AST 1927 - Only Treatment, No Connection

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1927 - Only Treatment, No Connection

Qing Shui had a sensitive spiritual sense. Thus, he could distinctly feel the slightest greed in the Little Prince’s expression. It was subtle yet very intense. This further strengthened Qing Shui’s feeling, but he appeared calm and easy while leading Little Prince and Cheng Yuan to the living room.

The women did not enter, three of them took the host and the guest seats respectively. Qing Shui did not invite him to sit on the Chief seat, but it was not because Qing Shui doubted the Little Prince’s self-control. After all, he would be telling the Little Prince that it was fine to mess with his woman under the current situation. It was rare for someone to be able to hold back in this context.

In this case, the Little Prince had raging testosterone and strong self-control. It was only a matter of will. Besides, the women around Qing Shui were so alluring and charming to the extent of overthrowing the city and disastrous to the country. That was one of the main reasons.

If Qing Shui had a higher status and strength than the Little Prince, then the Little Prince would not dream of his women.

The Little Prince thought Qing Shui was weaker, lower ranked, and less good-looking than himself. As for age, the Little Prince was still young, there was not much difference between several ten years and a hundred years, so he thought Qing Shui was no match for himself. Plus, Qing Shui was about to treat the Barbarian Emperor. That gave the Little Prince a solid reason too.

Subconsciously, the Little Prince’s intention to murder Qing Shui conquered his mind. He was currently looking for the slightest opportunity to execute it.

“Little Prince, old man, what do you come here for?” Qing Shui smiled at Cheng Yuan.

“Little Brother Qing Shui, please just call me Elder Brother, it is awkward listening to the word ‘old man’,” Cheng Yuan replied casually. Qing Shui was surprised to see this side of the righteous Master of the Great Confucian.

“Alright then, Elder Brother,” Qing Shui did not focus on this issue. The Little Prince’s existence alarmed Qing Shui, though Cheng Yuan was the Master of Great Confucian, Qing Shui would not loosen his guard even for a person with strong integrity. The Little Prince gave out a threatening aura now.

Cheng Yuan was the follower of the Little Prince, he would definitely obey to the Little Prince’s order.

“We are here to ask about the Barbarian Emperor’s illness, we care about him a lot,” said the Little Prince with a smile. He looked at Qing Shui as if watching a junior with his powerful aura and judgy manner.

It was not inappropriate for the Little Prince to do so at his current identity and age, but Qing Shui was unhappy knowing the Little Prince’s motive. Qing Shui could not help but sneered silently seeing that a person like Little Prince acted pretentiously in front of him. However, he did not show any dissatisfaction on his face.

At this moment, Qing Shui was full of thoughts. He saw something fishy through the Little Prince’s calm inquiry. The Little Prince was apparently concerned about the Barbarian Emperor’s illness, but his exaggerated expression enabled Qing Shui to grasp the unusual reason behind it. As the saying went, one would be emotionally disturbed if an issue would affect him personally. Perhaps that was how Qing Shui captured the minor changes in the Little Prince’s expression.

“The Barbarian Emperor’s illness is bizarre, it is probably in his brain. There is probably something in his brain,” Qing Shui said seriously after thinking.

Qing Shui pondered before saying it. In fact, the reply was not wrong, any doctor with a good reputation would be able to diagnose it.

The Little Prince was not worried about the diagnosis, all he cared about was the ability of the doctor to cure it.

“I wonder if Doctor Qing could cure the Barbarian Emperor then?” the Little Prince raised his cup to tea and had a sip.

Qing Shui was immersed in his thoughts, looking difficult. By accident, he saw the tightly-frowned forehead of Cheng Yuan. At once, Qing Shui knew his answer. However, everything was just his assumption. Slowly, he said, “It’s difficult!”

Qing Shui’s reply startled the Little Prince who was expecting a direct answer of ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Nevertheless, that answer made his heart skip a beat. His intention of murder was obvious enough now since the answer was ‘difficult’ instead of ‘no’.

Qing Shui felt the dreadful threat instantly. However, the threatening sense came and disappeared in split seconds. Another person might perceive it as an illusion, but Qing Shui could almost confirm his previous assumption via his observation and the message from the Little Prince.

“Mr. Qing, you are young and talented. Are you interested to become our imperial doctor?” The Little Prince smiled at Qing Shui, looking natural. After all, that offer was a symbol of peace in the societal norms.

In the Great Confucian Empire, the highest rank for the doctors was the imperial doctor. Besides having a respectful position, the imperial doctor could have great wealth and honor. They were allowed to use all the imperial precious herbs. The imperial doctor could enjoy a great fortune and was the dream position of every doctor.

In the Little Prince’s opinion, Qing Shui would never reject such a good offer. After all, he could have the entire Great Confucian Empire as a back up once he accepted the offer. The imperial doctor could be labeled since he had a massive power and superb connection.

Once Qing Shui agreed to be the imperial doctor in his own palace, he could make Qing Shui stop treating the Barbarian Emperor. Anyhow, Qing Shui would share the same interests as himself. By that time, he would have many ways to snatch Qing Shui’s women one by one.

“There is an order from my master that prohibits me from becoming an imperial doctor and getting involved in any competition of forces. Only treatment, no connection,” Qing Shui rejected the Little Prince with a smile.

Qing Shui’s statement was rather useful. It was one practical way that he commonly used. As an outstanding person of his age, the master who cultivated him would be no easy to handle. This would make some old monsters consider twice before touching Qing Shui.

The Little Prince’s body stiffened, he never expected that Qing Shui would turn him down. It was a rare and surprising opportunity for others. Being the upperclassman for long, the Little Prince was furious at once. He wanted to keep Qing Shui alive, but since this fellow was unappreciative, he could only make Qing Shui vanish.

“Mr. Qing, why don’t you reconsider, I’m sincere,” The Little Prince kept silent for a second and asked.

“I am thankful for your favoritism, Little Prince. I am a doctor who treats illness and saves lives. I don’t want to get in troubles or restrictions,” Qing Shui replied in a humble tone.

Cheng Yuan looked at Qing Shui, saying, “Little Brother, you won’t get restricted as the imperial doctor in the palace, it will only benefit you.”

Qing Shui stared at Cheng Yuan, understanding that one could be a villain too despite having Nature Energy. Furthermore, it was not about a good and bad person, it was about serving one’s master and team. They should not be blamed for this.

The Little Prince looked highly upon Cheng Yuan and the rest, most of the State Masters in the Great Confucian Empire belonged to his own team. For sure, there were some who belonged to none, they were now grouped under the State Master Hall and the Great Confucian Empire. There were a lot of them whose actual teams were unknown.

“I am used to being idle, Elder Brother, please don’t make it difficult for me.”

“Young man, do you know that a doctor who saves lives can get himself killed too,” The Little Prince raised his head to look at Qing Shui. His eyes were as deep as the water, giving out a sense of creepy coldness.

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