AST 1926 - Women Are Trouble

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1926 - Women Are Trouble

“Cheng Yuan, let teacher take care of this. We will make the Imperial Cuisine Hall vanish!” said the Little Prince slowly after a long ponder.

After finishing his sentence, the Little Prince frowned tightly. He did not place Qing Shui at a supreme position, perhaps the current Qing Shui had yet to achieve that level. Even though a doctor could be good in the Art of Healing, the Little Prince had not met Qing Shui before, little did he know about the level of his Art of Healing.

With his identity, the Little Prince certainly met many skilled doctors before and even surrounded by some of them. Now that Qing Shui posed a threat to his foundation, he had to make such a decision.

He was an ambitious person who was determined to take over the Great Confucian Empire. As for the Crown Prince, the Little Prince did not look up on him too much.

“Little Prince, this is a bit risky. That young man is a rarely seen genius. Besides, he has terrific strength now. If we go against him and fail, we will be in peril later,” Cheng Yuan replied while frowning.

“Oh, apparently this young man is really excellent. In your view, shall we keep him or not? If we shouldn’t, it’s better to wipe him out as soon as possible. The longer it takes, the worse it becomes,” The man looked at Cheng Yuan.

“This young man is very special, he has a powerful Nature Energy which is more righteous than the Profundity Qi. As an outstanding young man, I think he has a powerful force behind. Plus, he has a great Art of Healing. Rumor said that his skills are unparalleled. Little Prince, I think we better not touch him unless we absolutely have to,” Cheng Yuan said seriously.

The man kept quiet. Previously, he did not think much and underestimated this young man. After speaking to Cheng Yuan, this young man seemed really extraordinary. Otherwise, he would not deserve such comments from Cheng Yuan. Since Cheng Yuan was very picky towards youngsters, many so-called geniuses failed to receive appraisals as good as this.

The Little Prince only thought that Qing Shui was a doctor with great skills and wanted to kill him knowing that he recently treated the Barbarian Emperor. Now, this decision did not sound good. Nevertheless, he would never allow the Barbarian Emperor to recover, but it was still too early to say if this young man could cure his illness.

If he could not cure the Barbarian Emperor then let him be. If he could make it, then the Little Prince had to kill this young man by all means. Otherwise, once the Barbarian Emperor fully recovered, he would overturn the entire Great Confucian Empire.

When he thought of that, the Little Prince felt a chill down his spine.

“Cheng Yuan, I want to know if this young man could cure the Barbarian Emperor. You have to investigate in details for me, do it as soon as possible,” The Little Prince stared at Cheng Yuan and said in a serious tone.

“Yes, Little Prince.”

“Oh ya, tomorrow, come with me to the Imperial Cuisine Hall. I want to meet this young man personally and see how magical he is,” The Little Prince was still worried after instructing Cheng Yuan.



Qing Shui knew nothing about the upcoming destructive strategy plotted against him. Anyhow, he was not worried now. Though he was not unrivaled, he was not easy to take on. With his current strength, he stood at the top of the pyramid among all capable warriors that he had met. Moreover, he had the powerful Art of Healing.

Not to forget the precious treasure, the Parry Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda which could give a considerable effect now. It was rather weak to battle against a powerhouse like the Barbarian Emperor with it, but it was not absolutely useless.

The next day, Qing Shui met the Little Prince and recognized this elegant, cultured, middle-aged guy at one glance. Cheng Yuan also stood beside him, Qing Shui remembered this Master of Confucian very well. Also, Qing Shui thought that the Little Prince was charismatic.

He gave out a Violet Jade Halo too, but it was vastly different from the Barbarian Emperor’s Halo. Although his violet qi was similarly powerful, it was a little cold. A chilly and spooky feeling was hidden in his violet qi, which made Qing Shui question this man’s innate character.

Qing Shui recalled the mini sun-like violet qi from the Barbarian Emperor. That was a genuine righteous qi, any impurities would impair the shape of the mini sun. This person must be really concerned about the citizens, was capable of enduring the great torments, could withstand the unbearable conditions for the normal people and had a great wisdom…

Qing Shui made his own judgment just by seeing them face-to-face.

The moment he came to a realization, he decided his path. That was to avoid being caught in the middle of anything, unless it was closely related to himself. Even if he was to get involved, he must have the control to advance or retreat. He needed to be at ease despite being caught in the spiral of trouble.

All of the conditions above required strength and this strength referred to his martial force and Art of Healing.

“Little Brother Qing Shui!” Cheng Yuan greeted Qing Shui joyfully.

Qing Shui noticed Cheng Yuan and smiled happily, “Old man, your visit surprised me.”

The Little Prince was taken aback as he saw Qing Shui. Though he heard that Qing Shui was very young, he never expected him to be this young. However, that was not his main concern. Now, he only wanted to know whether Qing Shui could cure the Barbarian Emperor or not.

“Come, let me introduce you. Meet our Little Prince, and Little Prince this is Doctor Qing from the Imperial Cuisine Hall,” Cheng Yuan introduced them with a smile.

“Honored to meet you, Little Prince!” Qing Shui greeted him humbly.

“Mr. Qing is so young, you’re really talented,” The man smiled and said.

His voice was deep and charming in Qing Shui’s view. It was profound and convincing, with a strong and reliable feeling.

“You’ve flattered me, Little Prince. Come, have a seat!” Qing Shui led the Little Prince and Cheng Yuan to the main hall.

“Qing Shui, this is?” At the entrance, he bumped into Qing Hanye and she asked after seeing the people behind him.

“Ye`er, meet the Little Prince,” Qing Shui smiled.

Qing Hanye greeted the Little Prince while Qing Shui spotted his astonishment with a slight greed and jealousy. Qing Shui was not surprised. After all, it was normal for men to be amazed and avaricious upon meeting a woman whose beauty could be disastrous for the whole country.

It was fine if the opponent was an ordinary man. Yet, it was a different story for someone capable. A capable person would pursue the person or object he liked, he would even sacrifice his power to achieve his target.

The Little Prince greeted Qing Hanye with a smile. At his strength and realm, he would not misbehave no matter how much he was fond of her. People like them were the best at controlling their urges.

Just as he was entering the hall, Yiye Jiange and the other women came from the backyard, each of them was a remarkable beauty. At once, even the Little Prince lost his focus. It was already miraculous to see a woman as beautiful as this. The impact of meeting several of them at once was beyond description.

It was a man’s nature to be greedy. A leader who was only inferior under one ruler had undeniably strong desires, he could not even stand being under that one ruler. A man at the Little Prince’s age was at his peak phase of life. At this period, his arrogance and usual dignity began to control him bit by bit.

The Little Prince could sense that these women were closely related to the young man. He was thinking secretly. He was stronger, had a higher status, and more handsome than this young man. Those women could only belong to himself since he was more outstanding.

This thought slowly occupied the Little Prince’s mind. Women were one of a man’s biggest pursuit. The stronger he was, the greater the desire.

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