AST 1907 - The Collision of the Nine Yang and Nine Yin

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1907 - The Collision of the Nine Yang and Nine Yin

Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange were already married and had Qing Xiu as a child. Although they weren’t together very much, it also wasn’t little. Especially these few days together. Pretty much every night Qing Shui would do something with this wonderful woman.

But each time it was a completely new thing, that fresh sensation had never diminished. As said before, even the most delicious of food would become revolting and there was always someone that wouldn’t like the most beautiful women. Qing Shui knew that it wasn’t an absolute rule, or at least it didn’t feel that way now.

Yiye Jiange was always reactive in the sheets and only per Qing Shui’s request would she be more active. That beautiful body, that elegant and regal voice was shouting out the strongest urge, this was something that Qing Shui could not free himself from.

Qing Shui could imagine why people said that beautiful women are a source of calamity. Actually, what it really meant was that some men couldn’t handle it. If a man couldn’t control himself and was drowned in their woman for the entire day, it’d be weird if they could survive for long. Beautiful women were better than any medicine, they were hard to resist up until their body became a wreck, this was why they were romantic even after death.

The house quieted down. Yiye Jiange’s beautiful face was a little red and along with her talented aura, she was curling up in Qing Shui’s bosom. That filled Qing Shui with an unparalleled rush of happiness.

“Isn’t what happened this time very intractable,” Yiye Jiange said lightly without raising her head. She could feel it.

“Don’t mention it, not even a little. It isn’t that easy for anyone to swallow me up, my body is full of spikes and if you don’t have a good stomach you wouldn’t be able to be that lucky,” Qing Shui smiled relaxedly.

Yiye Jiange knew that what he said was true, but she knew even more that he didn’t want to worry her, therefore, she didn’t ask more. Watching their child in deep sleep, her heart was fulfilled. She felt that she had already fulfilled everything she wanted to do in this life, there was nothing more she wanted. If she couldn’t pass this time then it was her fate, but as long as her child and her man were able to survive then all was fulfilled.

As Qing Shui felt what Yiye Jiange was thinking, he slapped her snow-white butt. It was an exquisite feeling, its flexibility was astonishing and that made her gasp and shoot him a look.

At this time Qing Shui almost turned over and was stopped by Yiye Jiange, “You’re a reckless bull.”

Qing Shui kissed her once, “Don’t worry, I’m the type that likes to gamble right? Just relax, I’m the type of person that wouldn’t die and even then I wouldn’t go quietly. If I don’t win I’ll run away with you. They don’t know this, but I’m sure you know that I’m pretty good at escaping.”

Qing Shui seemed to have a godly aura around him when he was talking about escaping. At this moment, Yiye Jiange laughed. This man is so cute, even making something as degrading as escape sound so good.

Qing Shui was a little confused at the reason why she was laughing, this woman was the cream of the crop and this was all a part of her enticing charm.

After Yiye Jiange slept, Qing Shui got up and went out. He wanted to go into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he had another thing that he had to check. These few days they needed to be on high alert and he didn’t want anyone here to lose anything.

After checking the formation, Qing Shui went back into his room.

But as he entered, he felt something off. There were people inside and a sweet smell emanating from it. He knew whose smell that was and saw Qing Hanye standing near the window. She was looking back at Qing Shui.

Her long body, snow-white sleeping gown, and luscious hair flowed behind her. Her nightgown was a little large, it was covering her whole body and only a small part of her hands was showing.

The other things that showed were her jade feet. The jade feet were stepping on top of the carpet. They were intricate and white under the soft light through the window.

Although she was wrapped tightly, she had an unparalleled charm about her. Her body was arousing, the breasts in front of her were especially outstanding, her waist was small and in the middle of her back was an arc, which made that round butt look absolutely stunning.

Her relaxed nightgown didn’t block her body, in fact, it made it look even better.


Qing Shui let out a sudden devouring sound, making Qing Hanye’s face turn a shade of red, but also turned into a beautiful smile. Her most beautiful peach blossom eyes were also pervading like fog, as though the water was about to come out.

“In this endless night, are you also unable to sleep, miss?” Qing Shui smiled awkwardly, going into the room.

Qing Shui wasn’t one who was easily embarrassed. He just felt a little off, like a man being captivated by a beautiful woman. Being a little awkward in front of a woman like this was normal, actually, it praised her.

Of course, there was the precondition that she had to like him. Otherwise, it would only creep her out.

