AST 1944 - Powerful Consecutive Moves, Starry Immortal Palace

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1944 - Powerful Consecutive Moves, Starry Immortal Palace

The power of the Tyrant Lord was great, pure, and he was also very agile. This was what he excelled in. He had thought that Qing Shui would at least be hurt from this attack. He hadn't expected that Qing Shui would only retreat a few steps with his vital energy and blood intact with no major damages.

Qing Shui circulated his powers to the peak. Without any weapons, his strength was inferior to the old man he was up against. However, when one was around his level, strength was something which didn't matter much. Even with that said, men still enjoyed having powerful strength. It gave them a greater sense of satisfaction, being able to suppress and defeat their opponents with absolute violence.

"Bring out your weapon. My weapon is this pair of gloves." Tyrant Lord did not intent on attacking immediately and said to Qing Shui.

"Don't worry, I am not that arrogant. I'll bring out my weapon the moment when I need it. However, you'll need to watch out as well. Don't be hesitant of hurting me. Don't give any opportunities to your opponents." Qing Shui smiled and only said what he needed to convey. Otherwise, it'd just be him showing off.

"Let's go again!" Tyrant Lord lifted up his arms, preparing himself and waiting for Qing Shui to attack.

Qing Shui curled his hands a little, lifting up his legs.

Nine Palace Steps!

Qing Shui appeared right before the old man and punched.

Tyrant Lord's reaction was in no way inferior and countered as well. This time around, with a force that seemed stronger than before.

The Tyrant Lord knew that Qing Shui was resistant to attacks and thus went all out, not pulling any punches. His arms were like huge Fire Dragon Hammers, smashing toward Qing Shui fiercely.

Qing Shui's expression didn't change as he landed his punch on the old man's fist.

Taichi had the principle of using the opponent's power and turning them into your own. Qing Shui's figure spun like a top and passed by from under the old man's arm as he lowered his body. As he passed by, his punch went out toward the Tyrant Lord's ribs.

The Tyrant Lord reacted to the sudden strike and drew back his arms to shield his left ribs.


A loud and stifled sound rang out. Qing Shui's figure once again slid behind the Tyrant Lord and at the speed of lightning, struck at the seven-inch point on the old man's spine, causing the Tyrant Lord to move forward unsteadily.

It was at this moment when Qing Shui's figure dashed forth once again.

While the Tyrant Lord's figure was stumbling forward, he had also sensed that Qing Shui was dashing out toward him. He didn't even turn around and sent his two arms lashing backward rapidly like two whips. His lashing movements were spinning as he protected himself in the center.

Qing Shui didn't back off and sent out another punch. The knuckle on the middle finger of his curled hand had struck fiercely.

Quchi Acupoint!


Qing Shui didn't stop but the Tyrant Lord's body had stopped for a moment. His arms were numb and aching. He was unable to summon any strength. It was then when Qing Shui struck against the Tyrant Lord's back with his elbow, causing the Tyrant Lord to become even more unsteady, appearing as if he would fall at any moment.

Nine Palace Steps!

Qing Shui lashed out one of his arms to assault the Tyrant Lord's neck.

The Tyrant Lord's body had terrifyingly strong defensive abilities and Qing Shui was also aware of The Tyrant Lord’s resistance toward physical attacks. His strength lied in that he had both strong defenses and attacks. He was the strongest cultivator of the physical body that Qing Shui had ever met. In addition to that, he even possessed a good level of dexterity as well. Ordinary cultivators were no match for him. This person was like a human Tyrannosaurus.

The Tyrant Lord was so aggrieved that he felt like puking blood. Although his body's resistance to physical attacks wasn’t bad, the neck wasn't a spot that should be easily struck. He instinctively blocked with his hands.


Qing Shui's strength was not much inferior compared to the Tyrant Lord to begin with. As he lashed out while the Tyrant Lord was still unsteady on his feet, he managed to send him flying.

This was not the end. Qing Shui's consecutive moves would not stop now that they had begun. His body continued getting closer to the Tyrant Lord.

Cannon Fist!

Qing Shui had studied more in-depth into some of the fist techniques from his previous life. Some of the fist and palm techniques from his previous life could also unleash fierce prowess with Qing Shui's current strength.


