AST 1939 - One Move, Heavenly Vision Technique

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1939 - One Move, Heavenly Vision Technique

Elder Sikong’s face flushed red. No one ever dared to treat him this way despite being scolded before. Moreover, the crowds were huge and influential here. Therefore, the old guy was extremely offended and pointed at Qing Shui, he was at loss for words.

At that moment, a middle-aged man stood up beside Elder Sikong and proclaimed, “Dad, why bother with a wimpy kid like him, let me give him a lesson on behalf of you.”

The man was Sikong Fan, the youngest son of Elder Sikong. He was also the most successful and talented one. He was also expected to be the one who could go the furthest in the Sikong Clan’s history. This was a man with various titles and nobility, an almost legendary man.

Sikong Fan started practicing sword when he was three, displayed his budding talent at seven, was almost a Xiantian warrior at twelve, and achieved the Martial King level at sixteen. Currently, he was already a strong Divine warrior and he was not even a hundred years old. A very young Divinity.

Sikong Clan was from the Sikong Dynasty, one of the Dynasty under the Great Confucian Empire which was quite powerful. It was in the top three among many other Dynasties in the Great Confucian Empire. The Great Confucian Empire had to control and suppress the Dynasties despite being on guard against the nearby Empires.

Sikong Clan had been waiting for the opportunity and could barely hold back as they saw the empty seat of the Great Confucian Empire. The Sikong Clan could reach a higher level within a brief period of time by controlling the resources of the Great Confucian Empire. In long-term, the outcome would be beyond imagination.

Sikong Fan appeared on the Sacred Royal Stage in a split second, but he did not take immediate action.

The Old Ancestor of Xia Clan only smiled and watched without talking. This situation was way too normal, it would only be abnormal if everything went smoothly.

“Qing Shui right, oh ya, Miraculous Physician Qing, why don’t you check my body and see if I need some therapy,” Sikong Fan smirked at Qing Shui. Not every Miraculous Physician would treat everyone’s illnesses. Sikong Fan had never sought medical treatment from Qing Shui. Looking at this overly young-looking man, he would rather believe that it was just a rumor.

Qing Shui smiled and looked at Sikong Fan, after a while, he said, “Your body doesn’t need therapy. If your dragon down there could raise its head, I believe you would be happier.”

The audience remained silent. Next, they burst out in laughter.

“Sikong Fan, so you’re handicapped. I’ve been wondering why would a perfect man like you stay single and have no kids at this age.”

“Sikong Fan, is that real?!”

“Was that guy kidding? They’re opposing one another anyway.”

“Exactly, could you diagnose infertility at one glance, there ain’t so many sterile men here. Sikong Fan should have treated this illness already if he really has it, with the Sikong’s background, there’s no illness they cannot cure.”

Elder Sikong’s expression changed at once while looking at his favorite youngest son as if he discovered something. However, he was back to normal very soon.

“Crap!” Sikong Fan screamed loudly.

“Haha, a young man should face his own disabilities like a man,” Qing Shui said with a smile.

The people below burst out in laughter. ‘What was he talking about?’, thought the people. Putting aside Sikong Fan’s illness, it was not even a mistake if he had it. Being asked to face his disabilities like a man, Sikong Fan would be extremely furious if his illness was true.

“You’re asking for death!”

Sikong Fan’s embarrassment turned into anger, he stared at Qing Shui in rage. At this moment, everyone could sense something fishy. The crowd began to question Sikong Fan’s qualification as a real man. Suddenly, people looked at Sikong Fan with sympathy. Any powerful man would lose all of his glory once he lost his symbol of masculinity. Any ordinary man would sympathize with his condition.

Sikong Fan calmed himself down, but the eyes around him further aggravated his anxiety. Knowing that he misbehaved today, the raging flame in his heart could not be calmed. His stare on Qing Shui was as cold as ice.

“Listen to my advice, go down, you are inadequate. Some words are not to be said lightly, you can’t bear the consequences,” Qing Shui waved his hand old-fashionedly like swatting the flies.

Sikong Fan tried to keep his calm, but he exploded this time. An immature kid kept talking in a senior’s tone and humiliated him. Moreover, Qing Shui’s previous words made him feel like erupting. He had never felt so mad before and never hated someone to the bones like this.

“It’s useless to be only good with words, take my sword!”

Sikong Fan knew he could not win in the argument and pointed his sword towards Qing Shui immediately.

Hollow Steps!

One of the killer moves of the Sikong Clan, there were three variables in each step, all of them were interchangeable. It was unpredictable, strange, and varied. Besides, a combination of three steps or two steps simultaneously was available. Once practiced at its peak level, one could advance and retreat freely. The moves were mysterious and unpredictable.

Qing Shui looked at the flashing figure, the sword was exceptionally bright and sliced towards Qing Shui in a dense cold light. It was fast and slow at the same time, then it increased its swiftness. In split seconds, the shadows of the dashing sword filled up the sky.

Sikong Fan did not hold back once he began, he went all out and performed his killer move. In the shadows of the sword, only one was real. One would get attacked if he could not distinguish the real sword. Plus, the real sword could move and interchange in between the shadows.

Qing Shui appeared calm, he squinted his eyes!

Heavenly Vision Technique!

Instantly, the shadows of the sword were cleared out, leaving only the actual sword behind. Moreover, the sword slowed down a lot. This was affected by the recent breakthrough of the Heavenly Vision Technique, a tremendous change indeed.

Qing Shui had no idea about the current realm of the Heavenly Vision Technique. The original ability retained but it was more direct this time, for example, it was able to clear out the sky full of shadows of sword and leave only the actual sword.

Apart from that, the newest daunting ability of the Heavenly Vision Technique was to reduce the speed of the object seen.

It did not actually slow down. In fact, his own speed increased, making him feel that way. In the outsiders’ view, the opponent’s speed was constant but Qing Shui became faster.

Qing Shui’s speed would increase provided that his body was strong enough to withstand it. Otherwise, the side effect would be great. Fortunately, Qing Shui refined the Immortal Dao Divine Origin this time. Perhaps, Qing Shui’s strength improved enormously and enabled him to realize the powerful ability of the Heavenly Vision Technique.

Qing Shui looked at the sword which was only seemed to be slow. If the opponent had enough speed, Qing Shui would feel the swiftness even if he had the Heavenly Vision Technique. For illustration, a speed of 100 and a speed of 50 were different under the Heavenly Vision Technique. The speed of 100 would become 50 and the speed of 50 would become 25, it was a reduction of about 50%.

Sikong Fan’s speed was essentially slow in Qing Shui’s eyes and now it became even slower. Qing Shui’s figure moved abruptly in the audience’s view. In Sikong Fan’s eyes, Qing Shui dashed into the shadows of the sword like a lightning. The subsequent event was unbelievable.


Qing Shui held Sikong Fan’s sword in his hand while Sikong Fan was thrown far away with blood spilling out from his mouth.

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