AST 1906 - Preparations, Swaying Beauty

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1906 - Preparations, Swaying Beauty

No matter how they killed the Great State Master, the situation would still improve. It was a better alternative to being killed by him. Qing Shui and everyone made the food personally after returning to the Imperial Cuisine Hall, he wanted everyone to have a good meal and also eat more. After all, no one could be sure that they were out of trouble.

The woman had stood along with the rest of the people, she wanted to go to the Heavenly Chess Immortal Palace to ask for help,. Unfortunately, that would take too long and she wasn’t sure whether they would arrive in time.

There was one other thing. After the Poison Dragon King had eaten the Ancient Demonic Fruit and the Fortune Golden Pellet, his strength increased a lot. Before this happened, he was already the strongest out of the group and now he was even stronger with his 40 million Dao Force. It must be known that if the strength didn’t improve much at the early stage, it would be even harder for it to improve in the future.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned was that the Poison Dragon King’s blood and foundation were solidified many times. Although his strength didn’t increase much, it was still around 10 million Dao Force, which was already very scary. Overall, his actual battle strength and toxicity increased many times.

This made the Poison Dragon King very happy and he also felt the strength of this young man. It made him satisfied with this new master. He didn’t to always fight for him, so he was able to live normally and being treated as though he were a guest.

Another thing was that he wasn’t alone with such privileges, there were also his new colleagues. A large man, a cool person dressed in black, a half-aged old man, and a teenage girl. These were the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, Dark Phoenix, Old Turtle Sucking Pearl, and Dragon Spider.

They normally didn’t talk much, unless the conversation was directed towards them. But Qing Shui and the rest would never forget to consider their views, especially the one of the Old Turtle Sucking Pearl since he was experienced, knowledgeable, and with a rich history.

When the table was filled with food, the Poison Dragon King was astonished. Firstly it was because of how nice it smelled, then it was because the food was made by his master, Qing Hanye was the one cooking.

The Dark Phoenix, Dragon Spider, and the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant all ate a lot. It wasn’t the first time they ate, especially the Dragon Spider. After all, she still had the mind of a teenager and was staring at the food on the table. Qing Shui immediately gave her a dish since there were no guests this time. He patted her head and smiled.

When the woman saw Qing Shui’s smile she was stunned, especially to how he treated the Dragon Spider, he treated her as if she was his own child. It made her feel that this man had some sort of charisma, which was especially comforting.

He took out his best wine. The Plum Blossom Wine and Tiger Bone Liquor, he put it across the table.

“The events of today have passed and we’ll talk about it later. Let us feast! Don’t hold back!” Qing Shui took up the wine in front of him.

The woman filled her jade cup. The scene of her snow-white jade hands and the shiny jade cup, along with the jade-like wine, it was all so charming and extraordinary. She was capable of toppling cities over. All the women near her were already drunk and the wine complemented the aroma of the food.

This time the Poison Dragon King’s two eyes lit up. He was astonished again after he put down his glass and reached for the food. The dragons loved food and wine as much as their treasure troves, but the meal for the night was enough to make him surrender. It wasn’t that his will was too weak, but the food was just too good. Otherwise, he wouldn’t eat that much and would look after his image first.

The wine wasn’t just good, it also increased the strength and cleansed the body. The Poison Dragon King wasn’t the only one that felt this, the woman also did. It was the first time that they had seen wine with this kind of effect and they weren’t even sure whether it could be called as a wine. It was worth a lot, so priceless that even money couldn’t buy it. Just one whiff was enough to tell that it had been stored for over a few thousand years, which was very rare even for the normal wine.

Qing Shui originally wanted to eat a lot, but with the three monsters here, all the food had gone into their bellies and there was nothing left at the end of the meal. The few women barely ate and just drank some wine, but they drank a lot.

The woman didn’t eat a lot even though she wanted to, but she just couldn’t compete with the few monsters.

After not completely expressed himself, the Poison Dragon King put down the plate in his hand. That move was quite comical and made him look like a great man. Precisely, a mature and charismatic man, if they put aside the view of him gobbling up all the food, which stunned people at the start. Actually, in the end, he was also a little embarrassed, then he smiled, “It’s too good, much better than the top restaurants. This is what an actual imperial cuisine tastes like. Before this, I thought that this place was a rumor or even more like a hospital. I didn’t think that it’d be like this.”

“It’s also not that late and we can’t eat too much good food, if we eat too much even the best food would taste revolting to us. I was wondering whether the food here is always this good or does this only happen once in a while. Because even the most ordinary dish tonight tasted good and produced such a good effect.”

