AST 1941 - Qing Shui Stood at The Heart of Storms

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1941 - Qing Shui Stood at The Heart of Storms

Though Qing Shui was young, he was experienced in battles. With his Heavenly Vision Technique, he could definitely strike his enemy continuously and easily. He could do it without any special move.

First, he had to beat the target while having a stronger force. Besides, he had to keep the strikes going before the target tried to stand firm. Next, he had to interrupt the target’s Origin Qi and keep it below the target’s optimal performance level. The target would be like one who lost balance and could not exert any force despite not falling down.

Qing Shui could have achieved that without the Heavenly Vision Technique as well, but he would never make it look so effortlessly. After all, the Fox-Wolf Immortal Master was almost as strong as the Barbarian Emperor even if he was weaker.

With the aid of the Heavenly Vision Technique, Qing Shui could beat the opponents until they lost the ability to use the Origin Qi. Hence, the Fox-Wolf Immortal Master suffered a great loss with his energy massively reduced. After hanging on for a quarter hour, the Fox-Wolf Immortal Master received a strong punch from Qing Shui and blood started oozing out from the corner of his mouth...

“You lost!” Qing Shui stopped right there. He did not want to take away unnecessary life. As long as it was not against his principles, he would not kill. His rule of being an Imperial Doctor was to save lives, many of them. The rule was there so that he would have a sense of kindness which would be beneficial to him. Meanwhile, killing someone would create a sense of evilness. For instance, one would become irritable and bad-tempered after killing a lot of people. He would turn into an insane murderer or even have an obsession with severe conditions.

The Fox-Wolf Immortal Master was stunned and depressed. He was beaten up forcefully without the chance to fight back, albeit he was still full of strength. Thus, he felt an intense torment.

The Fox-Wolf Immortal Master was not Sikong Fan, he had a pair of evil eyes. He acknowledged that his opponent was far ahead of him in strength and capable of pushing him to the corner. Thus, he felt indifferent and heaved a big sigh, knowing that he just lost the opportunity in the Great Confucian Empire.

“A monstrous creature only found once in a blue moon, I wonder who taught a creature like you. I can’t find a better description for you,” The Fox-Wolf Immortal Master suddenly appeared smaller after uttering that statement.

As he walked down the stairs, he bowed to the Old Ancestor of the Xia Clan, “Master, you look better now, you are simply bound to win.”

Qing Shui was astonished, he did not expect the Fox-Wolf Immortal Master to be the student of the Old Ancestor. Although he disliked the Fox-Wolf Immortal Master, he could not deny this person’s honesty and open heart.



Sikong Fan felt much better now. Even the Fox-Wolf Immortal Master could not strike back, so his loss was justified. This was how human behaved, Sikong Fan did not feel annoyed at all now, he even wished for someone stronger to get defeated in order to soothe his feelings.

Despite not feeling depressed anymore, Sikong Fan looked at Qing Shui with his fiery, jealous eyes. His jealousy became admiration as soon as he realized the huge discrepancy between them.

The Old Ancestor of Xia Clan smiled happily. This young man did not disappoint him, he could not figure out Qing Shui exact strength until now. Previously, he reckoned he could finish Qing Shui using only one hand.

At his age, he lost the impulse to do so. He looked highly on this young man’s potential and character. He owned the Immortal Dao Divine Origin for many years but had yet to find a suitable person. When he first met Qing Shui, he was grateful to find a young man like this before he died. The Xia Clan would go on because of this young man.

A while later, a Xia Clan’s man carried an Imperial Tutor Chair and an old man went up, “The master-honoring ceremony begins!” proclaimed the old man.

The Old Ancestor of the Xia Clan did this to tell everyone that the Thirteenth Prince was Qing Shui’s student. This session was very important, it was very crucial to the future of the Xia Clan and the Great Confucian Empire.

Salutation, master-honoring tea ceremony……

This part went on smoothly, anyhow, the Thirteenth Prince was only honoring a master. Hence, no one tried to test him anymore.

Qing Shui took a sip of the tea given by the Thirteenth Prince and passed to the person beside him. Then, he held up the Thirteenth Prince who was kneeling before him, “In the future, you are my eldest student. To be precise, I only have one student now…”

The crowd was speechless. Nobody stepped forward to stop or cancel the ceremony.

Meanwhile, the Thirteenth Prince was serious. He saw the powerful strength of his master today, the absolute power. A man, who could beat the Fox-Wolf Immortal Master until he couldn’t fight back, was good enough to be his master.

After the ceremony, the Old Ancestor of Xia Clan rose slowly. Looking at the surrounding, he said, “Besides the master-honoring of the Thirteenth Prince, there is one more announcement. I wish everyone can witness this.”

It was coming, the audience knew the exact event happening, so did the Old Ancestor of the Xia Clan. However, some things ought to be spoken.

“Today onwards, the Thirteenth Prince is the Great Emperor of Great Confucian Empire,” The Old Ancestor spoke softly, but every single word was loud and clear. That was a firm and irrebuttable tone.

There was a moment of silence. The Old Ancestor of the Xia Clan took a ring out, this was the True Dragon Royal Ring, the symbol of the Great Emperor. It symbolized the inheritance and was also a Divine Artifact at the same time.

The True Dragon Royal Ring recognized its owner through blood and it was essential for the owner to be from the Xia Clan bloodline. This was the trick of the very first Xia Clan Great Emperor, no one else could ever dream to own this ring. It would remain in the Xia Clan no matter who tried to snatch it.

“Old Ancestor!” A sudden voice was heard.

It was the Little Prince, he stood up and bowed to the Old Ancestor of the Xia Clan.

“You’re not convinced,” The Old Ancestor was experienced. He could see through an obvious matter like this. Since they were all his junior, he did not beat around the bush and said directly.

“Great grandson doesn’t get it, what am I lacking compared to Brother Thirteen, why don’t we stand a chance to compete?” said the Little Prince sincerely while raising his head.

“How do you wish to compete?” said the Old Ancestor with a smile.

As the Old Ancestor of the Xia Clan, he was happy to see his junior being proactive. However, he knew only the Thirteenth Prince could reverse the situation of the Great Confucian Empire. Others might lead the Great Confucian Empire to its demise, while the Thirteenth Prince’s fortune would change because of Qing Shui.

“Old Ancestor, Brother Thirteenth would not survive long as the Great Emperor. Perhaps, you only look highly on this Mr. Qing!” The Little Prince was clear-headed, he had his plans in mind earlier.

“Correct, Mr. Qing would ensure the safety of the Great Confucian Empire.”

The Old Ancestor of the Xia Clan had his own plans. Though this sounded like pushing Qing Shui to the heart of storms, it was unavoidable. Now that the Little Prince said it out, he saved the trouble to do so.

“What if someone beat Mr. Qing, a man could never swim against the current regardless of his strength,” The Little Prince continued.

“When a man is strong enough, any force would be negligible. On top of that, Mr. Qing is a Miraculous Physician, his influence is great,” The Old Ancestor of Xia Clan said while smiling. He complimented Qing Shui so hard that he sounded like a salesperson.

“Oldie Xia, you brought this young brother so high up that I want to try my luck up there,” A deep and sincere voice was suddenly heard.


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