards the peak of Sacred Mountain. He was still surprised that Sheng Jun would be so certain of his return. Muyun Qingge had spilled the beans when they left, and with her intelligence, it wasn’t hard to figure out what had happened.

He even asked Sheng Jun to take care of the Vampiric Empress. So, her confidence was not extremely surprising.

After walking for a while, they quickly reached the peak. It was still the same as before and he just happened to see a woman walking out.

Sheng Jun!

This woman was like an untainted fairy; she gave the same vibes as Yiye Jiange did, but there were only some similarities. Yiye Jiange felt purer and untainted, while this woman gave off an aura of immortality and undeniable nobility.

A pair of starry and incandescent eyes revealed a warm friendly smile. This was the major difference between her and Yiye Jiange. Although she seemed unapproachable, she was actually very amiable.

“You’ve come!”

Sheng Jun smiled as she spoke. It was like a reunion between old friends, not extremely close but very natural. At the peak of the mountain, the clouds floating around her painted a picture of a gorgeous immortal.

“I hope Fairy Jun is doing well!” Qing Shui smiled as he nodded, responding to her greeting.

Ru Meng had quietly left of her own accord.

“You left so hastily last time. I’ve already prepared a banquet.” Sheng Jun invited him.

Qing Shui was stunned, “You knew I was coming?”

“I had a feeling.”

“To think you understood me so well…”

“I don’t understand you.” Sheng Jun smiled, no longer playful and flirtatious, but a firm expression of intolerance towards anyone infringing upon her.

Qing Shui was not trying to take advantage of her. He was only realizing his folly after her response, but her clever words clearly spelled out their relationship.

Qing Shui awkwardly rubbed his nose and refrained from speaking, as that would only further the idea that he had designs on her, so he laughed it off as he followed her into the main hall.

There were only two of them at the banquet. Qing Shui was taken aback, but not surprised. Since out of all the members of the Sacred Mountain, he only knew her. Hence, she would naturally refrain from inviting others, as that would just make things more complicated.

“Welcome back to Sacred Mountain.” Sheng Jun raised her wine glass for a toast as she smiled.

Qing Shui returned her toast and smiled, “Thanks!”

“It’s nothing. I didn’t really help much and she is doing fine. You’re slightly early, but not that early.” Sheng Jun smiled.

Qing Shui knew that she was talking about the Vampiric Empress. He helplessly replied, “It has already happened. I should at least visit once, or else I’d have pangs of guilt.”

“That beautiful lady that accompanied you here should be from the Drakaina race. It seems like your relationship with her is pretty good!” Sheng Jun’s statement befuddled Qing Shui.

“We’re good friends, why do you ask?” Qing Shui was confused.

“Having reached our level, some customs need to be broken. If you are unwilling to take that step, the Vampiric Empress is in no different situation than us.” Sheng Jun put down her wine glass.

Qing Shui was aware of this fact, but there was still a knot in his heart regarding this issue. It wasn’t that he hated the Vampiric Empress. He even saw her as a unique existence, a holy and pure Vampiric Demoness.

Sighing deeply, he smiled, “I understand, I already accepted this when I came here.”

“That’s good, I truly hope you’re able to accept this.” Sheng Jun nodded

“Thank you, my adaptability is pretty good.”

“You’ve come at a good time. I need your help with something.” Sheng Jun smiled at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui nodded, before curiously asking, “For a matter to be able to trouble you, I’d be willing to help as long as I’m able to.”

“The Vampiric Demonesses have calmed down after your departure, rarely coming out to hunt for blood, but the Luo Slaughter Palace, which is fifty thousand sea miles away from here, has already begun baring their fangs at my Sacred Palace. I don’t think I can handle them by myself.” Sheng Jun spoke slowly as he looked at Qing Shui. It was surprising that she mentioned this naturally, without a hint of worry showing in her expression.

“Luo Slaughter Palace?” Qing Shui asked puzzledly.

He was not familiar with the local powers and simply wanted to know the rough strength of this Luo Slaughter Palace.

“The Luo Slaughter Palace is a force from the Aquatic race. They are comprised primarily of Rakshasas, a powerful race in the sea world. They are born with divine strength, powerful bones, and exceptional fighting ability. Among them, there are even more terrifying Rakshasas, familiar with legacy techniques; they have at least five powerhouses on the same level as myself.”

Sheng Jun looked at Qing Shui. She knew what Qing Shui was asking about, so she slowly told him all she knew.

“If the disparity is so large, then why would they wait until now to make a move on your Sacred Mountain?” Qing Shui was curious.

“Sacred Mountain was protected by a senior, but that senior had already left. The Luo Slaughter Palace immediately began mobilizing after hearing this news.

Qing Shui could guess that the senior probably departed the world, or else the Luo Slaughter Palace wouldn’t have the guts to make a move on the Sacred Mountain.

“You have such confidence in me?” Qing Shui was curious as his strength wasn’t even the equal of Sheng Jun’s. To make things worse, the Luo Slaughter Palace had five experts on the same level as Sheng Jun. Qing Shui thought that this woman had far too much faith in him.

“The combination of me and the Sacred Moon Stallion is enough to threaten them. If we add you into the mix, our chances of victories should be very high. Of course, there are still some dangers and risks, so I won’t force you.” Sheng Jun said sincerely.

“That’s not very encouraging, but this really does feel like a battle we can’t win.”

“I know you have your methods. If we really can’t hold on, then you can escape.” Sheng Jun smiled at Qing Shui.

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