As a martial artist of this stature, not eating for months wasn’t much of a problem.

“This is also true, but I can be sure that even if I ate this every day I wouldn’t get sick of it…”

What they talked about next, was naturally about other things.

“Brother Shui, I’ve already told the Heavenly Chess Immortal Palace, but it would take them a while to come here,” the woman said lightly.

“Alright, there’s no need to be like this. I didn’t want to trouble you. I am not averse to business and it’s too peaceful now, I’m not too used to it,” Qing Shui smiled.

“We’ll leave the Five Poison Immortal Palace alone for. I estimated that they wouldn’t be a trouble for now. The main problem now is the Great Confucian Empire,” the Poison Dragon King said this time.

“Brother Dragon, you’ve been at the Great Confucian Empire for many years, do you have a good understanding of them?” Qing Shui asked.

“Qing Shui you bastard,” Qing Hanye shot Qing Shui a look.

Qing Shui was stunned, “What is it?”

“You know I call him uncle, but you called him brother, aren’t you doing that on purpose…” Qinghan Ye said.

Qing Shui smiled when he heard it, “Is that not good, he’s younger now.”

“You really are a bastard.”

The rest just watched and smiled. This light atmosphere made everyone happy easily, much better than the serious atmosphere of before.

“The Great Confucian Empire was able to eat up other neighboring empires, this means that it possesses a good amount of strength. The Great State Master that you killed actually doesn’t count as one of the strongest. Only because of his poison that he could be called as one of the Great State Masters. There are many great state teachers and many of them are stronger than the one you killed,” the Poison Dragon King was worried as he said this.

“Are you afraid? If you want to leave I can let you leave. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to make a joke, nor would I do anything malicious. I have never swallowed my own words,” Qing Shui said peacefully.

The Poison Dragon King didn’t know what Qing Shui meant, neither did the women. Only Qing Shui himself knew that he could feel the fluctuation of emotions from the people in front of him with his spiritual sense. No matter how well they prepared against it, he would still be able to tell their true feelings.

Qing Shui just wanted to know whether the Poison Dragon King kept his promises like the dragons from the lore.

“You don’t need to test me, even if what you said is true. I would still follow through with what I said even if I die. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have accepted it, there’s no reason for you to be afraid of this. Although my clan isn’t accepted within the dragon clan, the blood that flows through me is still that of a true dragon,” the Poison Dragon King said solemnly.

Qing Shui smiled, “With you here, it’s not like we don’t have backing.”

This time he didn’t think that Qing Shui was fibbing. After all, he had seen his strength before and what he could do was outstanding.

“At this time, everyone was here, so we can make our move quietly and see how the opponent would react. I’ll go out and arrange it.”

Qing Shui took out something else, the formation. Now the Imperial Cuisine hall was clearer than anything else and no one else was coming, so Qing Shui planned to lock the formation up. If they couldn’t beat the enemy they could still hide in the Imperial Cuisine Hall. They could then escape using the Nine Continents Steps.

So Qing Shui wasn’t too worried, other people might not be able to escape, but he didn’t have a problem. The Nine Continents were vast beyond comparison, if he wanted to leave they couldn’t really obstruct him.

Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation!

Qing Shui adorned the place with one of his best formations. It implied the Eight Trigram Door and everything was done with the best spirit stones with the addition of the Formation Eye Stone which increased the power of the formation by many times.

The formation eye stone was already at the fifth level now. It was increasing the formation’s power, stamina, and defense by five times.

This was something that the opponents didn’t have, so even if someone else had the same proficiency in formation as Qing Shui, they wouldn’t be able to face it without the Formation Eye Stone. Some people might get lucky to get something like the Formation Eye Stone. It was good things, but the odds are too small, even in hundreds of millions of people there wasn’t one to be seen.

There were many living creatures on the continent, so there was still a chance, but being able to find a stone like this was too hard.

This formation took Qing Shui about four hours to set up. He hadn’t activated the formation because he didn’t need to. All he had to do, was to will it and it would appear. Qing Shui also told everyone else the escape points of the formation, so that they could enter and exit at will.

Just like this, the sky turned dark and thus the day passed. It led into the day that made Qing Shui the most nervous.

While hugging Yiye Jiange’s beautiful and lovable body, the two quickly became one. Qing Shui frantically kissed all over the snow white body and Yiye Jiange also reciprocates his feelings. She even rode him once.

Watching this outstanding woman around his body, with that snow white body going up and down. This sight would make Qing Shui ask for more.

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