This domineering punch caused the Tyrant Lord to be blasted out once again. Qing Shui continued to get close and then struck out with a Tan Kicking Style [1]!


Loud sounds continued to ring out in the sky. The Tyrant Lord was unable to retaliate at all and could only continue being hit by Qing Shui like a punching bag.

Qing Shui hadn't intended on killing the Tyrant Lord. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even be alive by now. Qing Shui had had plenty of opportunities to strike against the Tyrant Lord's lethal points or some acupoints that would numb his nerves. However, he had avoided them.

Qing Shui had used all sorts of fist techniques. Xing Yi martial arts, Taichi, Eight Trigrams, Eight Extreme Fist, Tan Kicking Style, and more. He moved elusively, having mastered all of the moves. The people on the ground watching were all stunned.

That was the Canglan Tyrant Lord, a Grade 7 Divinity.

Right now, Qing Shui was aware of the vast difference amongst Grade 7 Divinities. A strength of 50 million Dao force would be at Grade 7 of the Divine Grade but it would only be Early Divine Grade. A strength of 100 million Dao force would be at the middle tier of Grade 7 Divine Grade and only those with a strength of 500 million Dao force would be considered to had reached the later phase of Grade 7 Divine Grade. 

Qing Shui only knew of this information because they were explained to him by the Xia Clan's Old Ancestor. As for those who were beyond this level, he wasn't sure. Their difference was too big. Thus, he had no contact with them.

Eight Extremes Leaning on the Mountains!

Qing Shui sprinted once again and collided onto the Tyrant Lord's chest. The latter had no means of defending and could only put up an instinctive defense.


The Tyrant Lord's body traveled a large distance as he spurted out a mouth of fresh blood.

After the Tyrant Lord landed, he strangely felt better. There were clotted blood and vital energy throughout his body from Qing Shui's attacks, causing him to feel very uncomfortable. After spurting out the mouthful of fresh blood, he felt a lot more comfortable. Not only so, he also realized that this collision had caused the barrier that he hadn't been able to break through to loosen up.

This gave him a great surprise and he looked at Qing Shui. He then saw that Qing Shui was smiling and nodding at him.

He now understood that Qing Shui was helping him. It was no coincidence. It made sense, now that he was thinking more deeply into this. If Qing Shui had not made the last collision, he would definitely have gotten injured. It wouldn't just be a physical injury but also a mental blow. However, with that final collision, the Tyrant Lord's body felt a lot better and would be able to recover after resting for a few days.

That wasn't all. The barrier before him had also loosened up. This gave him some hope in attaining a breakthrough. The Tyrant Lord knew how vast the difference was between himself and the young man after this and he didn't feel bad anymore. He wore a smile, saying happily, "Thank you for going easy on me, and thank you for helping me. I owe you one."

The Tyrant Lord bowed to Qing Shui and then returned to his seat.

This action had left many people dumbfounded. However, the Tyrant Lord only closed his eyes and rested after returning to his seat. He had great pride in his high status of the Canglan Empire. Now that he had closed his eyes and refused to say a word, no one could go up and disturb him.

Qing Shui was satisfied as he stood on the Sacred Royal Stage, looking at the surrounding with a relaxed expression. He then said, "I'll wait for 15 minutes. I hope that those who still have any opinions can voice them out now. After the time has passed, if there is still anyone who doesn't know any better, I won't go easy on them."

Qing Shui appeared seemingly arrogant, not caring about the people present. However, having defeated a number of people consecutively, he was thought to have some kind of status. Although his words were still piercing, many people still chose to remain silent.

"There have been people from the Moonwolf Empire and Azurewolf Empire who had sparred with you. Let our Starry Immortal Palace give it a go a well. Otherwise, this trip would be for nothing." An old man stood up and announced.

“Old Monster Starry! That's the Old Monster Starry!.”

"That's right! Even this old man is going to take action. Isn't this going down too low in terms of seniority?"

"But this young man is too arrogant. If I were Old Monster Starry, I would step out too."


There was a great commotion on the ground. Qing Shui heard what they said and felt that this Old Monster Starry wasn't a simple man. He should be stronger than the Tyrant Lord.

[1] A particular style of Chinese martial arts that is also found as a form in many different styles of martial arts.

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