AST 1943 - Canglan Tyrant Lord, Tyrant Lord Blood, Tyrant Lord Attack

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1943 - Canglan Tyrant Lord, Tyrant Lord Blood, Tyrant Lord Attack

Qing Shui had no problems resisting Sha Langfeng’s attack, but he did not want to reveal his powerful defensive power this soon. On top of that, he already showed his speed earlier, so he evaded by moving swiftly like a pointed pike. By twisting his body and moving forward, he stood behind Sha Langfeng and gave him a kick.

Tiger Tailwhip Kick!

Qing Shui kicked instinctively and felt extreme satisfaction at once. There was this smooth and easy feeling as if he had practiced this kick endless times, he launched the kick without a second thought.


Sha Langfeng had no means to avoid that, it was a kick on a vital spot of the body. Sha Langfeng was strong, but the Tiger Tailwhip Kick was an insidious move. It immediately hurt Sha Langfeng’s inner organs, blood could be seen dripping at the corner of his mouth.

Sha Langfeng turned around to look at Qing Shui. This young man gave him a lot more pressure now. He thought Qing Shui was arrogant for not using weapons, but now he realized that he was wrong.

Qing Shui had already gotten used to his newly upgraded power now. After all, the mastery of skills was very important. Assuming both of them had one million Dao Force, a better-skilled person could perform at the two million Dao Force level, whereas the worse-skilled one could not even use half a million Dao Force in the real battle. 

Besides that, a move depended heavily on its mightiness and proficiency. Some magical moves were coupled with a great force and vital spot attack. It was like the heart-sealing punch. When the punch hit on a special part, the target would suffer from shortness of breath. The damage would be different if the punch hit somewhere else with the exact same force, this was the vital spot attack.

Besides that, the angulation and distance would affect the force too. This was a simpler way to describe it. Like in some martial art moves, an exquisite move would be infused by various elements in order to empower the existing move.

Qing Shui used it before. He recently invented a kind of combo attack that seemed like some game moves from his past life. As stated earlier, Qing Shui’s principle was to hit the target, make him lose balance, and then continue striking by controlling the target’s Qi.

There were two conditions, it would be easier with a greater force since the target would retreat and lose balance once he stepped backward. The other condition was when one was weaker, then, it would be more challenging to beat the target with a combo attack.

Yet, that was not too hard for Qing Shui because he mastered the body Acupuncture Points, meridians, joints, bones, and vessels. He knew very well which body parts were fragile, easily numb, able to delay nervous response out of extreme pain...

Hence, Qing Shui could enrich the combo attack without worrying that situations would go out of his control. Qing Shui had a lot of combo attacks, including fist, palm, finger, elbow, knee, kick, and weapons.

Also, Qing Shui felt the powerful effect of his combo attack. Some attacks could make the enemies lose consciousness temporarily, numb or entranced. After that, Qing Shui could just kill them with one strike.

Nevertheless, Qing Shui did not practice that up until now. The opponent’s strength before this was not enough to force Qing Shui into using the combo attacks.

Sha Langfeng wiped off the blood dripping off his mouth. Finally, he said slowly, “I’ve lost, thanks for your mercy.”

Qing Shui indeed did not go all out previously, otherwise, he would kick on the opponent’s neck and break it.

Qing Shui smirked without a word, Sha Langfeng returned to his seat slowly.

The crowd was astonished by the daunting strength of this young man. Sha Langfeng was the second strongest man in his generation. Though 90% of the earlier generation’s experts were still alive and going strong, it was stunning to watch Sha Langfeng’s miserable failure.

The Old Ancestor of the Xia Clan smiled out of joy.

“I wonder if anyone is coming up next, if there is none, then the Thirteen Prince will take over the Great Confucian Empire. I still have patients in the Imperial Cuisine Hall,” Qing Shui actually craved for a fight now, he longed to have a fight with a capable warrior.

“What a young hero, let me experience how good you are,” A well-built old man went up.

Canglan Tyrant Lord!

“The Tyrant Lord of the Canglan Empire, rumor has it that he was supposed to inherit the Great Emperor’s position, but he rejected the position with the excuse of refinement. He is at the top five in the Canglan Empire.”

“This time, that fellow is about to taste something real.”

“Indeed, the tyrant lord’s Tyrant Power is very frightening, that power, tsk tsk.”



Qing Shui overheard the discussion and looked at the old man who walked in a majestic gait. Though the old man was full of grey hair, he had almost negligible wrinkles. His tanned skin was like marble and his body was like a steel tower. He stepped on the Sacred Royal Stage with a slight tapping noise.

Qing Shui looked serious suddenly. This was a powerful elderly, he was as powerful as the Barbarian Emperor. From his long arms, Qing Shui deduced that the old man spent most of his martial arts practices on the arms. His arms were a little longer than normal and a lot bigger, at least twice as big as Qing Shui’s arms. Even on the old man’s body, the arms felt slightly too thick.

“It’s been ages. You are the most excellent young man I’ve ever met, the only one,” The tyrant lord smiled at Qing Shui.

“Old man flattered me, there is always someone better. There are countless talented and brilliant persons in the Main Continent. I was just lucky to have the opportunity, it’d be too arrogant to be unrivaled,” Qing Shui shook his head.

The Tyrant Lord was stunned, a happy smile crept onto his face. The crowd was surprised too, Qing Shui had been arrogant and snobbish since his appearance, it was too astonishing to see him so humble now.

Qing Shui had reasons for his arrogance today. After all, he was too young, it would be worse if he did it the other way round. The result would be ugly if nobody responded to him. Indeed, that was a rare condition, but Qing Shui was satisfied with the current progress.

“Haha, I see you are exactly my type. After the fight, let’s have a drink together no matter who wins, what do you think?” said the Tyrant Lord happily.

“My honor!” Qing Shui replied with a smile.

“Alright, come on! don’t hold back!”

The tyrant lord’s body expanded with an invigorating qi after saying that. His entire body enlarged externally into a little giant, his tyrannic aura was as great as a huge mountain.

Tyrant Lord Blood!

Qing Shui’s eyes lit up, “You too.”

The old man’s gigantic arms became even bigger, his fists were so big and his shirt was almost ripped by his enlarging arms. His arms were like metal pillars, giving out a faint red light.


The old man dashed towards Qing Shui and gave a double smash with his gigantic arms!

Qing Shui wanted to gauge the old man’s power too, he accepted the attack and reached his fists out without the slightest evasion.


The loud and dull noise seemed to shake the entire Sacred Royal Stage. The old man stood still while Qing Shui made several steps back. Qing Shui was weaker in terms of force, but he could totally take it with his current defensive power.

The Parry Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda couldn’t block the force and only guarantee to block the damage. Hence, it was normal for Qing Shui to be blasted.

Qing Shui smiled even wider, this old man was a human killing weapon. Qing Shui’s fighting spirit fired up and it was reflected in his eyes.

Little did Qing Shui know that in comparison to his surprise, the old man’s astonishment was even greater. This young man could stand his Tyrant Lord Attack without being harmed, that was unexpected.


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