AST 1905 - Taming the Sunset Golden Crow, Things Weren't Over Yet

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1905 - Taming the Sunset Golden Crow, Things Weren't Over Yet

100 years were really nothing to dragons. The Poison Dragon King's concern was about Qing Shui. It was afraid that Qing Shui would try any tricks. Alchemists were very scary. However, the things Qing Shui brought out were really too enticing.

"I know what your concerns are. I'll be blunt, in another 100 years, you'll be nothing to me. I can be sure that 100 years later I'll be many times stronger than you." Qing Shui smiled and said.

"Alright, I promise you." After hearing Qing Shui's words, the Poison Dragon King said decisively.

"Alright, don't worry. You'll not lose out." Qing Shui handed a medicinal pill to Qing Hanye.

"Ye`er, feed it this."

"Me?" Qing Hanye was stunned.

"That's right, what are you in a daze for?" Qing Shui placed the medicinal pill in her hands.

Yiye Jiange had the Nine-Headed Crystal Beast and its power was very scary now. Tantai Lingyan had the old turtle, which was old to begin with, but had attained a breakthrough time and time again. Its lifespan, which was terrifying to begin with, was even more terrifying now.

Muyun Qingge had the White Jade Dragon while Qin Qing had her huge green dragon. Qing Shui had no idea if it was a Green Dragon, but it was stronger than Muyun Qingge's White Jade Dragon.

As a Mermaid, the Sunset Palace Mistress Luo Qingcheng had received the Sunset Inheritance. It was only later that Qing Shui knew that she had a demonic beast as well but had never called it out. She probably hadn't called it out before other people before, and it was something she had received together with the legacy she inherited. 

Sunset Golden Crow!

It looked like a golden colored big bird but appeared even more dignified and ferocious than an eagle. Its domineering aura didn't make it any less beautiful, but its power had been stuck for very long. It was only at a later time when Qing Shui said that he would find her a suitable demonic beast then Luo Qingcheng said that she had one.

Qing Shui then got to see the Sunset Golden Crow. It was only about three meters in size back then, but when Qing Shui sensed the terrifying power of its blood lineage, he knew that Luo Qingcheng probably didn't get this powerful demonic beast to go through the Blood Awakening. Having his Heavenly Vision Technique and unique abilities, Qing Shui naturally knew what to do.

After Qing Shui used his medicinal pills as well as let Luo Qingcheng stimulate the Sunset Golden Crow's blood lineage with her own blood, the Sunset Golden Crow became several tens of times bigger, it became a real demonic beast. The Sunset Golden Crow was said to be no weaker than even the real top-notch phoenixes. This was what the legendary bird of the sun, who could spew out flames that were strong enough to destroy the sun.

Of course, there wasn't a need to look too much into these. Right now, the Sunset Golden Crow was a little stronger than Luo Qingcheng and had amazing speed both in the ocean and in the sky.

Therefore, Qing Shui eventually made the decision to let Qing Hanye tame the Poison Dragon King. Qing Hanye also had a demonic beast, but it could only be counted as a ride with her current power.

Although the agreement with the Poison Dragon King was a duration of 100 years, Qing Shui knew that after the 100 years were up, there would be no way that he could drive this creature away. Moreover, although the beast taming pellet which Qing Shui let it took wasn't the one that killed the demonic beast once the owner died, as long as the owner was alive, the demonic beast wouldn't betray them.

This wasn't an act of deception since Qing Shui could remove this effect 100 years later. What this could do was to ensure the Poison Dragon King's absolute loyalty.

The Poison Dragon King didn't think much about it and ate the medicinal pill which Qing Hanye gave. A mysterious talisman appeared on the Poison Dragon King's forehead, which was then reflected onto Qing Hanye's forehead before it disappeared.

To Qing Shui, this wasn't a form of contract, but a control using medicinal pills. It could connect the hearts between humans and demonic beasts, and could also be used to control the demonic beast's consciousness. Although it could be used to get the demonic beast to move as the owner's wishes, it wasn't an absolute control.

