AST 1928 - Great Confucian Order, Guardian Immortal Confucian?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1928 - Great Confucian Order, Guardian Immortal Confucian?

“Young man, do you know that a doctor who saves lives can get himself killed too.”

Qing Shui smirked at the Little Prince’s words, the smile was natural. He stared at the Little Prince and said, “Little Prince, you are threatening me.”

The Little Prince looked upset after listening to Qing Shui’s reply. In his mind, he whispered, ‘Threaten you? Do you deserve to be threatened by me?’ However, he kept it in his heart and looked at Qing Shui, “I was making a statement, you are an outstanding young man, I don’t want to watch you walking to a point of no return.”

“In this life, especially for a warrior, life and death should not be taken too seriously. One must be prepared for the possible consequences to be in the world of warriors. I enjoy the freedom and dislike living at somebody’s mercy. As a doctor, it is an unalterable principle for me to save lives,” Qing Shui had no likings for this Little Prince anymore at the moment.

The Little Prince noticed it for sure, this young man was impermeable. Thus, he could only leave. Cheng Yuan looked dismayed while he sighed and shook his head at Qing Shui.

“If so, we shall not disturb you, I wish you all the best, Mr. Qing,” The Little Prince turned around as he finished the sentence.

Qing Shui’s face turned cold. It was a threat, another threat, an obvious threat. Watching the Little Prince’s silhouette, he said, “I wish you all the best too.”

The Little Prince’s figure trembled and turned around at Qing Shui. His profound eyes were now cold and vicious like a wolf. The murdering intention in his stare was prominent. For the sake of his identity, he left without a word.

Cheng Yuan looked at Qing Shui with a mixed feeling, still, he did not say anything.

After the Little Prince left, the women came into the living room but remained quiet and looked at Qing Shui. Everyone noticed the cold stare of the Little Prince and knew this trouble was hard to deal with. If nothing unexpected happened, they would surely plot against the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

“Everybody, don’t worry. If they dare to come, I will make all of them stay,” Qing Shui sounded unbothered, he was not a piece of cake with his current strength.



At night, a few men came to the palace which belonged to the Little Prince. The leading man was a middle-aged man who was dressed splendidly, charming and glowing in spirits. There was an unyielding sense in his charm. Though approaching the middle age, his arrogance was still intense.

“Eldest Brother is here!”

The Little Prince spurted, a slight smile crept onto his face. Anyone could tell that the smile was distant.

The approaching man was the Crown Prince and the authoritative inheritor of the Great Confucian Empire. He looked at Little Prince, “Alright, Nineteen Brother. Don’t need to beat around the bush, we know each other very well. Just be straightforward.”

The man was direct. As he said, they were too familiar with each other. They were rivals to some extent and the Crown Prince must be unhappy for it. The throne of the Great Confucian Empire belonged to him authoritatively, yet, his brother secretly strengthened his own force without considering the sibling love. Once the Little Prince grabbed the chance by hiding in ambush, he would definitely take the throne away from the Crown Prince.

“I came today to cooperate with you, otherwise, we would be finished and the throne would fall into others’ hands,” The Little Prince went straight to the point.

The Crown Prince frowned, looking at Little Prince, he said, “Say it, what is the matter?”

“Someone wants to save the Barbarian Emperor, and it is highly possible to cure him,” The Little Prince did not talk much. As his family, the Crown Prince should know about it well, so he only needed to say this.

Crown Prince looked at Little Prince, “You mean the Imperial Cuisine Hall can cure the Barbarian Emperor.”

Many people knew about the condition of the Barbarian Emperor, the Crown Prince was one of them and he was very careful. He knew that the Barbarian Emperor went for medical treatment in the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Yet, the Barbarian Emperor seek treatment countless times. He knew it was almost impossible to find someone who could cure the Barbarian Emperor. Over the years, nobody had ever done that. Hence, he was less focused on this matter now. Nevertheless, he could never loosen his guard to watch over the Barbarian Emperor.

This time, he was aware of it as well. Knowing that the master of the Imperial Cuisine Hall was a young doctor, he did not take it seriously in the beginning.

Now that he listened to the Little Prince, he trembled.

Though he was at the opposing side of the Little Prince, they were on the same boat to some extent. Both of them belonged to the Royal family and were on the same track for this issue. He believed that the Little Prince would not lie in this matter. Moreover, he could find the truth out easily.

“That Mr. Qing of the Imperial Cuisine Hall said it was not easy to treat the Barbarian Emperor,” The Little Prince passed Qing Shui's words to the Crown Prince.

“That means there's a big chance of curing him,” The Crown Prince frowned more.

“This Imperial Cuisine Hall was not easy. Rumour has it that their Art of Healing is great, and Mr. Qing is a highly skilled doctor. The girl from the Heavenly Chess Immortal Palace was healed by him,” The Little Prince continued, looking at the Crown Prince.

“Can't keep him alive, we must make him disappear. Nineteen Brother, you should know the consequences if he cured the Barbarian Emperor,” The Crown Prince’s expression was as cold as the ice.

“The reason I invited you today is to discuss the strategy to demolish the Imperial Cuisine Hall,” The Little Prince nodded to his words.

“Nineteen Brother, under normal condition, this is not a big deal. You came to me today, it must not be as simple as it seems. Could it be that this guy has someone behind?” The Crown Prince was not a fool, he could certainly make a simple justification.

“The Half-Mountain King, Lin Zhennan from Lin Clan visited the Imperial Cuisine Hall before, they seemed to be getting along well.”

“As expected, the Lin Clan must be plotting something too. The Lin Clan has a massive influence, things are getting challenging.”

“Apart from that, Eldest Brother, this Lin Clan is close to the Barbarian Emperor and looks highly upon him,” The Little Prince’s statement made the Crown Prince frown even more tightly.

“If that's the case, we have to wipe out the Imperial Cuisine Hall as soon as possible and secretly,” The Crown Prince stared at Little Prince.

“Destroy him by all means, we can only use that force.”

Crown Prince was stunned, he hesitated and then nodded, “Let’s make an application together to use the Great Confucian Order.”

“Eldest Brother, I have a small request,” The Little Prince nodded and continued.

The Crown Prince watched the Little Prince, looking confused but interested, “Oh, what is that request?”

“There are several beauties in the Imperial Cuisine Hall, I am fond of a few,” The Little Prince smiled awkwardly.

“Nineteen Brother is as romantic as before, beware, don't let the women erode your ambitions,” The Crown Prince laughed.

“I'm more than willing if it happens one day at God’s will, as the saying goes, ‘love the beauty more than the country’. A woman’s embrace is the most beautiful place,” The Little Prince was not awkward at all. He knew that his Eldest Brother only focused on the throne and would not fight against him for this. After all, his every single move was being watched by the Crown Prince.

“The beauties in the Imperial Cuisine Hall must be outstanding and alluring, otherwise, you would not take the risk. Yet, let me remind you that these women belong to that young man, you might lose your life anytime if you keep them around,” The Crown Prince pointed out as if he was caring.

“Rest assured, Eldest Brother. I've seen all kinds of women over the years, some of them used to be my enemies but were all obedient now. Eldest Brother, we shall hesitate no more, let's go and see the Guardian Immortal Confucian now!”

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