AST 1940 - Fight Against the Fox-Wolf Immortal Master, Natural God Energy?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1940 - Fight Against the Fox-Wolf Immortal Master, Natural God Energy?

Fast, it was extremely fast!

Though it was very fast, many people saw it clearly and reckoned that it was weak. After all, Sikong Fan’s strength was weaker than a lot from some of them despite being a gifted person.

Even Qing Shui only fought with very little force previously since Sikong Fan was indeed weaker than Tantai Lingyan. Thus, some were shocked but most of them appeared calm.

Sikong Fan was injured but it was not deadly. He stood up and saw Qing Shui holding his sword, he was so embarrassed that he would rather die. One move, he could not even stand one move while he already used his strongest move.

A total failure, he lost to this young man who was even younger than himself.

Thinking of his previous experience, he used to be complacent about being superior to the others and enjoyed being looked up to. Today, he tasted the cruel reality. Although he knew that there was always someone better, to meet one was a different story. Plus, he needed time to accept the fact.

Waving his hand, Qing Shui threw the sword and it stabbed right before Sikong Fan.

“Don’t feel upset and hard to face the fact, someone like you is very ordinary and not gifted. There’s nothing to be depressed. Frankly speaking, you are insignificant in my eyes. I only fought with you because of the circumstances, if it wasn’t for today’s occasion, I wouldn’t even look straight at you,” Qing Shui gave him a blow mercilessly.

Qing Shui needed to show a lofty stance today. He had to prove himself by showing his strength and Art of Healing. He ought to dominate the situation by controlling them and displaying his capabilities. Besides, he had to let them know there was a sword hanging over their head, a dreadful and life-threatening sword.

Legitimacy belonged to the victor, Sikong Fan could not even listen to Qing Shui’s words now. He was muddle-headed.

“Fan`er, come back!” Elder Sikong yelled, frowning his head.

He could see that his youngest son, who had never encountered such a heavy blow, would come to his end at that moment without his help. Sikong Fan was the hope of the Sikong Clan, the future of the Sikong Clan would be substantially downgraded without him.

Listening to the old man, Sikong Fan raised his head. His eyes brightened up. Next, he pulled out the sword in front of him. After giving a deep stare at Qing Shui, he went back to the Elder Sikong’s side.

“A real man would take it easy, a short-term failure is nothing, nobody can be forever undefeated. One can only reach the peak through constant improvement and hard work. Do not look down on anyone. As he said, there are countless talented persons in the Main Continent, the universe is limitless. Do not feel unbearable losing to this young man. You will find this thought ridiculous later.”

Elder Sikong stopped after uttering a few sentences. Then, he looked at the stage without a word. He was pleased, perhaps this was a great thing to his youngest son. It was an opportunity, a setback could shape and change an individual.

Qing Shui looked at the audience and smiled, “Is there anyone who still doubt my ability to be a teacher, why don’t we grab the opportunity to study this matter?”

Provocation, a solid provocation!

That triggered a lot of people around the Sacred Royal Stage at once. ’How could a wimpy kid like you fool around here, did you really think you are unrivaled? You really underestimated the others.’

“Bastard, you are too arrogant,” A cold voice was heard.

Qing Shui looked at the direction of the voice, there was someone he knew, the Crown Prince, and the one who spoke was someone not to be neglected.

Fox-Wolf Immortal Master!

It was apparently a young man in Qing Shui’s opinion, he was younger than a normal middle-aged man. He was skinny yet strong, his slim and lean body was covered in a navy blue robe. He had a long face, tall nose, and the most unique feature was his wolf-like eyes. Those were a pair of wild eyes filled with charm.

He had a fair complexion which made his eyes even more prominent.

At this moment, he was looking at Qing Shui while tapping his hand gently on the table.

Qing Shui’s emergence disrupted the Fox-Wolf Immortal Master’s plan. If he did not kill this young man right away, the consequences would be too dreadful to imagine.

“Who are you? Did I offend you?”

Qing Shui’s words got on the Fox-Wolf Immortal Master’s nerves, this bastard was a real troublemaker. ‘I would not even bother if you did not insult me. Anyway, this guy was really good at talking nonsense.’ thought the Fox-Wolf Immortal Master.

“I’m Fox-Wolf Immortal Master,” he kept calm and said to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui kept a moment of silence. Then, Qing Shui frowned and said something that drove the Fox-Wolf Immortal Master so mad that he would choke Qing Shui to death.

“Fox-Wolf Immortal Master? Is he famous? What is the Fox-Wolf Immortal Master?” Qing Shui asked seriously. He did not seem pretentious or arrogant, he appeared just like a new kid from the countryside asking for direction.

“Bastard, there’s a limit to your arrogance,” The Fox-Wolf Immortal Master calmed down. This guy was a pain in the ass.

He knew Qing Shui did that on purpose. As the backbone of the Crown Prince, the Fox-Wolf Immortal Master would automatically benefit in term of status once the Crown Prince became the Great Emperor. The Crown Prince was his student and he was the person of the highest hierarchy in the Great Confucian Empire. Now, he was humiliated by a kid, no wonder he was infuriated.

“There’s a trouble with me, I am honest, and also stubborn, I won’t turn back even if I hit a wall,” Qing Shui stared at the interesting expression of the Fox-Wolf Immortal Master.

Qing Shui was pissed by the Fox-Wolf Immortal Master. The Grand State Master that he killed and the one from the Five Poison Immortal Palace were the Fox-Wolf Immortal Master’s men. Furthermore, the Fox-Wolf Immortal Master had a terrible name, his followers did all kind of evil things and most of them cleared out the traces. Hence, they were never caught red-handed but everyone knew very well who was the head behind the conspiracy.

“If that’s the case, let me teach you how to be a man. Isn’t it misleading to the youngsters as a teacher who doesn’t know how to be a man,” As soon as he finished his lines, the Fox-Wolf Immortal Master appeared on the Sacred Royal Stage.

Qing Shui shook his head, “To be honest, I am reluctant to be together with someone like you on the stage.”

The Fox-Wolf Immortal Master gripped his hands tightly and released them, “You can go first, or else, you won’t even have the opportunity to do so.”

The Fox-Wolf Immortal Master did not talk to Qing Shui further, this guy was an insane dog. He was straightforward when he bit.

Qing Shui squinted, his smile made the Fox-Wolf Immortal Master feel sinister. Qing Shui’s appearance was slightly feminine and cold, with his current expression, he looked even colder and somber now. The Fox-Wolf Immortal Master had a bad feeling.

“I’ll satisfy you then!”

Qing Shui stomped his feet instantly and dashed towards the Fox-Wolf Immortal Master. He was very resolute, simple, and speedy. In a flash, Qing Shui stood right before the Fox-Wolf Immortal Master and gave him a punch.

Only a punch, a very simple punch without any fancy skills, it was not even a technique.

This was the most uncomplicated punch!


The Fox-Wolf Immortal Master realized that he underestimated this young man because that force was a little intimidating. Hastily, he responded with a Tiger Explosion Punch, fighting violence with violence.

Both of them moved a step back, but Qing Shui advanced once again with a straight punch!



The subsequent scene was beyond belief. Qing Shui threw his punches continuously without any technique. His punches were rapid and powerful; his attacking speed increased for every single punch that he threw.

The Fox-Wolf Immortal Master was busy trying different techniques, but he realized that the opponent’s force became much stronger. His several attempts were blocked by the opponent’s brutal force. As the clock ticked by, he was surprised that he was running out of energy, could it be that this young man had the Natural God Energy?


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