Hearing Qing Shui’s words, Qing Hanye smiled. She was stunning Qing Shui with her blossoming eyelashes, her beautiful peach blossom eyes had an indescribable captivating feeling. Nine Ying types normally attracted Nine Yang types extremely well. Of course, the opposite was true also.

Qing Hanye watched the man that she liked. After she confessed to him but didn’t get accepted, fate had brought them together once more. At that time she had a feeling that the two of them would be together.

She knew that their types were perfect for each other and felt the change in him this time.

As she was thinking about this, she felt the aura of a man come over. She raised her head to see Qing Shui standing in front of her without blinking.

“Qing Shui, tonight I want to be your woman…”

Qing Hanye’s words were fiercer than the strongest Spring Medicine. She actually didn’t want to hand herself over to Qing Shui. She was always worried that Qing Shui’s Nine Yang Body wasn’t strong enough, even though she still relied on him.

Now she also felt the things that had happened were very intractable. She didn’t care anymore, nothing mattered as long as she could be his woman and it also lessened her regret.

Qing Shui hugged that nimble jade body in one swoop, along with the nightgown on her, but still felt that satiny skin and also a soft and flexible feeling.

Qing Shui kissed her sexy lips. One hand on her small waist, another on her shoulders. He was feeling her surprising bounciness.

Qing Hanye gasped softly, the wing of her nose made a soft sound that continuously excited Qing Shui’s senses. He hugged her tightly so that she could feel the change in his body, as though he wanted to pull her into himself.

In a short amount of time, Qing Shui was no longer satisfied with the clothes on her body and quickly untied her knots with one hand. Qing Shui was well trained with removing clothes and quickly Qing Hanye’s snow-white body was in front of him, especially the shape of her breasts, which were like silver cups put on backwards, the emergence of the tall and prideful appearance in front of him was given his full attention, not a part left out and absolutely outstanding.

The red peaks were unparalleled concentration takers, goading Qing Shui to quickly occupy it and frantically start devouring...



When Qing Shui entered the moist flower path, he went through a barrier and Qing Hanye’s body shrunk a little. Although she was strong, there was still a little pain, but it wasn’t really much.

Qing Shui stopped and looked at Qing Hanye tenderly, but at this time a power rose from within their bodies, moving them.

The Power of the Nine Yang!

Qing Shui knew that it was the Power of the Nine Yang in him and the Power of the Nine Yin in Qing Hanye.

Qing Shui almost forgot his and Qinghan Ye’s constitutions. Qinghan Ye had a strong Yin energy in her, when Qing Shui entered her before he could feel it. If he wasn’t the Nine Yang type, most likely he would have been stuck there and would have been lost forever.

Then, the Nine Yang energy in Qing Shui’s body grew stronger and stronger and so did the Nine Yin energy in Qing Hanye’s body. They were rushing at each other.

Qing Shui was stunned, the strength of the Nine Yin power concerned him and he didn’t know whether he could take it...


This was what Qing Shui felt in his sea of consciousness. Their collision was like two mountains crashing into one another, the Yin Yang Image in the sea of consciousness exploded with a bright light.

The large Yin-Yang Image increased in size by one time again, which was especially weird in the great sea of consciousness. That simple light wasn’t very bright, but it was still blinding.


At this time, the Nine-Nine Divine Nebula Formation exploded. The brightest of them all the golden stars and the surroundings lit up with many other stars. Qing Shui saw that there were exactly eight, including the one in the center, nine, which was the brightest.

The change in the sea of consciousness. The skies had grown larger than before. It was already large after pushing the limit so many times, but the change in size was so drastic this time that it was obvious and its power increased by a lot.

The formation increased from four times power to the nine times now and Qing Shui also knew that it could do something more. It could shoot out Nebula Lightning!

Nebula lightning, in an instant the Nine-Nine Divine Nebula Formation could attack its target with a lightning attack.

It was easy to introduce and its strength was unknown, but Qing Shui was very happy. All in all, the formation hadn’t changed much. This time not only the Yin-Yang Image had reached a new stage, but the Nine-Nine Divine Nebula Formation also did.

This just started because the Power of the Nine Yin was continually being absorbed by his body.

A single Yin and single Yang don’t live for long but together they conquered the heavens and earth.

At this time, Qing Shui finally understood the meaning of this. As the result of Qing Shui’s increased strength, his bones, blood vessels, blood, tendons, and all were going through little changes.

Qing Hanye was going through the same thing. Her strength was continually breaking through, something that she didn’t think could happen and even so with the fact that she was with her closest person.

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