AST 1929 - Great Confucian Empire Could Last Ten Years...

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1929 - Great Confucian Empire Could Last Ten Years…...

The Little Prince knew that the Crown Prince was not sincere and even wished for his death in a woman’s hands. However, they were siblings. Despite being against one another, they were on the same boat towards the outsiders.

Both of them headed to the backyard of the palace. It was the royal landscape garden with a splendid view of trees and forest. These trees were all tall and strong, the thick branches sheltered the royal palace like a boundless gigantic net.

It was heavily sentried. Under the sunlight, the shadows were painted in dot-like figures.

It was certainly not within the Linhai City anymore. Several State Masters followed the Little Prince and Crown Prince respectively. Walking down the boulevard, they came into the backyard.

There was a small and narrow dome-shaped gate which could only fit two persons at one time. It seemed very simple here, guardless and absolutely quiet. There were abundant plants in the surroundings, Qing Shui would find many useful herbs if he was here.

Stepping into this place, the Little Prince and Crown Prince looked serious. Raising their hands, they indicated their followers to keep their feet behind the dome-shaped gate.

“Great grandson is here to visit you, Old Ancestor!” The Crown Prince and Little Prince hunched while talking softly.

No one answered. Yet, both of them waited while bending over without the slightest doubt and impatience. After around ten minutes, a hoary voice was heard, “Come in!”

“Yes!” Crown Prince and Little Prince replied before walking through the door.

Once entered, it was extremely spacious here. There was a complete range of plants here, but there was no trees and forest. It was reasonable since the trees would hinder the growth of the plants.

It was like a garden of herbs with the herbal aroma in the air. Several winding paths were scattered among the plants, the paths were about 4 feet wide. Many of the plants blossomed and attracted some butterflies and bees.

This place was calming, one could leave battles, humiliation, unpleasant memories, and even wealth behind by standing here.

The small yard made people feel lonely and distant from the bustling city. It was as if the whole world stopped and you were the only one left.

Far away, a senile old man laid in a slightly rocking couch. Basking in the sunlight, the old man looked serene.

The Crown Prince and Little Prince stepped forward and stopped roughly ten meters away from the old man. Then, they went down on their knees in a worship posture.

At that time, the old man opened his eyes slowly. That was a pair of peaceful eyes, looking experienced and as calm as dead water. It was as if nothing in this world could interest him in the slightest.

His face was full of deep wrinkles. Wearing a plain white robe, his hands were so skinny that there were literally only bones and skin.

“Stand up!”

The old man’s voice was energetic. Judging from his appearance, he was an old man with one foot in the grave. However, he sounded a lot younger than he looked.

This was the Old Ancestor of the royal family. There could be a few Old Ancestors, but this old man was the only one the Crown Prince and Little Prince could be in touch with. He was their great-grandfather and their biggest shelter. He once told them not to see him unless the empire was going to perish.

This time, though the empire was yet to perish, it was just a matter of time and hence, they came. Besides, the Old Ancestor gave each of them five of the Great Confucian Order. Every visit required a Great Confucian Order and they should not come anymore once it was used up.

The Crown Prince and Little Prince owned ten pieces together, this was the fourth time they came.

By using the Great Confucian Order, they could seek the Country Protector, the Immortal Master’s help in unmanageable affairs related to the Great Confucian Empire.

“Sigh, say it, what's wrong?” The old man remained seated and said this after giving out a soft sigh.

“Old Ancestor, somebody wants to treat the Barbarian Emperor and could probably cure him……”

The Crown Prince described the situation once. Knowing that the Old Ancestor was aware of all the whereabouts of his surroundings despite shutting himself away from the world, the Crown Prince only mentioned the key points. The Old Ancestor must have his own judgment.

“Both of you, since you are here, I will certainly settle things for you. Yet, I have to re-emphasize something.”

“The cultural background of an empire is vital, but the ability of the empire to stand tall is closely related to the one who rules it. In this world of survivor and natural selection, the empire would change and fall into others’ hands if you can't be independent. The Great Confucian Order is good, but you have to know that it is unreliable. The older generation has to go, I already have a foot in the grave and so do they. We gave you the Great Confucian Order to assist you in ruling the empire and ensure that you can stand tall.”

“Yes, Old Ancestor!”

“Alright, both of you go back now, I got this,” The old man waved and closed his eyes without giving the Crown Prince and Little Prince the second glance.

The Crown Prince and Little Prince bowed and answered while retreating. They smiled in joy once they went out. They knew that it was set, in their view, there was no way that the Old Ancestor would fail.

In the small yard, two old men stood beside the previous old man.

Two old men were as ancient as he was. Hunching their back, they looked like emaciated monkeys. Each of them held an ordinary walking stick, they looked similar.


This was how the two old men addressed him.

“Tianlong Dihu, someone could cure the Barbarian Emperor and he is a young man. Do you think we need to kill this young guy?” The old man sat upright, his body was as straight as a javelin. It was not lofty but kind of unique.

“Master, I've heard of this young man. We have no idea if he has a strong support behind him, but I think he is quite incredible. I even have a feeling that we could never kill him,” The old man on the left uttered.

This old man was Tianlong who owned a magical ability, the awareness. It was a predictive awareness and very accurate. It enabled him and people around him to escape from several disasters. Hence, the old man would usually ask for his opinion when needed.

The old man paused for a while before he continued, “We are almost burnout now. Although the Great Confucian Empire did not flourish with me, it was great and powerful enough. The current Great Confucian Empire apparently has wider territories and seems stronger, but it is full of hidden danger. Tianlong, tell me, how long would the Great Confucian Empire last or how long could our Xia Clan rule the Great Confucian Empire?”

The old man hesitated before he said gently, “Ten years, ten years at most.”

“Ten years, Isn't ten years the time when we are dead? haha,” The old man did not seem upset and even laughed.

“Tianlong, tell me. Who among our Xia Clan would give hope to the empire if he rules it?

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