AST 1938 - Wimpy Kid As A Teacher?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1938 - Wimpy Kid As A Teacher?

Qing Shui would not be overjoyed for the title of “State Master” since it was troublesome. At present, Qing Shui would only help the Great Confucian Empire, when he is needed. Needless to say, the Great Confucian Empire might be helpful in the future too. Besides, the Thirteenth Prince was the Battle God Inheritor, it was not to be neglected. Furthermore, the Old Ancestor of the Great Confucian Empire gave him a magnificent present and he successfully refined the Immortal Dao Divine Origin. Regardless of what it might take, he had to fulfill his promise.

The morning sunlight shone onto the Sacred Emperor City. It was the Emperor City of the Great Confucian Empire, it was indeed not as gloomy as the Linhai City. Any martial artists could feel the ample spiritual sense in this Sacred Emperor City when compared to the other cities. Rumor had it that a Spiritual Spring existed beneath the Sacred Emperor City.

The Spiritual Spring and Spiritual Vein were invaluable. For example, training in the Sacred Emperor City would be faster than training in other places. Whereby in rough estimation, it should be about 20% faster. Meanwhile, staying by the Spiritual Spring, one could moisten his body with the spring water daily. Training around the Spiritual Vein would give twice the result with half the effort.

There were millions of Sects, but the bigger Sects would choose locations with Spiritual Spring and Spiritual Vein as their basecamps. Great locations were either near the mountains or the water, Spiritual Spring was usually underground while the Spiritual Vein was normally found in the mountains. That was also why some strong warriors chose to stay in caves.

The Sacred Emperor City was mysterious and unpredictable, only the royals of the Great Confucian Empire knew about the underground Spiritual Spring or Spiritual Vein, although some other people might know about them too. The Spiritual Spring and Spiritual Vein were the essentials of an Empire or a Sect; Some precious herbs grew around the Spiritual Spring and Spiritual Vein too, thus, they were the biggest wealth which symbolized the strength.

The crowds were brimming in the Sacred Emperor City today, including the Outer City and the Inner City. The Royals were not against it, this kind of promotion was great. The Sacred Royal Stage was crowded too, but it was relatively quieter than the other places.

“Old thing, how come the guy you mentioned hasn't shown up?” On the front seat just below the Sacred Royal Stage, an old man said. He sounded loud and energetic. This old man had thick white hairs blazing like a raging lion. He was rough and gaudy with a sense of mad tyrants.

The old thing he meant was the Old Ancestor of the Great Confucian Empire.

This place was different from the other places in the Sacred Royal Stage, the stage was lower than its surroundings. Besides, it was surrounded by seats which were positioned higher as they were placed further. The further back, the wider the gap between each row of the seats.

If Qing Shui was here, he would surely feel the strangeness of this design. Usually, the battlefields and stages in the Main Continents would be at higher places.

The old man sat in one of the best seats; facing near to the Sacred Royal Stage. Aside from that, the row of the seats which was half a feet higher than the Sacred Royal Stage was exclusively for the most important guests. They were either the closest friends or the biggest foes.

“Elder Sikong, what are you hurrying for, it is still early,” The Old Ancestor of the Great Confucian Empire sat in one of the seats too. The Thirteenth Prince sat beside him and a lot of royal family members sat behind.

The seats were 80% full, the front row was filled by mostly elderlies and some of them looked rather young too.

“Of course I’m in a hurry, the Xia Clan has been oppressing the Sikong Clan over several tens of generations. However, it seems to come to an end,” The old man laughed halfway while talking, he seemed to be really happy.

The Old Ancestor of Xia Clan did not appear mad, he only smiled at Elder Sikong, “How much do you know about the Xia Clan’s background, even if the Clan has fallen, an upstart like you, the Sikong Clan could never catch up.”

“Haha, you are the only old thing in the Xia Clan, you can only live another five years without an accident. I have two hundred years, two hundred years is enough.” Elder Sikong looked at the Old Ancestor of Xia Clan and said without hiding.

“I'm afraid that you would choke to death after eating, don't you see that many people have the same idea?” The Old Ancestor of Xia Clan appeared as calm as the water, his indifferent way of handling the man impressed many people. This cunning old man was not easy. With Xia Clan’s current condition and his five-year lifespan, he still managed to stay calm and free from external distraction. This was an imposing attitude.

The Thirteenth Prince required recognition here for his ascend. Once he gained the supports and resisted the objections, he would be enthroned successfully. As for the outsiders, most of them were brought in by the insiders; some of them came only to watch the bustling scene.

“Elder Brother Xia, is the guy you mentioned so great? The surrounding forces are eyeing on our position now, the Cang Lan Empire, Moonwolf Empire, Starry Immortal Palace and the Sikong Dynasty within the Great Confucian Empire; even the Lin Clan, and the Barbarian Emperor’s land on the east,” said an elegant old man slowly.

This old man named Wen Jian was the chief of all the State Masters in the Great Confucian Empire and also the highest positioned person after the Old Ancestor. He was aged as well; he rarely intervened in the Empire affairs. Although he had powerful strength, he had no children. When he was young, he was injured and became infertile. Now, his wife and relatives had passed away, leaving him alone. The Thirteenth Prince was close to him and he treated the Thirteenth Prince as his own junior.

Perhaps, that was why the Old Ancestor gave the position of Chief State Master to someone who did not belong to Xia Clan.

“He is coming!” The Old Ancestor looked at a distant place. A tiny black dot moved forward rapidly. In a flash, he had arrived on the Sacred Royal Stage.

Qing Shui stood on the Sacred Royal Stage and bowed slightly, “Old man, I'm here!”

There were more than a thousand people around the Sacred Royal Stage, all of them were capable men. Any of them could intimidate the other forces by simply showing their skills.

“Haha, okay, time is almost up, let’s start the master-honoring ceremony,” announced The Old Ancestor of Xia Clan straightforwardly.

That statement was surprising since he had not even made a proper introduction. In fact, that was a kind of humiliation too. It was implying that the introduction was redundant and they were only invited as witnesses.

“Hold on, where did this guy come from. Old guy Xia, you can’t be so careless even if you’re rushing to die, such nonsense,” Elder Sikong talked again.

Qing Shui looked at this lionlike old guy without changing his expression, “Old man, who is this, why is he so triggered? Could it be that he wants to become the Great Emperor?”

Qing Shui sounded gentle, but the last few words were a total contempt.

Elder Sikong could not stand the depreciation because he indeed wanted to be the Great Emperor. He was irritated by the young man’s doubtful statement and said in a scornful tone, “It’s none of your business whether I want to be the Great Emperor. Speaking of which, how could a wimpy kid like you dream to become a master?”

“Haha, It has nothing to do with you whether I want to be a master or not. The saying ‘to be aged and unworthy, is to be a pest’ must be describing a misguided elderly like you,” Qing Shui realized that this old guy was a trouble. Since he was being contemptuous, Qing Shui should not be courteous anymore. One who discovered the truth should be the master, this man was nothing in Qing Shui’s eyes. One who was capable should be respected, Qing Shui deserved that position as well.

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