Qing Hanye felt very happy as well. With such a powerful demonic beast, she got a lot stronger as well. This was a Poison Dragon King and even if a person was stronger than the Poison Dragon King, they wouldn't want to fight against it. After all, not everyone would end up in Qing Shui's current situation after they had lost.

The Poison Dragon King wasn't sure if it was considered lucky or not to have encountered an existence like Qing Shui. In terms of power, it felt that it would be able to kill Qing Shui with a single slap, but it ended up only having the option of escape. Moreover, it might not necessarily succeed in escaping.

In the end, the temptation of the amazing fruits which the other party had brought out, was even more irresistible.

This might not be bad after all. If it wished to stay in this prosperous world, which had a lot of human and many other species, it was very normal for it to be attached to a strong expert. Although dragons had a high status, many of them would still choose to follow humans. However, most of them would tend to choose a contract that had a duration of time tied to them, or one that gave them more freedom. They would definitely not submit to a life and death contract. Even if they were to die, the pride and honor of dragons weren't to be trampled on.

The Poison Dragon King's huge body instantly became that of a mature middle-aged man, he appeared before everyone. Its clothes appeared very lewd and it exuded an effeminate aura. It threw a glance at everyone before bowing toward Qing Hanye with his deep and profound eyes which seemed as if it had been through a lot of things in life. "Miss!"

Qing Shui smiled, feeling satisfied.

"In the future, I'll call you Uncle!" Qing Hanye smiled and said.

The Poison Dragon King hesitated for a moment before breaking out into a hint of a smile, "Seems like the owner I'm with this time isn't bad."

The Poison Dragon King had been tamed by the Grand State Master using schemes. Although the Grand State Master would also act very politely toward it at times, there were also times where he showed the Poison Dragon King a very bad attitude. He had no care for the Poison Dragon King's pride, but as the Poison Dragon King had been tamed by the Grand State Master, it wasn't able to harm him even if it wished to do so. It couldn't even harbor such thoughts as it could be restricted. However, on the contrary, it would be easy for the owner that wished to kill it.

"I'm not your owner. We're friends. Although I took the medicinal pills together with you earlier and it isn't fair to you, I'll still treat you as a friend no matter what."

"Miss, I understand. I would do the same even if I were you. We Poison Dragons are also dragons. Since we've given our promise, we won't ever go back on our words." The Poison Dragon King said seriously.

By this time, Qing Shui had already kept the Grand State Master's Interspatial Silk Sachet. He had even taken his Wind Trace Protection. Using his Heavenly Vision Technique, Qing Shui could tell easily how amazing this item was and understood how the Grand State Master could escape from his Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines.

This was definitely a good item. Not only could it allow the user's speed to double, but it could also allow the user to get out of confinement for one time.

There wasn't a need to harp on the importance of speed at this point. Before absolute speed, everything else was insignificant. Even if one didn't have absolute speed, as long as they were much faster compared to their opponents, they wouldn't lose.

Qing Shui didn't take a look at the Grand State Master's Interspatial Silk Sachet, but he knew that a strong cultivator like the Grand State Master would definitely have good items in his Interspatial Silk Sachet. It just wasn't the time to look at the things yet.

Qing Shui wouldn't have an easy time killing the Grand State Master, but he knew that it was a right decision. However, this person was from the Five Poison Immortal Palace and definitely was one who had a high status there. This meant that Qing Shui had made enemies out of the Five Poison Immortal Palace. There was also the Great Confucian Empire. He had killed the Great Confucian Empire's Grand State Master and the Great Confucian Empire would definitely come looking for trouble.

After wiping off the traces here, the group returned to the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Qing Shui wore a relaxed expression, but the few ladies who knew him well knew that things were a little troublesome. However, none of them said anything.

The lady's expression didn't seem to be too pleasantly surprised, but she was worried for Qing Shui. She didn't wish to implicate this man, but since she had already done so, there was no other way around it. One can't always have what they wished for in this world.

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